Insane Labz Dark Metal Acid Reviews

Category: Amino Acids
Sub Category: Recovery
Dark Metal Acid Reviews
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About Dark Metal Acid

Dark Metal Acid is a recovery product manufactured by Insane Labz under the Dark Metal brand. It is designed for faster recovery, decreased soreness and reduced muscle fatigue.

The product features four ingredients: L-leucine, isoleucine, L-valine and L-taurine. The first three of these ingredients are collectively known as branched-chain amino acids (BCAA). These are included at a ratio of 4:1:1 (leucine: isoleucine: valine) for “robust” protection from fatigue.

The supplement also contains L-taurine (a non-essential amino acid), which is also said to help reduce muscle soreness while also increasing hydration.  

Dark Metal is available in two flavors: “Blue Raspberry” and “Mosh Pit Punch”.