Infinite Labs Glutamine MTX Reviews

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Glutamine MTX Reviews
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About Glutamine MTX

Glutamine MTX is a glutamine supplement made by Infinite Labs. It is designed to promote muscle recovery, mental function and longevity.

The formula’s “Glutamine MTX Blend” features four types of the nutrient. These are L-glutamine, L-glutamine alpha keto glutarate, N-acetyl L-glutamine and glutamine peptide.

The amino acid is considered to be conditionally essential. This is because under normal conditions, the body is able to produce glutamine without help from food. However, intense exercise is thought to deplete glutamine stores, which in turn could lead to increased muscle soreness and slower recovery.

According to the Infinite Labs website, supplementation with this amino acid could therefore promote growth, increase hydration and help maintain muscle-cell volume.