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About Infinite Labs

Formed in 2006, Infinite Labs is a supplement company based in Orlando, Florida.  

The company’s current owner, CEO and president is SiaMack Alavi, who purchased the company in 2009. Alavi says his “passion for delivering safe and reliable” products was the driving force behind his decision to acquire Infinite Labs. The owner also runs Infinite Labs Digital, an inbound marketing company.

The Infinite Labs website declares the brand “committed to excellence”. The company also proclaims its determination to provide its customers with the “powerful bodybuilding and weightlifting supplements” and support they need to “achieve [their] fitness goals”. Meanwhile, its LinkedIn page states that the company has “over 40 years of combined health and fitness knowledge”.

As part of this dedication, all Infinite Labs products go through a “strict quality control process”, while each bottle bears a clear, honest label. For proof of this, the website invites any customers to “email our office” for copies of the relevant certificates of analysis.

Infinite Labs also provides a “100% satisfaction guarantee”, which allows unsatisfied customers to receive either a refund or a replacement item. 

The company sources says that it sources its ingredients from countries all over the world. On the FAQ page, says that the claims it makes (with regard to the effects on the user) are backed by science – and that evidence of this may be found on “research databases [like] NCBI”.    

Products in the Infinite Labs range include pre-workouts, protein powders and testosterone boosters, as well as recovery products, weight-management items and “essentials” (health support).  The Infinite Labs shop page recommends four products: Whey Delite (“gourmet” protein powder), Juggernaut X (pre-workout), Infinite Pro (100% whey isolate) and BCAA Recovery Powder.

Musclemedia Magazine – Infinite Labs’ workout publication – is available to download via a link on the company website. It offers advice on training, diet and nutrition, health and wellness, and even dating.