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About Humanix

Founded in April 2017, Humanix (or Humanix Nutritionals) is a supplement company based in North Easton, Massachusetts.

On the “Our Story” page of the Humanix Nutritionals website, the company declares an obsession with “helping people attain their fitness goals”.

With this aim in mind, the brand offers a number of products designed to help its customers increase strength, improve endurance, boost their immune systems, and build muscle. The brand also makes and sells immune-system support and branded apparel.

Humanix products are made at the company’s two manufacturing facilities (in California and Nevada) – both of which follow “strict FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)”. The company says that all products are independently audited by accredited third parties and government health authorities.  

In addition to making products under its own name, Humanix also offers private-label manufacturing. Its clients include fitness companies, as well as affiliate-marketing and advertising agencies.

Humanix also supports the CBD industry by supplying what it calls “the purest and most researched CBD raw materials”. Meanwhile, the Humanix website says that its manufacturing capabilities mean it can keep down the cost of raw ingredients and packaging, which in turn allows it to pass these savings on to the customer.

The company’s manufacturing plants feature “high-speed encapsulation equipment” which can make capsules of all types, whether they’re animal-based, vegetarian or vegan-friendly. In terms of packaging, Humanix says it uses only the highest-quality plastics and glass – all of which is “impact-resistant” and built to withstand all “shipping and transport environments”.

Humanix Nutritionals also dedicates a page on website to say, “thank you veterans”. The company partners with Operation Homefront to “help support our service members, veterans and their families when they need it most”. Every time a customer buys from Humanix, a percentage of the purchase price goes to a cause “we can all get behind”.