Herbal Nitro My Gentle Detox Reviews

My Gentle Detox Reviews
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About My Gentle Detox

My Gentle Detox is a digestive health made by Herbal Nitro. It is designed to regulate peristalsis (the ‘wave-like’ movements which aid proper digestion).

According to the Herbal Nitro website, My Gentle Detox is aimed at people who have “irregular bowel movements” or who experience “sporadic constipations”. By contrast, My Gentle Cleanse (another Herbal Nitro product) is designed for people with more severe issues – such as painful eliminations.

My Gentle Detox uses all-natural ingredients. These include cascara sagrada and Senna leaf, both of which are widely used to ease constipation. In addition, milk thistle is thought to aid indigestion and an upset stomach.