Herbal Nitro My Gentle Cleanse Reviews

My Gentle Cleanse Reviews
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About My Gentle Cleanse

My Gentle Cleanse is a digestive health product made by Herbal Nitro.

This product is designed to cleanse the user’s digestive system, relieve bloating and allow “pain-free bowel relief”. According the manufacturer, it achieves this by softening the stool and relieving discomfort.

My Gentle Cleanse contains 100% natural ingredients. Among these, casanthranol USP and senna leaf are commonly used as laxatives, while fennel seed is an antispasmodic which is said to ease digestive gas, bloating and cramping.

Users can take one capsule daily, or whenever they experience digestive issues. According to the directions for use, you should take “plenty of water” with each capsule.