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About Health Is Wealth

Launched in May 2017, Health IS Wealth is a natural-health-product (NHP) company based in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

The company was formed by Sunny Rodhey – an experienced scientist who graduated from Pace University in 2006 as a Master of Science in Forensic Science and Technology. Since then, the founder has worked as a forensic technologist for several organizations - including the Government of Canada.

 According to brand’s “Our Story” page, Rodhey founded the company after several members of his “immediate and extended families” began developing different forms of brain illness. With these tragic circumstances in mind, the founder sought to develop the company’s flagship product – BRAINMEND.

Health IS Wealth commits all its time and resources to this one product. But despite the founder’s initial inspiration to start the company, he didn’t just formulate the product with those suffering from cognitive decline in mind. Rodhey wanted to accommodate anyone looking for ways to improve their brain health.

The brand also says BRAINMEND may help users increase energy and reduce fatigue, boost their immune systems and improve heart health.

Every bottle of BRAINMEND is made in a Canada-based facility which adheres closely to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). The Government of Canada has issued BRAINMEND with the natural product number (NPN) 80074332.

All finished products are independently tested for “identity”, “quantity”, “stability” and “potency”. As a result, BRAINMEND is certified free from heavy metals and other contaminants. It is also suitable for vegetarians and is free from gluten. As well as accommodating who don’t consume meat for religious or moral reasons, vegetarian capsules are also more resistant to humidity and heat – and may therefore last longer.

The website also lists Health IS Wealth’s “guiding principles”. In the brand’s words, the word “HEALTH” is an acronym for “Honesty”, “Excellence”, “Accountability”, “Loyalty”, “Transparency” and “Harmony”.