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About HardCut Supps

HardCut Supps is a “supplement provider” based in China Township, Michigan, USA. It was launched in May 2015.

The founder of HardCut Supplements L.C. is Blake Trujillo – a fitness enthusiast and then “nursing student”. He says he started the company to provide supplements that didn’t “take advantage” of either those in the fitness community or those new to supplements.

Trujillo goes on to describe how he was determined to provide honest supplements that allowed people to start or continue their fitness journey with supplements they “can trust”. Trujillo asserts his time as a “gymrat” and his “passion to help others” puts him in a position to make high-quality supplements.

Trujillo says he was – and is – committed to providing “high-quality supplements” that he stands “behind 100 percent”. But it wasn’t as easy as it may sound. As he says, he isn’t a “big business owner” and asserts a distaste for those who just want to “make a quick buck” from their products.

With this in mind, he tells readers of the HardCut Supps website that had to fund the business out of his own pocket.

So what does his commitment to quality mean for HardCut Supps products? Well, the founder says that all supplements are free from proprietary blends. They also contain ingredients that have been subject to heavy research and randomized clinical trials, while also using the “full” dosage of each nutrient. In addition, all of the brand’s products are made in GMP-certified facilities.

For evidence of these many of these claims, website visitors can watch a video (posted onsite and YouTube). In this video, Trujillo takes viewers through how he researches the ingredients that go into HardCut Supps products.

HardCut Supps’ flagship product is Dosed – a pre-workout that is “scientifically dosed” to enhance “focus, energy, vascularity and strength”. All the brand’s products are only available from