Grenade AT4 Testosterone Booster Reviews

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AT4 Testosterone Booster Reviews
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About AT4 Testosterone Booster

AT4 is a natural testosterone booster made by Grenade. It was formulated to maximize muscle mass and strength, as well as recovery and repair.

The product contains five ingredients: vitamin D3, D-aspartic calcium chelate, fenugreek (as Fenurex™), Passiflora caerulea and boron.

Vitamin D3 is said to increase muscle mass and strengthen bones, while D-aspartic calcium chelate is a form of D-aspartic acid that could increase fertility and improve exercise performance.

In addition, fenugreek is thought to boost male infertility, enhance athletic performance and promote weight loss. Furthermore, boron is said to support muscle growth and coordination.

There are 120 capsules (40 servings) in every bottle of Grenade AT4.