Grenade 50 Calibre Reviews

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50 Calibre Reviews
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About 50 Calibre

.50 Calibre (known as .50 Caliber in the United States) is a pre-workout made by Grenade. It was formulated to increase energy and improve performance during intense exercise.

This pre-workout contains several common pre-workout ingredients. Creatine monohydrate is thought to raise ATP energy production, while beta-alanine is said to buffer the accumulation of lactic acid. As a result, both of these ingredients may work together to increase endurance and delay fatigue.

Glycerol and beetroot extract may enhance muscle pumps, while caffeine could improve alertness and motivation.

.50 Calibre is – or has been - sold in 23g, 232g and 580g containers. Flavors include – or have included – “Lemon”, “Cola” and “Berry”.