Dymatize Nutrition L-Glutamine Powder Reviews

Category: Amino Acids
Sub Category: Glutamine
L-Glutamine Powder Reviews
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About L-Glutamine Powder

Formerly known as L-Glutamine Powder, Glutamine Micronized is made by Dymatize Nutrition. According to the manufacturer, glutamine is important for muscle-protein synthesis.

Glutamine Micronized contains “100%” L-glutamine, with each serving providing 4.5g of the amino acid. The product is unflavored, which means it can be “easily added to water or juice”. As it is micronized, the product also boasts “very good solubility”.

The supplement is free from lactose and gluten, and is suitable for vegans. Like all Dymatize Nutrition products, Glutamine Micronized has also been tested by Informed-Sport.

This ensures it is free from banned substances and is “safe for athletes to use”.