Detox Organics Daily Superfoods Reviews

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Daily Superfoods Reviews
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About Daily Superfoods

Daily Superfoods is a greens supplement made by Detox Organics.

It is said to be a product that “alkalizes”, “detoxifies” and “energizes”. It is also known as simply Detox Organics – this is the manufacturer’s only product.

The supplement’s ingredients are split into three separate sub-formulas or “phases”. These are “Phase 1: Detoxifying & Cleansing” (1.7g), “Phase 2: Alkalizing & Energy Support” (2.5g) and “Phase 3: Digestive Support” (3.6g).

According to the people behind the product, the ingredients in Phase 1 can support “wellness and vitality”, while Phase 2 could help the body “maintain a natural pH balance”.

Furthermore, Phase 3 are said to help reduce inflammation and promote digestive health.

The product is free from soy, dairy and GMO. It is also vegan and is certified USDA Organic.