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Pump Reviews
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About Pump

Core Pump is a pre-workout/pump product made by Core Nutritionals. It is designed to increase blood flow, enhance muscle volume and promote growth and recovery.

The product contains five ingredients. Agmatine sulfate (1000mg) and L-citrulline (3000mg) are thought to promote nitric oxide production, improve blood flow, raise endurance and enhance muscle pumps.

In addition, glycerol (as HydroMax™) (2000mg) is believed to help hydrate the body, improve vascularity, reduce fatigue and lower the body’s core temperature during exercise. Furthermore, inositol arginine silicate (as Nitrosigne®) (1500mg) is said to further improve muscle pumps and raise endurance.

Core Pump is – or has been – available in two flavors: “Peach Mango” and “Pineapple Strawberry”.