Controlled Labs Green MAGnitude Reviews

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Green MAGnitude Reviews
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About Green MAGnitude

Green MAGnitude is a creatine product made by Controlled Labs. It is designed to help users increase stamina, size and strength.

The product features four ingredients. The main one is arguably creatine, of which there are two types here: Dicreatine malate and magnesium creatine chelate (MCC). These compounds are said to increase muscle energy (ATP) and increase endurance.

The manufacturer says it uses betaine anhydrous  to help “help neutralize lactic acid buildup indirectly” in combination with creatine. In addition, tyrosine is thought to improve focus and reduce stress during intense physical activity.

Flavors include – or have included – “Electric Lemonade”, “Juicy Watermelon” and “Sour Green Apple”.