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About Controlled Labs

Controlled Labs was started in 2005 and is based in Rochelle, New York.

The brand’s products include intra-workouts, pre-workouts, “hormonal optimizers”, appetite enhancers, fat burners, recovery products and more.  

The brand website states that every product is made in the USA, and that its manufacturing facilities are inspected by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to “ensure proper quality control”. In fact, all products are made in a facility which complies with NSF Certification Guideline 306, NSF GMP Registration Policies, and ANSI Standard 173 Section 8. 

The words “MADE IN A USA GMP FACILITY” are printed on the labels of every Controlled Labs product to highlight the company’s adherence to accepted quality-control standards.

The company goes on to say that all products carrying the Controlled Labs name are “free from steroids, androgens, ephedra, and any other banned substances”.

While it advises those with health issues to contact their doctors before taking any Controlled Labs product, the company also declares it supplements “100% safe” and that they were created “by top individuals in the field”. As a result, the brand states that its products are “generally side effect free” as long as users take them as directed on the labels.

As a mark of faith in its products, Controlled Labs offers a 105% money-back guarantee on purchases. This means that anyone who is unhappy with their product may return it within 30 days for a full refund - plus 5% of the total price. This guarantee only applies when users buy directly from Controlled Labs.

Orange Triad is one of Controlled Labs’ best-selling products. The company designed daily multivitamin to support the immune system and digestion, as well as joint health.

Another well-known product is Purple Wraath, which has been reviewed in the past by the Hodge Twins (bodybuilders and YouTube stars). This intra-workout is designed to for faster recovery, increased endurance, enhanced strength and “energy support”.