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Trutein Reviews
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About Trutein

Trutein is a blended protein powder made by Body Nutrition.

The product contains a blend of whey (45%), micellar casein (45%) and egg white (10%). By mixing both fast-acting and slow-acting protein, the product is designed for sustained release. In other words, it could help your body stay anabolic for longer.

Trutein contains 25g of protein per serving (one scoop). Each portion also holds 5g of carbohydrates, 1g of total fat, 1g of sugar and 120 calories. It also features 100mg of digestive enzymes, which are said to help your body break down protein.

Trutein comes – or has come – in 18 flavors. These include “Banana Cream”, “Chocolate Mint”, “CinnaBun”, “Eggnog” and “Mocha”.