Body Nutrition ISO-ology Reviews

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ISO-ology Reviews
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About ISO-ology

ISO-ology is a whey protein powder made by Body Nutrition. It is designed to boost muscle growth and to “optimize post-workout nutrition”.

As the product’s name implies, the protein in ISO-ology derives from whey isolate, which is “non-thermally processed”. In theory, this allows the product to maintain more of its nutritional value than it would if it had been heat-processed. One serving provides 28g of protein.

The powder also provides 1.5g of total fat, 2.5g of total carbohydrates, 1g of dietary fiber and zero sugar per serving.

ISO-ology is – or has been – sold in four flavors: “Chocolate”, “Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup”, “CinnaBun” and “Vanilla Bean”.