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About Body Nutrition

Formerly known as Trunutrition, Body Nutrition is a supplement company that began life in 2009. Its CEO, founder and “maestro” is Greg Simek.

The company manufactures both products under its own brand name and those for private-label brands. According to brand website, it supplies “the highest-quality” supplements to professional and recreational athletics programs. These include those programs organized by the Marine Corps, Air Force, Navy or Army. The company sells its own brand’s products as both a wholesaler and a retailer.

The company states that it has always manufactured its supplements in-house. Having facilities in St Petersburg, Florida gives it “360 degree oversight of each production component”. This gives them power over everything from the sourcing of raw materials, to ingredient testing and quality control.

It also says that its “continual in equipment infrastructure” ensures it produces what it calls “the highest quality” supplements on the market.

Body Nutrition’s own-brand range includes Trutein (protein powder), Trutein Naturals (“100% natural”), Gardenia (vegan protein), and Aminolution (BCAA and EAA). Meanwhile, WheyMax is the brand’s “budget-friendly” protein shake. All Body Nutrition whey protein comes from grass-fed dairy, while the brand’s vegan protein is a blend of pea, hemp and quinoa and is free from gluten.

The brand is committed to “label integrity”, which means that it eschews proprietary blends – and instead chooses to “freely disclose what and how much” each product contains.

As a contract manufacturer, the company says that its “curiosity” and “creative thinking” is what sets it apart. This approach leads those at the Body Nutrition to find what’s “hot” and new in “ingredient technologies”.

As an example, it has tried making brownies, cookies and muffins by substituting whey powder for flour. But while regular whey makes baked goods “chewy, dry or deflated”, Body Nutrition combines “brand new protein and food technologies” to maintain moistness.

Body Nutrition’s online retailers include – or have included –, Best Price Nutrition, and Wilson Supplements.