Blackstone Labs Evaporate Reviews

Category: Weight Loss
Sub Category: Diuretics
Evaporate Reviews
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About Evaporate

Evaporate is a diuretic manufactured by Blackstone Labs. It is designed to help the user lose weight and improve body composition.

The product contains Taraxacum officinale extract (200mg), which is also known as dandelion. This perennial plant is said to boast anti-inflammatory properties, which could reduce muscle spasms. Dandelion is also widely used as a natural diuretic.

In addition, the manufacturer of this product says Tropaeolum majus (also known as Indian cress) could “directly increase urinary flow”.

Furthermore, uva ursi extract is believed to reduce water retention and bloating.

There are 60 capsules (10 servings) in every bottle of Blackstone Labs Evaporate.