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About Beverly International

As a brand, Beverly International was founded by Jim Heflin in 1967. Parent company, Beverly International LLC, was incorporated in 1990.  

The company markets products to help users build muscle, burn fat, boost energy, enhance workout recovery and maintain their general health. It states that it ignores “slick advertising and clever promotions” in favor of “creating products that work” for both bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. According to the company website, this no-nonsense commitment has led to great success through word of mouth.

The brand also vows to be a resource where users can find advice on nutrition and training, as well as supplements.

For example, the brand publishes “No Nonsense Magazine” to give readers real-world advice on how to prepare for bodybuilding, bikini, figure and physique contests. Cover stars have included IFBB Pro Linda Stephens, and NPC bodybuilder Truman Ward. The subscription for this magazine is free.

The site also provides “Supplement Plans for Women” and “Nutrition Training Supplements” PDFs, as well as recipes and an onsite news section.

All Beverly International products are made in laboratories that comply with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). To help ensure – and prove – that Beverly International supplements are free from substances banned for use in sport, every batch is made in facilities that are “Certified for Sport” by the National Science Foundation (NSF).

While Beverly International is by no means a big name in the supplement industry, many of its products have high ratings on sites like One of its most popular products is UMP (which stands for Ultimate Mass Protein), which the brand describes as its “gateway protein supplement”.

Another well-known Beverly International product is Lean Out – a “DHEA non-stimulant formula” that “improves metabolism” and “burns fat”. Beverly International products are available from the official website, and from third-party sites like Amazon and