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Sub Category: Stimulant
Flight Reviews
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About Flight

Flight is a pre-workout made by Bare Performance Nutrition. It is formulated to provide “intense mental focus”, “a rush of energy” and “splitting pumps”.

The Flight formula features 10 ingredients. Of these, beta-alanine (as CarnoSyn®) and L-citrulline are both thought to reduce fatigue and boost endurance in different ways.

Betaine anhydrous may help improve aerobic running capacity and reduce the rate of perceived exertion, while caffeine could boost energy, endurance and focus.

In addition, huperzia serrata is thought to boost attention.

Bare Performance Nutrition’s Flight is sold – or has been sold – in four flavors: “Blue Raspberry”, “Green Apple”, “Sour Watermelon” and “Strawberry Kiwi”.