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About Athletic Greens

Founded in 2009, Athletic Greens is a “whole food-based” supplement company. It is based in Aston, Pennsylvania.

The company was founded by Chris Ashenden – a New Zealand native and “serial entrepreneur”. The founder says he started the company to “find a better way” to give people the nutrients they need to stay active and healthy.

With a “focus on quality”, Athletic Greens offers products with “no fluff”, “no fake ingredients” and “no extras”.

To achieve this level of quality, Ashenden says he never formulated any of his products himself. Instead, he says he paid “two very smart naturopaths”, “a medical researcher” and a “high-end functional medicine doctor to “argue amongst themselves” and come up with the right mix of ingredients.

Athletic Greens’ “core focus” is its Ultimate Daily All-In-One – a blend of 75 “carefully selected” ingredients which cover five key “areas of health: The nervous and immune system, digestion, hormones, aging process and energy production.

The founder says he runs the company on the principles of customer experience and quality. As part of its dedication to customer experience, the brand says it creates a “dynamic” formula that constantly improves in line with the latest research – and that helps users adapt to stress, inconsistent sleep patterns and an imperfect diet.

And in in line with its focus on quality, the company says all its ingredients come in “the purest form we could source”. In addition, Athletic Greens says it exceeds “cGMP guidelines” and meets FDA standards at every part of the manufacturing process.

This process starts when the team audits and reviews every supplier to ensure its ingredients are as pure as possible, while also keeping full batch records so that every ingredient is “100% traceable”. It then oversees the blending process to “ensure consistent efficacy and taste”. Finally, it analyzes every finished product to make sure it meets Athletic Greens’ standards.