Alpha Lion Komodo Pump Pre Workout Reviews

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Komodo Pump Pre Workout Reviews
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About Komodo Pump Pre Workout

Komodo Pump is a non-stimulant pre-workout/pump product. It is designed to promote muscle pumps and is one of three pre-workouts made by Alpha Lion.

The largest-dosed ingredients in this product are citrulline malate (8000mg), beta-alanine (3500mg) and GlycerPump® (a patented form of glycerol) (3000mg). All of three of these ingredients are said to enhance muscle pumps.

Citrulline malate is thought to achieve this by increasing nitric oxide, while glycerol is thought to send extra fluid to the muscles.

Komodo Pump also features organic lion’s mane, which could help improve focus and mood.

This pre-workout is – or has been – sold in three flavors: “Mango Veiniac”, “Blueberry Mojito” and “Peach Pumps”.