Alpha Lion Cheetah Non Stim Fat Burner Reviews

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Cheetah Non Stim Fat Burner Reviews
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About Cheetah Non Stim Fat Burner

Cheetah Non-Stim is a non-stimulant fat burner made by Alpha Lion. It is formulated as a stimulant-free alternative to the caffeine-containing Cheetah.

As in the case of Alpha Lion’s stimulant-based fat burner, Cheetah Non-Stim is designed to boost the metabolism and promote fat oxidation. Yet according to the maker’s website, this product could also suppress the appetite and reduce water retention.

Its 13 ingredients include Capsimax®. This trademarked version of cayenne pepper extract, which could help increase energy expenditure, while evodiamine is also thought to help speed up the metabolism.

Unlike the stimulant version of this product (which is sold in powder form), Cheetah Non-Stim is sold in capsules.