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In: Growth Enhancers > Natural Testosterone Boosters

Endosurge Turbo is a Natural Testosterone Booster manufactured by BPS Nutrition. It helps optimize your natural testosterone levels, which helps encourage muscle growth and fat loss.


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The supplement industry is notorious for misleading marketing and misinformation.

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  October 10, 2015

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
(Thanks to BPS Nutrition for sending it out!)

Special thanks to BPS for providing Enosurge Turbo to the TROOPS program. Endosurge turbo is a testosterone booster designed to provide the following:

-Alpha Male Confidence
-Improved Sleep
-Improved Strength
-Increased Libido
-Improved Body Composition
-Increase Testosterone, HGH

I used endosurge along with APS testalensis (fadogia agrestis supplement) during my TRI-SARM cycle for 8 weeks in order to help maintain libido, energy, and drive. I also looked to endosurge to help combat some potential insomnia that would have occurred during my cycle. I've had positive experiences with many test boosters containing similar ingredients as endosurge, so I knew what to potentially expect.

----Ingredient Profile----

The ingredient profile is fully disclosed with both the ingredients and their dosages. That alone is always a positive with me since many of today's popular test boosters still incorporate those bothersome prop blends.

To begin, endosurge turbo contains Wide Spectrum Stinging nettle root extract, also known as the ligand 3,4-Divanillyltetrahydrofuran at 533mg. As many of us are familiar with, this compound is best known for inhibiting SHBG, which is responsible for binding to testosterone and priming it for estrogen conversion. It is important to note that SHBG also plays role in hormone transport, but the goal here of course is that inhibition of it will potentially increase "free" testosterone.

Next we have a 20:1 cocnentration of Maca at 250mg. Maca is siad to have quite of few benefits. However for the purpose of its inclusion into a test booster, maca is known to increase libido, increase sexual desire and mood, enhance stamina and endurance, and aid in fat loss. In the past of using standalone maca, I can say it definitely works well for me in the libido department and I due get a noticeable endurance and stamina boost from it.

Lastly we have vitamin d3 at 400 iu and Mucuna at a 98% L-dopa 100mg dosage. L-dopa is believed to increase GH, endogenous testosterone, and lower prolactin. For me, L-dopa does give me a good libido boost anf better sleep. In some cases, I've also found L-dopa to be helping in the focus department, but I think that is more contributing to the improved sleep quality.
Overall, a simply yet solid ingredient profile.


The capsules are easy to swallow and leave no unpleasant aftertaste or stomach problems. The pills are also cool looking with the neat blue shade. Kinds reminds me of the Matrix :)

In terms of dosage, the directions call for 2 caps to be taken three times a day with or without food, totaling 6 caps a day. This can be tricky especially when your taking more supplements as part of your regimen. However, with a steady plan, the dosage protocol is not that complicated. I chose to take the first and second dosages with small meals and the last dosage prior to bedtime, about an hour after my final meal. I kept the dosages about 5 hours a part. I don't think food intake significantly effects it, but this was my dosage method of choice.


Before I go into detail, keep in mind that I base my analysis on the efficacy purely on what I used endosurge turbo for as part of a test support regimen during my TRI-SARM cycle.

Libido (9): Endosurge kept my libido high and mighty. Had a continuous sexual desire and drive was nearly insatiable throughout the course of the 8-week cycle.

Endurance/Stamina (6): I would contribute most of the endurance and stamina improvements to TRI-SARM and some other supps I eventually added. However, upon adding endosurge turbo a little later into the first week of my TRI-SARM cycle, the minimal lethargy that I occasionally experienced from TRI-SARM virtually vanished. Furthermore, my stamina in the gym also began to show improvement and I was less fatigued in the following mornings.

Alpha Male Drive (8): By "drive", I mean more so my confidence and "need to be the best" mindset were solid with endosurge turbo. I felt a strong confident mentality while taking endosurge turbo and my overall mood was vastly improved. It also helped with the occasional outside gym aggression I sometimes experienced with TRI-SARM and SARMs in general. In other words, it helped keep my aggression in the gym rather than have it spill outside where it is not always welcomed.

Mood (9): Felt positive and more focus minded. I also felt more patient and tolerant while on endosurge turbo, which was good because I would get short tempered on quite a few occasions especially during college semesters.

Sleep (10): I was surprised by how much this helped improve my sleep quality. Even while on stimul8 and Alpha Amino later in the cycle, I was still able to sleep like a baby almost every night. This was essential since high stim PWOs, even when taken early in the morning have sometimes left me with a little insomnia. The improved sleep made a huge difference in my recovery since as well all know, sleep is the foundation of recovery.


I've seen endosurge turbo go for as low as 21 dollars to as high at 27 dollars. For a full month supply of an effective test boosting supplement, I'd say that is a very good value, especially when you catch it on sale.

----Side Effects----

A little bit of minor acne, but nothing a little neutrogena couldn't fix


Endosurge turbo is undoubtedly an effective and well priced test booster well worth a try. Standalone or stacked, endosurge turbo will make a great addition to a natty test boosting regimen. It gave me a great libido boost, some stamina support, improved my mood, and helped me sleep my way to a better recovery so that I may be ready for another day of iron poundage. My one recommendation, is to ensure you are effectively spreading the dosage to ensure optimal absorption and save the last daily dose for bedtime.


  • Good Value
  • Increased Vascularity
  • Deep Sleep
  • Increased Libido
  • Restores Sexual Performance
  • Increased Energy
  • Dosing Kind Of Annoying Taking 3 Pills Broken Up Throughout The Day.
  • Little Acne
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TROOPer Level: 45
  September 2, 2015

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
(Thanks to BPS Nutrition for sending it out!)

First, thanks to BPS and SR for hooking me up with this product through SR Troop program. As far as background goes, I am very experienced with natty test boosters and have taken a wide variety of these products. Some have been very effective and others not. I feel this can be a category where you can blow a lot of money and not get a lot of bang for your buck. I think it's very important to be an ideal candidate for a natty test booster as well as have a product that is well dosed if you're going to spend your hard earned dollars. I'll be 34 in October so I feel I'm a good candidate for a natty as natural test is on the way down, and I workout regularly so it should be easy for me to detect a boost in performance. The natty test boosters that have worked the best for me in the past are Anabeta Elite by PES, Testopro by AI Sports, Alphadex by Myokem and Testogen RCSS. After that lengthy intro, let's see how BPS Endosurge stacked up!

----Ingredient Profile---- 8.0

Overall, I this profile is well dosed and well intentioned. I've attached a picture of the supplement facts. Endosurge boasts several things, such as boost free test, decrease prolactin, and increase libido. Stinging Nettle is the herb that is responsible for the increase in free test, with some mucuna pruriens for the prolactin and GH support, Maca root for libido and vitamin D3 which commonly added in natty test boosters. I have taken Mucuna products before, and 100 mg seems light and probably has no effect on GH or prolactin. Some studies have suggested DAA can cause prolactin production but I wasn't on any DAA during this run. I have found Mucuna to help my sleep, however in those products like Powerfull, resurrect pm, mass hgh, the dosage is much higher. I think this is what they were going for here however because it says to take your last serving of this before bed. So not too happy with the dosage of this ingredient. The others however I feel are strong. The shining star of this supplement is the Stinging Nettle. Here is a link I found that illustrates how this ingredient is supposed to work to increase free test. Basically, Stinging Nettle binds to SHBG to increase your free testosterone.

The effective dosage for Stinging Nettle is around 600mg and Endosurge provides 533.3 mg.

The Vitamin D3 is dosed at 100% daily intake and 250 mg for the Maca, but at a 20:1 concentrated dose. I think these are solid as well.

* Some confusion with the label and dosages here. In the description, BPS says it provides a full 1600 mg of stinging nettle. That would be a very high dose and definitely effective for most people based on the studies. However, when looking at the supplement facts it says the 533 mg. according to studies, still a good dose. The only way I can get 1600 mg is if each serving (2 pills 3x daily) is the 533 mg. So, definitely confusing. Are you getting 533 mg for all 6 pills like the supplement facts say, or is it a label issue and you get 533 mg for for each two pills you take? It also says 750 mg for the Maca, which would be 250 mg for each 2 pills. Label issue? Hope so, but even at the low end of the ingredient profile the dosages seem good. BPS has been a solid company so I'm wanting to give them the benefit of the doubt.

----Taste/Mixability/Dosing---- 7.5

No taste or mixing, capsules, no burping. Solid here.

Dosing isn't the easiest or worst thing in the world. Two pills, 3x a day with the last serving before bed. I have a pretty easy job and lifestyle to carry this around and take throughout the day, but I could see how this might not be as easy on everyone.

----Effectiveness---- 9.0

This is what counts right? So, I didn't have bloodwork done or anything to provide concrete proof of effectiveness. I can only judge this product on claims, telltale signs of raised test, and comparing to other products. As a natty test booster, you're not going to see huge transformations that a PH or other anabolic would provide. I feel overall this product was very effective in boosting my test naturally however for these reasons:

Oily skin/acne: I don't get acne or pimples very easily, and starting from the end of the 2nd week to the end of the bottle I did have more oily skin and breakouts.

Libido: This was the Maca at work and I definitely felt an increase in sex drive and erection strength. Not a sure fire sign of a lot of increased free test, but supported the claims.

Aggression: I have A LOT of patience. I've been a middle school teacher for 11 years, so it's a job requirement. I did feel as though I snapped a lot more and little things bothered me a lot more than usual, especially driving and road rage. Nothing maniacal or crazy or anything like that, but increased aggression was there.

Muscle hardness: my muscle did feel harder and more defined during my run. Always a plus.

Compared to other natty test boosters I have taken, it is in my top 5 in terms of effectiveness and I'm very pleased with results.

----Value---- 8.0

You can find this anywhere from $29-$32 dollars online. BPS always seems to have great deals going on though and sales, so if you can pick this up on sale I think it's a great deal when looking at it's effectiveness as well. But, maybe another label/description issue?

In the description, it says a full month supply. The bottle has 25 servings. Big deal? Only a couple days short of a month, but even February thinks 25 days is a short month. It says for best results use 8 weeks and then take 4 off like most other nattys. Well, at 25 servings I'd need 2 bottles and change to do that with a partial bottle left over. Label issue? Miscommunication? Not ideal...

----Side Effects----9.0

Like I said above, oily skin, pimples, and aggression. Not positives, but you do like to see those in a natty for effectiveness. Libido is a good side effect, so evens out? I say yes.


I'd buy this again. I'm frustrated with dosages and descriptions on the label, but it worked for me and even at the low end dosages I went with it is well dosed for most ingredients. For a multi ingredient natty test booster the price is right too, especially if you find a deal. I'd recommend this product to anyone looking for a nice safe surge to their workouts and bedroom.
  • Good Value
  • Muscle Hardening
  • Increased Libido
  • Dosing Kind Of Annoying Taking 3 Pills Broken Up Throughout The Day.
  • LabelDescription Issues
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  September 15, 2014

First let me apologize for the delay on the posting of this review. I was given this product to review By BPS rep’s and should have posted the review in a timely manner; in which I did not. I have since ran two more bottles (bought by myself) of this to make this review more up to date and accurate. Ty for the opportunity to run this product! To the review.

I used this one bottle in gym, sec bottle that followed I used for home workout’s (no money no gym membership), third also for home. So a wide range of physical activities were my testing of this product…lol! Also a lot of things came into play since the end of my run on bottle #2 I was battling depression. So keep this in mind.

2 Caps, 3 times a day. Was pretty simple to me!

Look @ KevO review!!


This being the biggest point other than price, and given the wide range of exercise’s I used this for I feel that this helped raise my free test! Also my sleep was deeper, more restful. Aggression was also noticeable later in the run! Used this along some staples I feel this helped endurance and attitude in and out of the gym. Sec. Run I feel would have been awesome without my life jacking it all up! Little to say about that. Final bottle has helped me get back some of what was lost during my fall!! Working out @ home old fashion style I have yet again noticed endurance and some extra “drive”. Libido up as well into 3rd week and to end of run!!


Value for what you get I feel is good! $30 is middle ground on most test boosters I feel and with a straight forward approach no BS profile I dig it! Comparable to OG EST...yes. As good as...depends on how it’s used honestly; and how your body responds to it of course! This will be a go to for me as I feel when I used it with diet and exercise consistently I got results. Next run with it I am going to stack with another natty booster see how that goes. So if you are thinking about giving this a try, go for it!
  • Good Value
  • Increased Libido
  • Deep Sleep
  • Boosts Usable Test
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    TROOPer Level: 25
      August 19, 2014

    Hi Guys, today I will be doing my review for BPS's natural test booster Endosurge Turbo, which is a reformulated version of the OG Endosurge product.

    There's a number of reviews on this product already from the ER team, so I wont go into details about the specific of the product, or i'll just cut and paste from others' reviews so it's easy to read.

    Firstly, Flash did a ripper job explaining the differences between the OG Endosurge and Endosurge Turbo. PLease see his review for full details, but the main difference between the OG and Turbo is the change in L-dopa from a 2 source blend to a 98% pure L-dopa and an increase in the total active.


    I ran 2 bottles of Endosurge Turbo in my 'PCT' stack off Osta RX. The stack went like this:

    Weeks 1-4 - Dpol + Endosurge Turbo
    Weeks 5-8 - TX3 + Endosurge Turbo

    During this time my preworkouts were one of either Speed X3, PWR or Myo-Blitz, which I changed on a weekly basis, like I normally do with my PWO's.

    In terms of daily dosing, I took 2 caps with breakfast, 2 caps about 60-90mins pre-workout, and 2 caps about an hour before bed. All my dosing was done either directly before or directly after a meal.


    On this 8-week post-Osta run I was working on a recomp style routine, trying my best to keep all my gains from the Osta cycle (which was a lean bulk) all the while attempting to continue shedding fat. As such my workouts were very volume and pump focused, with some heavier weights thrown in there too.


    I'd like to give this more, but I know how Dpol affects me as i've run it many times, and the addition of Endosurge Turbo didnt really give me a double-stacking effect on top of the Dpol. I mean, I felt like I was running a bit more than just Dpol, but it wasnt out of this world. Pumps weren't super ridiculous, I didnt feel like I was gaining much more strength, or endurance, than I would off a standard Dpol cycle. When I switch to the 2nd 4 weeks and on to TX3, which has DAA and Armistane (which I have run before many times and am also familiar with its effects on my body), I didnt feel like I was gaining much extra from the addition of Endosurge Turbo.

    With recovery, I was seeing a slight improvement compared to normal, but nothing out of this world. I should also mentioned that half way through this cycle I finished up on my BioGro and BCAA's and wasnt taking a specific recovery product. It was a chance for Endosurge Turbo to shine in this regard, and it didnt really do much for me.

    As I was on a recomp, mass and strength gains were not really a priority for me. But I didnt feel like I lost strength, put it that way. On a proper bulk I could see the merits of this product.

    Sleep was excellent, but with the L-dopa that's to be expected. Kind of standard for this kind of product.

    SIDE EFFECTS - 3/10

    This stuff made me EMOTIONAL. The worst i've ever experienced on any supplement. It took around 3 weeks to kick in, but for the final 5 weeks I pretty much hated the emotional side effects I got from this. I would crack up over nothing, I even ended up going to my boss to complain about another guy at my workplace that I felt was 'out to get me', and a week or so after I finished up on Endosurge Turbo I did some thinking and realised I was just over-reacting and going nuts. I did notice at the time my mental state was a bit all over the shop. If I got some good results out of this I would have been able to handle the side effects better, but due to them being a real issue for me, and me not getting much more out of this than I would have from DAA+Armistane alone, I have to mark it down hard here.

    I must point out these side effects wont happen to everyone, as shown by the other reviews here. I've run DAA and Armistane and all the other supps I was taking before, so I have to put down the mental issues to the Endosurge Turbo. I was not having any difficulties with stuff outside the gym before/after taking this, so I feel within my rights to attribute it to Endosurge Turbo.

    VALUE - 5/10

    You cant give a product great value that didnt stack up for you, and you cant give a product that gives you bad sides a good score either. I dont take into account what others have given the product, it's my review after all. I got 2 bottles of this for $52, so not too bad value, if it worked awesome. But for less than that I can also get 2 bottles of Dpol and I know that will work.

    OVERALL - 6/10

    I have to mark this down again as in my experience I just cant give it a higher score. The most telling point in this is that when I get down to writing the review and get to the 'Overall' section I ask myself 'Would I buy this product again and run it?' and the honest answer with Endosurge Turbo is no, I wouldnt buy it again. I would look for something else to try. As it stands im running Ostabol right now, and my 'PCT' for that will be Dpol for 4 weeks then TX3 for the next 4 weeks, I didnt even contemplate running Endosurge Turbo again. If I was running a proper full bulk and was out of options I would consider this, but would probably end up trying a new product before this.
    • Leaning Effect
    • Deep Sleep
    • Dosing Kind Of Annoying Taking 3 Pills Broken Up Throughout The Day.
    • Emotional Sides
    Rep: +1,326
    Trust: 100%
      April 15, 2014

    Hello SR. First of I gotta give a huge thanks to jimbuick and the people at BPS for offering up Dermacrine and EndoSurge Turbo to log and I was one of the lucky ones to get a chance to run them. I have already reviewed the Dermacrine and now it's time for the EndoSurge Turbo as I have sadly finished my run. Let's get to it.

    Other supps to note:
    iForce Compete Intra
    Pro Antium/Combat Powder Post
    AI HGH Pro

    Gotta love a plain, simple, effective list of ingredients with full disclosure. Blends are becoming more popular but BPS left no mystery to what they used. It looked like this:

    Serving Size 2 Pills
    -Stinging Nettle Root Extract for 3,4-divanillyltetrahydrofuran (533mg)
    -Maca 20:1 (250mg)
    -Mucuna 98% (100mg)
    -Vitamin D3 (400 iu)

    Stinging Nettle Root- Increases FREE testosterone which is the form that has more bio-availability and is used by the body.

    Maca- Increases libido

    Mucuna Pruriens(L-dopa)- Increases HGH levels and LH(luteinizing hormone) which in turn increases testosterone levels. When you mix this with the Stinging Nettle Root, you get more free testosterone. A very good combo.

    Vitamin D3- Increases calcium absorption and strengthens immune system.

    2 pills 3 times a day is not perfect by any means but still the pills are average sized and easy to swallow.

    I had mentioned a few times in the log that I think this was the best performing test booster that I have used and I believe it. I gained 9.3 lbs because this made me more hungry and still kept my abs and even had more vascularity than when I started. New veins in my legs, shoulders, and chest were very welcomed. My muscles continued to harden after the dermacrine run and my strength also steadily increased with multiple PR's.

    Also, I felt great during the day. I didn't use the AI HGH Pro every night and this stuff really helped me sleep well at night. I started feeling a little more aggression but it was never a bad thing. It was mainly in the gym and at work I was performing well it was just my guys got on my nerves a little easier lol.

    Libido was up as well. I'm married and have not seen my wife in a few months but it was still obvious that there was an increase in this area. Would love to run it again once she was actually here lol.

    The only thing I didn't get is acne. I am by no means complaining but this is usually an obvious sign that testosterone is increased. I don't think I needed it in this case though.

    So yeah, every aspect that you look for in a test booster was present. You can't argue with that, making this my favorite booster to date.

    You can find this anywhere from under 30(I think Flash said he got it for 23?!) to the mid 30's. For what I got out of this, I would gladly pay that money any day. Price and value are as good as it gets.

    I would highly recommend you give this a go. Get away from your DAA for a month and try this stuff. BPS is a quality company who is known for quality products and this fits the bill. Increased testosterone and a great price using quality, proven ingredients. You simply cannot ask for more from a supplement.

    Read up on my log of both the Dermacrine and EndoSurge Turbo at:
    • Builds Muscle
    • Boosts Usable Test
    • Increased Libido
    • Deep Sleep
    • Muscle Hardening
    • Increased Vascularity
    • Leaning Effect
    • Good Value
    • Increased Energy
    • Dosing Kind Of Annoying Taking 3 Pills Broken Up Throughout The Day.
    Rep: +2,000
    Trust: 100%

      February 4, 2014

    BPS reformulated their popular natural test booster, Endosurge, with this new version Endosurge Turbo. I tend to respond better to non-DAA based test boosters and had a decent run with this product.

    Profile Overview

    Endosurge Turbo's profile is quite straightforward and the label is easy to follow. Here's how it looks:

    Every 2 capsule serving contains:

    Wide Spectrum Stinging Nettle Root
    Extract for 3,4-Divanillyltetrahydrofuran 533 mg
    Maca 20:1 250 mg
    Mucuna 98% 100 mg
    Vitamin D3 400 IU


    I followed the label to the letter and took 2 caps, three times per day. Sometimes with food, sometimes on an empty stomach. Regardless of how I took it, I didn't notice a difference in results or any negative effects like heart burn, "˜smoky burps', etc.

    Effectiveness: 7/10

    I felt that Endosurge Turbo worked well for me and interestingly, I could feel it kicking in very quickly. In my experience, many natural test boosters seem to take at least a week or two to start making themselves known in the body but Endosurge Turbo had some positive effects within the first week. I had some alpha male feelings, increased libido and general sense of overall well being (due to the mucana pruriens/L-Dopa?)
    By week two or so I started to get some acne. Unlike PES's AnaBeta Elite (ABE), which I felt worked very well for me, the acne I experienced was relatively minimal in nature and in "˜normal' areas. ABE had me breaking out like crazy in all the strangest spots. I didn't experience it this way with Endosurge Turbo.
    I also felt mild aggressiveness with this along with improved libido. As indicated in the title above, the best way I can describe this product is as a solid, standard natural test booster. It didn't knock my socks off but it didn't let me down either.

    Value: 7/10

    Endosurge Turbo can be found from anywhere between $25-$30 online which I think is a decent deal for a 30 day supply. It's not quite as cheap as DAA but it's a good tradeoff if you don't respond well to DAA like I believe I do or rather, don't.

    Overall: 7/10

    If you're looking for a decent natural test booster that works at a reasonable price point, I suggest you give BPS Endosurge Turbo a try. It's an effective product that won't break the bank and is worth giving a shot.

    Thank you to the folks at BPS for allowing me to trial and review this product for them. I hope this helps you gain a better perspective of this product and assists in your decision to purchase.
    • Starts Working Quickly
    • Good Value
    • Increased Libido
    • Mild Acne
    Rep: +4,289
    Trust: 100%
      January 28, 2014

    Endosurge Turbo is the revamp of the original BPS Endosurge.
    I personally preferred the og version, as it seemed to have a bit more of a 'kick' to it. However, that is not to say the Turbo version was bad, in fact it was pretty solid all around.

    Profile: 8/10
    EndoSurge Turbo Supplement Facts
    Serving Size: Capsules
    Servings per Container: 90

    Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
    Wide Spectrum Stinging Nettle Root Extract for 3,4-Divanillyltetrahydrofuran 533 mg **
    Maca 20:1 250 mg **
    Mucuna 98% 100 mg **
    Vitamin D3 400 IU **

    A pretty straightforward profile and similar to the original version with a few exceptions. The first change was to dump the lower % mucuna amounts and just stick with a smaller quantity of the higher %. They also added 250mg of Maca 20:1, which is a welcome addition and a potential libido booster. All in all, a simple, well thought out profile.

    Effectiveness: 8/10
    Let me start off by saying, I see test boosters as more a novelty item than anything else. They seem to work, albeit in very subtle ways. Increased libido, feelings of wellbeing, and minor strength gains are usually par for the course, and Endosurge Turbo did a fine job on all 3 aspects.
    Obviously these effects are not immediately noticeable and are not groundbreaking by any means, however they are definitely there with Endosurge Turbo. The most noticeable effect is the libido boost, Id rate that a 9.5/10, because it was very apparent in my exerience. Anytime I take mucuna I seem to get a very nice boost in my day to day feelings of well-being, and again this was no exception when taking Endosurge. Strength/muscle gains? Yea not so much, and I would never expect a natty product to give me much of anything in that category anyways.

    Simple as can be, 2 caps 3 times a day

    Value: 8/10
    $20-$30 depending on if you catch a sale or not.
    Coming in around $1 a day.
    Anyway you slice it, Endosurge Turbo is a pretty good value for a reasonably effective test booster.

    All in all, I was happy with this run on Endosurge Turbo. I would only imagine the effects would be amplified with the addition of an AI and/or DAA. Give it a shot.
    • Good Value
    • Increased Libido
      Rep: +6,973
      Trust: 100%

        December 27, 2013

      A special thanks to the guys over at BPS for offering EndoSurge Turbo for expert review. I was a big fan of the original so I was very excited to get my hands on this to compare. And frankly, although I'm more a fan of the original, this is still an excellent addition to your natty test boosting efforts.

      Profile: 9/10
      Keeping with the approach of the original, this formula is also simple and to the point. BPS kept the mucuna pruriens but instead of 83mg of 75% and 100mg of 25%, they just went with 100mg of 98%. Stinging nettle remained the same at 533mg but they also added in 250mg of 20:1 Maca. I've always been a fan of increasing free test via stinging nettle and I've always responded well to mucuna so the formula still gets high marks from me.

      Dosing: 8/10
      Dosing is 2 caps 3 times daily, which is kind of a pain (I prefer AM/PM dosing) but not that much of a pain.

      Effectiveness: 9/10
      I rated the original 9.5 out of 10 and I actually found this to be a bit less effective than the original. My libido was definitely improved but I found it still to be a bit below the original. Likewise with strength increase – I got some, but just not what I saw previously. Sleep quality was not as good as with the original but I suspect that could be the maca – which would be a tradeoff because energy was definitely improved with this over the original. I experienced zero side effects while on this.

      Overall, I still find this to be an excellent choice to go to. Like flash pointed out in his review, stacking DAA and Endosurge Turbo is all about winning (). It's also important to note that this is AI free so it's quite a good choice for PCT – in fact I used the DAA stack and found it to be every bit as effective as say Dpol or Testogen XL in that role. And in terms of return to normal sexual performance and libido it exceeded both of these by far.

      Value: 8.5/10
      I'll mark this a bit below the original since I found it to be slightly less effective but comes in at a higher price. Although to be factual, both sell at the same general retail price – around $29.95 (which is about $1.00 per day). It's just that I can get the original on sale for $21.00 which is a fantastic value, although pretty tough to find these days.

      Overall: 8/10
      I'm going to rate this just below the original. It's still a fantastic choice in natty test boosters and I especially like the approach of increasing free test. It's simple and effective and BPS is a company that I trust to use quality raw materials. If you are interested in trying a natty test booster, than I highly recommend giving this a spin.
      • Increased Libido
      • Restores Sexual Performance
      • Boosts Usable Test
      • Increased Energy
        Rep: +586
        Trust: 100%
          December 17, 2013

        First of all I would like to thank BPS for giving me the opportunity to log this product.

        EndoSurge Turbo is said to Increase Total Testosterone, Increase HGH, Decrease Prolactin, and Increase Libido.

        Supplement Facts:
        Wide Spectrum Stinging Nettle Root Extract for 3,4-Divanillyltetrahydrofuran 533 mg
        Maca 20:1 250 mg
        Mucuna 98% 100 mg
        Vitamin D3 400 IU

        BPS gets props for no prop blend.

        Supplement used while on EndoSurge Turbo:
        Creapure: I was taking this product prior to taking EndoSurge and used throughout cycle.
        Orange Triad
        100% Whey

        I took BPS EndoSurge Turbo for purpose of a recomp. I wanted to keep around the same weight while losing fat and gaining muscle which is the ultimate goal a lot of the time with lifting. I lift for strength and that is another way I gauge my results.

        Starting Weight: 180lbs
        Ending Weight: 178lbs
        I lost two pounds, kept strength and then some, and look leaner. Let's break in down into various categories.

        The dosing is 3 pills per day for 30 days to be broken up throughout the day. This can get annoying to remember to take throughout the day, but I had a pill container that broke everything up into daily storage. This helped a lot so I could remember how many I had taken.

        While on this product there was a noticeable look of more vascularity throughout my whole body. It even showed veins in my legs. This wasn't just noticeable at workout, but throughout the day. People actually commented on it.

        I actually had a great deep sleep on this product. It did not necessarily get me sleepy like some sleep aid products, but my sleep was deep and I woke up refreshed.

        Muscle Hardening:
        This is what I really enjoyed about this product. My muscles were slightly hardened throughout the day. Meaning It looked like a had just done some pushups, pullups, and various exercises. I really looked bigger even though my weight was around the same.

        Body Composition:
        I mentioned about the muscle hardening, but after my workouts I looked a bit bigger than when I started. My lats started to bulge out a bit more, traps was looking big, and I looked a lot more leaner. This is where the product shined. To me it looked like I had build muscle and lost fat which was my goal (recomp). Goal achieved.

        This is always very subjective. I workout for strength most of the time, so to give a product some of the credit for this when I train specifically for strength is hard. I will say that I was very motivated on this product and really pushed myself in the training department. I did have PRs while on this product as well as you can see in my log of the product. All I can say is that my strength went up slightly while on this product and could very well be a combination of this product and my training regimen.

        The value is great on this guys. Were looking at around $25-$30 per bottle with deals always coming up. Nutraplanet had a deal for around $22 a bottle. For me this is very appealing and worth the money. My only problem was I didn't buy another bottle for my cycle!

        Overall, this product was very motivating for myself. I haven't had a product like this in a while and was very excited to use this. I would get out of the gym look noticeable bigger and throughout the day had my muscles hardened with a major vascularity increase. That in itself is very motivating. I had some PRs while on cycle which I was very happy with and with the value on this product it is definitely worth a try for anyone. Usually I say anyone over 25 could really benefit from products like this, but due to the price I would recommend to anyone over 18 to just try it out. Get's my stamp of approval fellas.
        • Builds Muscle
        • Good Value
        • Leaning Effect
        • Increased Vascularity
        • Muscle Hardening
        • Deep Sleep
        • Dosing Kind Of Annoying Taking 3 Pills Broken Up Throughout The Day.
        Rep: +1,424
        Trust: 100%
          December 9, 2013

        First off, I want to thanks BPS for allowing me to run their reformulated version of Endosurge, now called Endosurge Turbo. Anyone that has been around for a while knows that I loved the original which is why I had to jump on the opportunity to give the new version a go-around.

        So what makes it "Turbo"? Endosurge OG and Endosurge Turbo still contain the same basic two compounds. The Stinging nettle root extract daily dosage stayed the same at 1500mg a day.

        Then Endosurge OG contained two forms of Mucuna Pruriens, 83mg@75% L-dopa and 100mg@25% L-Dopa (3x daily) for a total L-Dopa content of 261.75mg/day.

        Endosurge Turbo simplified the math for you and offers 100mg Mucuna @ 98% L-Dopa (3x daily) for a total L-Dopa of 294mg/day. This is a solid 12% higher dose of L-Dopa per day and as we all know more is better.

        BPS then adds to the original formula by adding Maca 20:1 at a total of 750mg per day. Maca is scientifically supported to enhance sexual desire for men and also has "insufficient evidence" that is also helps with improving energy and athletic performance, helping with ED, and a bunch more obscure benefits. The only beef I have with the addition is that the clinically effective dose is 1500mg per day and this contains half that. Now I also could not determine if the clinical dosing was the same 20:1 Maca ratio or if it was the same form of Maca. I don't pay for PubMed so my info is limited.

        The other added ingredient was Vitamin D3 at 1200IU per day, which fits in comfortably with a healthy dose for users.


        I ran this product as part of a natty stack. I had preloaded DAA for a couple weeks and added this in when it came in. I have nothing negative to say about this product. I have read some users experiencing lethargy and headaches because of this product. I am not saying they are lying but for me neither of these were an issue or at least not an issue I could contribute. I did experience nice strength gains and a leaning/hardening effect while on this product. I wont go ahead and attribute everything to Endosurge Turbo because I was and still am recovering from my long hiatus and my drive to regain strength and to push my limits was certainly encouraged by the stack I was running but by no means overall cause of this product.

        For example by bench max went from 225x3 up to an astronomic 315x1. Deadlift went from 405x3 to 500x1 (Although this is an all-time PR) and squats went from 315x3 to 405x1. Like I said I am not saying Endosurge Turbo did this. I had a hell of a lot of motivation, my muscle memory was certainly a factor, but to recover from 8 months off of heavy lifting to reach one all-time PR and to get my other lifts knocking on the door to old PR's in the course of about 6-8 weeks is pretty gosh darn impressive if I do say so myself.

        I also have to give credit to DAA because DAA and Endosurge Turbo is a killer natty stack. As we all know DAA can cause some prolactin buildup but as we should also know, the Mucuna Pruriens in Endosurge Turbo kicks prolactin in the teeth! Not only that, but one of the biggest attractions to me for Endosurge Turbo is that Nettle Root Extract binds to the SHBG to free up more Test! What good is Test if your body isn't using it?!? Freeing up test increases the benefits of not on the ET, but also the test boosting DAA. Again, killer combo.

        I also experienced the other "sides" of an awesome natty stack. Horny and hard (even compared to normal...haha). Alpha feeling and aggression (MOSTLY at the gym). Oily skin and some acne flaring up (of course). The whole 9 yards.


        Value is more than just cost. It is based on effectiveness too. The price of this product is just unbeatable. You can find it right now for 22.62 a bottle on Nutraplanet. That's like 0.75 a day. Combine that with cheap bulk DAA and you have one of the cheapest, most effective natty test boosting stacks on the market.


        There is no way I can give this product any less than a solid 10. You get afraid when a company reformulates a product because you usually lose what made the original so great. This is not the case, BPS added to and improved an already great product. It is still simple, still appropriately dosed, and IT DOES WHAT IS SAYS IT DOES. Is there something better out there? Maybe, but if there is , its probably apples and oranges different. For me the simplicity, effectiveness, and VALUE of this product make it bar non the best in the class that it's in.
        • Builds Muscle
        • Good Value
        • Maca Dosing???

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