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Whey HD Reviews

By: BPI Sports

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  October 23, 2018

Quick Summary

A review of supplemental protein. I work out often. I like to use supplements. This protein can help you hit your desired protein amount.


Here we go with another review of Protein Powder. Probably one of the most used supplements in my opinion. During this run I was lifting 4 days a week and doing some form of cardio on the other days. Wow that really seems familiar doesn't it.... Anyway, I picked up BPI's protein for 2 reasons. 1 it was a product that needed a review. 2, nutraplant had it on a great sale (cheapskate at heart). I used it to up my protein intake as well as add a chocolate cookie flavor to my morning smoothies.

Ingredient Profile

We have a decent amount of protein per serving (25g's). With Zero Maltodextrin or fillers which is appreciated. They state "zero protein spiking" and verify it through ChromaDex. I guess that is good, but I didn't look into it but they seem proud of it. This has low sugar (2g's) which I also like as I am in a constant battle with the old expanding waistline. I would of liked to see less Cholesterol (lite me up if you want). One, because I don't personally think I need a lot of cholesterol as I generally have 3 eggs a day anyway. Two, in generally means a little lower quality protein (in my opinion, it generally has more concentrate and less Isolate). It is also low in fat, coming in at 3g's. So all in all it isn't a bad blend. I would like them to have a cleaner profile such as NutraBio, but I don't think this is really trying for that level of transparency. I would also have them drop Carrageenan out of the ingredients, but that is just me listening to a friend who has a reaction to it. (can cause swelling, joint pain etc.). Now for those of you who like labels, here we go.

Calories: 160
Calories from fat: 30

Total fat: 3g's
Saturated fat: 2g's

Cholesterol: 110mg's

Total Carbohydrate: 5g's
Sugars: 2g's

Protein: 25g's

Calcium: 300mg's

Sodium: 80mg's

Protein blend being:
Whey Protein Concentrate, Milk Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, Milk Protein Isolate


I bought what was on sale, which was Chocolate Cookie. I am not sure on the cookie part, but I did taste chocolate. Now this did not come across as a great chocolate taste. More of an ok flavor. I still like RCSS's proteins and MTS Machine Whey flavors better. So, drinkable just not a knock you out awesome type of thing.

I used anywhere from 4oz to 12oz of water (they suggest 5 to 6oz). I found that at 4 it did mix and gave a stronger sweeter flavor. However I generally used it at 12oz where I felt the chocolate cookie came out more and was less sweet. I guess it depends on your tastebuds. I also used it in my morning smoothies, which gave them a nice hint of chocolate. (feel free to check out my log to see what is in the daily smoothie).

Dosing with protein is simple. Take it when you want extra protein. Depending on what article you have read recently might change your mind. However for me I took it when I wanted to. I don't find adding a scoop of protein powder to water and drinking it is that challenging. It worked easily for me when I wanted to use it.


Effectiveness is an interesting thing to judge with protein. I kind of think it is like vitamins. You never know if you really need it or not. So I will break it down in the following ways. First off, when I added it to my morning smoothies I noticed that it kept me fuller a little bit longer. I normally have my second meal between 10 and 12. When I added protein it was always closer to 12. This is a good thing, since I probably have an unhealthy liking for food. Secondly this never gave me stomach issues. Some poor quality proteins have a tendency to give people gas or discomfort. I never had issues while taking this. This is also a good thing. Lastly for me, I noticed an uptick in recovery while taking this. Which is something all of us look for. It also means I probably don't get as much protein as I think I do from whole foods. So this was an added benefit. Bottom line is that this was effective for me. I think I have had better results with other products, but I have also had worse results. This one is right in the middle.


I found the following prices today (10/23/2018)

$24.80 on the old amazon website.

$31.95 on their website with an additional 35% with the code Halloween. ($20.77 if you don't like math or know how to ask SIRI)

$29.99 at nutraplanet, also to note it is a 4# tub, but only Granola Crunch or Banana Marshmellow exp 11/2018.

This seems to be priced at $1 a scoop for the 2.06#, I mean 1.8# umm 1.6# tub? I state this only because I found those numbers on different sites. However the tub on my table is 2.06#'s. In example my tub is 25 servings the tub on their site is 21 servings. Not sure what the deal is on that, but it is something to look at when purchasing. In comparing products this does seem a little high for what you get. I could get prosource's Nytrowhey for .91 cents a serving, not on sale (Whey Protein Isolate). Of course if I liked the discounted flavors that turns into .60 cents a serving, so it depends on what you find and what you like. I think this is a little high, but basically a meh price.

Side Effects

I had no negative side effects during my use of this product.


My final thoughts on this product is that I would probably pass. If it happens to be on clearance, I would probably buy it. But it doesn't compete with my go to brands at regular price. I do think that protein powders have gotten better over the years and have also cleaned up their profiles. This one just seems to be in that mediocre MEH category. It wasn't bad, I could tell it worked, it just happens that there are better products out there that I like. So if you find this on sale, or are just looking for something different to try go ahead and pull the trigger. As for me, it will have to be on sale for me to consider buying again. It isn't a "bad" product, it just isn't an elite product.
  • Chocolate Cookie: 7/10


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