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Blox is a BCAA manufactured by BPI Sports. BCAA is short for branched chain amino acids. They are the building blocks of protein and can increase protein synthesis, muscle recovery and endurance during workouts and have also been shown to reduce body fat.


Rep: +80
Trust: 100%
  November 6, 2013

I don't even know where to start with this one. With the general direction of the supplement industry going more towards research based ingredients, BPI took more of the old school Muscletech approach with this one. The claims associated with this product are no better than the folks over at force factor when marketing their products. The old mentality of over hyping a supplement based off of very inconclusive research is not good for the reputation of the supplement industry in general. The only reason this product still exists is because of its unbelievable taste and strong placebo effect in humans.


$35-$50 depending on where you go. You get 30 servings of five grams and 1/5 of the container is artificial sweeteners or dyes. So they recommend 2-3 scoops a day so you're looking at $70 a month to run this as directed. 70$ a month for AT MOST decreased soreness and increased recovery. I got multiple tubs of this thrown my way when I managed a GNC, and I probably wouldn't pay more than $10 for this product if I saw it sitting in the clearance section today.


I ran about 3 tubs total. I ran it 2-4 scoops a day and didn't change any parts of my lifting schedule. I saw no strength increases or significant changes to my LBM. While running this product I did not notice a significant difference in recovery. Not much else I can say about the matter.


They had to make this taste good and they did. Tastes like a perfect batch of Koolaid. I enjoyed the Watermelon and Fruit Punch flavors the most. The Blue Razz was meh, and I wasn't a fan of the lemonade either. Good mixability and no clumping at all. This product is extremely heavy on the dyes.


Unless you are given this for free I really think you are wasting money here. BPI was smart in unleashing thousands upon thousand of samples to the world. The great taste and placebo effect is strong at first, but at the end of the tub you will be disappointed.
  • Easy Mix
  • Tastes Good
  • Not Effective
  • Too Expensive
  • Not Outstanding
  • No Science Or Proof
  • To Much Dye
  • Effective Doses Are Not Economical
  • A 30$ Water Flavor Enhancer
Rep: +1,280
Trust: 100%
  September 26, 2013

Alright, was really against ever trying this product based off of previous reviews and my own personal experience with some BPI products. But after getting offered a tub for 19$, I figured I could at least give it a try.

1 serving (per scoop): 5 grams
Servings per container: 30
Amount Per serving: 3,960 mg

SAA Sequenced Proteins:(including Alanine, Glycine, Valine, and Threonine)

Instead of using the typical BCAA/EAA blends you see in most intras, BPI instead opted to be the first to bring Silk Amino Acids (SAAs) to the market. Toting Blox as pretty much the next great breakthrough in exercise science based off of a medical study done on mice (See FlashSunday's Blox Review or Wikipedia) that included SAAs. The conclusion of the study offered some pretty great claims/results but the dosages used and how to they correlate into effective proportions for humans indicates that basically anyone over 150 pounds would have to consume what I consider a ridiculous amount of Blox to achieve similar results.

Dosing/ Effectiveness: 5/10
On the tub, BPI recommends dosing Blox with either one scoop pre-workout, one scoop during, and one scoop immediately post-workout. BPI also recommends using one scoop first thing in the morning on non-training days. I at first followed this protocol and began using one scoop of Blox and sipping on it during my workouts, just as I typically do with most intras that I use. This however did not yield any kind of results except for making my water taste fantastic. So I began upping the dosage to see what was the most effective for me until I finally started to see some results at 3 scoops per training day.

So as I previously stated, one scoop did absolutely nothing for me in terms of recovery and endurance. With taking two scoops, I was getting the same kind of results. Then I bumped it up to three scoops, with taking one scoop pre-workout and two scoops during. This yielded better results and there was definitely a difference in terms of recovery and endurance as compared to taking just one scoop, but was still nothing remarkable or as fantastic as the claims BPI makes on the label. Then I finally began using four scoops per workout, with taking two scoops mixed in with two scoops of my pre-workout formula (Purus Labs Condense). And then mixing two scoops of Blox in twenty ounces of water and sipping on it during my workout. This combination yielded the best results, as there was a noticeable difference in my energy/endurance levels along with slightly shorter recovery times between sets. But sadly, even at four scoops per workout, the results I got were still nowhere close to say CL Purple Wraath or Iforce Compete, which I had actually just finished two tubs of before beginning Blox.

Mixability/Taste: 10/10
I had the "Green Apple" flavor and it is by far the best tasting apple flavored supplement, or consumer product for that matter, that I have basically ever used. It has a very crisp and sweet taste to it, with a mellow tanginess that definitely satisfied my taste buds. Blox also mixes very easily in a shaker bottle and causes only a little bit of foam to form at the top, even with two scoops. And this is basically all the positive things that I have to say about this product.

Value: 1/10
Initially BPI was charging right around 40$ for a single tub of Blox when they first introduced it. Now you can pick a tub up online for right under 30$, depending of course where you order it from. And normally this would not be all that bad and is competitively priced to similar products. But based on how I got nothing out of the recommended serving and eventually bumped it up all the way to four scoops, I burned through an entire tub in just about 12 days. So therefore I have to give a very low rating here as the amount of scoops I had to take from a product that only has 30 scoops per tub is nowhere economical or justifiable in my mind.

Overall: 5/10
Overall Blox tastes great and I believe you have to take basically a seventh of the tub per workout to really get anything out of it. So I would definitely not recommend this to anyone, unless of course you like paying 30$ for a water flavor enhancer. In the future, the only SAAs I'll be using will probably be the ones in my shampoo and conditioner.
  • Good Flavor
  • Easy Mix
  • Tastes Good
  • Not Effective
  • To Much Dye
  • Effective Doses Are Not Economical
  • A 30$ Water Flavor Enhancer
Rep: +2
Trust: 0%
  March 19, 2013

BPI has really good marketing. I'd have to say that the design of the packaging plus the claims its said to have really bought me. I'm a sucker for a product that claims to sell without doing my research first.

Blox isn't a placebo, I'm sure this product has worked for others, but it didn't work quite well for me, although points needs to be given for it's awesome taste.

In order for me to determine if i should continue using SAAs or BCAAs in the future, i decided to finish a tub Blox, followed by a 30 serving tub of Xtend (only BCAA product i have used) and compare how they both improved my overall health, endurance and strength.

As usual, let's break it down. Been a while since I've used this account or made a review (2 years!).


Mixability (10/10):
This isn't protein, so anything that's finer and less dense than protein powder is dissolved when mixed in a blender bottle.

Winner - Both.

Taste (10/10):
Great taste. This is probably the tastiest "supplement" i have ever had. I chose lemonade, and it did taste quite like lemonade. I would mix 2 scoops in 24oz of water. If you followed the 1 scoop direction and used 24oz of water, it might be a little bland.

Winner - Both

Pre/Intra or Post (Intra):
On the bottle it has a chart showing that you can use this pre or intra workout. I generally use this intra workout. Using this post workout in conjunction with a protein shake? Either you're going to be filled to the brim with liquid or you're going to have to dunk down one odd tasting shake!

Winner - Both Xtend and BLOX for Intra.

Endurance (8/10): This was the only good thing about BPI Blox. I would start sipping about 10 minutes before i start my workout. My workouts normally last 45 mins - 1 hour 15 mins, but with Blox, i found myself spending 2.5 hours in the gym! It was overkill, but the aim was to test this product.

You know that feeling when you do one set of 10 reps with the heaviest weight you can do, not easily but when you get to the 8th rep you start slowing down, you're still holding the bar in your hands but you're standing there for a moment, breathing heavily and admiring yourself in the mirror. With some mental focus you finish the last 2 reps. Without much rest, you move on to another exercise with equal weight and intensity and finish off with some body exercises. When i finally get to rest, i feel rather tired, i'm sweating, breathing heavily, looking for something to drink. I would normally rest for around 3-4 minutes whenever i performed a superset. With BLOX, i felt my endurance to be higher than normal, and was cutting my rest time from 3 minutes to 1 minute.

I believe recovery between sets is related to endurance as opposed to recovery after a workout. I'm not 100% sure if Xtend promises to increase endurance, but in this category BLOX was superior.

Winner - BLOX

Strength / Built Muscle (1/10):
None more than usual. Did not notice any improvements in the weight i could lift. One of the selling points of BLOX is that it build's muscle. I've never come across a product that builds my muscles for me. Even with steroids (never tried em!), you still need a good diet and hard work.

Winner: None. Don't think Xtend promotes strength equally as much as recovery and endurance.

Recovery (2/10): This is the main reason i look for BCAAs or intra workouts, to lessen my recovery time. 2 days after my workouts is when DOMS start kicking in. 2 days after my first workout using BLOX, my muscles felt incredibly sore. OK, perhaps it's because i've just had an intense workout after 5 months off, and i have read that we will need to use BLOX for at least 2 weeks to see any effect.

Going into my 5th workout, which meant i had already consumed 10/30 scoops (i use 2 scoops per workout), i still had bad DOMS. So, i've been using BLOX on my off days, i would use 2 scoops in finish off 24oz during the first half of my morning. I've finished the tub and i still felt sore after a workout with my last 2 servings of BLOX. In terms of recovery, it doesn't work. Xtend wins in this department. Xtend = No DOMS, still feel sore but feels good, makes me wonder if i pushed myself as hard as i should have.

Winner - Xtend.

Price (5/10):
BLOX isn't a cheap product. I paid $40AUD for 30 servings. If following their recommendation to mix 1 scoop with 8oz of water, that would only last you 15 servings. 1 scoop of Xtend with 24oz of water at $30AUD gave me more results that i desired than 2 scoops of BLOX did. Perhaps over time, depending on the popularity of this product, they will hopefully reduce the cost of this product and i may purchase it just for that endurance assistance on my light weight / cardio days.

Winner - Xtend

  • Good Flavor
  • Easy Mix
  • Tastes Good
  • Increased Endurance
  • Too Expensive
  • Not Outstanding
Rep: +429
Trust: 100%
  September 6, 2012

First Review ever. (Be easy on meh)

Okay. So blox is basically something you can drink before, during, or after your workout. Typically priced around $30 so about $1 a serving, and It's supposed to raise Test levels, reduce cortisol levels and help with basically blunting the pain while you train. It does just that for me, but i'll get into more detail.

Taste Rating (10/10)
Taste seems to a good factor on this product, it's basically a few aminos and sugar (sucralose) in the bottle. It's very fine powder, and I've tried every single flavor and never have had a problem with any. It mixes very well too.

Effectiveness (8/10)

I gave this an 8 simply for the fact that i do feel more endurance when i drink it, and I'm not as sore, but then again I intake quite a bit of protein post workout so that could be the effect. Also, SAA's aren't really backed by any research but I do enjoy them.

Price (7/10)

If you pick these up at GNC its about $64 for 2 tubs after GC discount, or you get the 60 serving sucker for $60 and thats not terrible, but then again if I'm gonna pay $1 a serving it better be doing all that it says and more.

Overall (8/10)

I gave this a 8 simply for the fact is that it works for me, tastes good and does increase my recovery time (I think). I just wish there was more science behind it and they made it a bit cheaper. $25 would be perfect considering most supps are made for extremely low cost.

I hope you enjoyed my review. Thanks everyone.
  • Good Flavor
  • Slight Increased Strength
  • Eliminates Some Soreness
  • Good Recovery
  • Easy Mix
  • Tastes Good
  • Not Outstanding
  • No Science Or Proof
Rep: +6
Trust: 0%
  July 4, 2012

I don't want to absolutely crush this supplement because who knows how effective it actually is, but I felt no different while taking it. I think BCAA are more effective for sure.

There has been one clinical trial on BLOX that BPI alledgedbly did on mice. They concluded that BLOX gives you more endurance and recovery and gave some numbers of improvements that the mice made.

Ingredient Profile
SAA (silk amino acids). BPI marketed the hell out of this supplement, claiming that SAA is the new revolutionary product for enhanced recovery and performance. This is a load of crap in my book and just great marketing on their side.

Recovery and Endurance:
My recovery and endurance felt the same as not taking anything. The only thing I got to do is enjoy the great watermellon flavor. This was probably the best flavored supplement I have ever tried. Recovery, strength, and endurance was the same as the month before when I wasn't taking anything

I won't buy blox again. It is like 35 bucks for 25 servings I believe. Superexpensive, overmarketed, and overhyped. I'd rather buy standard BCAA
  • Good Flavor
  • Not Effective
  • Too Expensive
  • No Science Or Proof
Rep: +20
Trust: 5%
  July 4, 2012

Straight 2's across the board for the popular Blox by BPI!

*TASTE- Probably the best tasting supplement I've ever had. I had the Green Apple tub it was like straight kool-aid.

*VALUE- 3.9MG of SAA's per scoop. A 150lb human would have to consume at least 20G of SAAs to see the effectiveness and results that BPI claims in their "scientific studies" BPI's studies were done on mice. That's roughly 5 scoops a day..hmm.

*EFFECTIVENESS- My work outs usually last anywhere from 70-90mins and get pretty brutal and from the claims BPI made I was sold on anything that was going to assist my recovery in my sore sore world haha. I have a very high Carb/Protein diet, and supplementing this into my normal supplemental routein did NOTHING. My recovery was the same, I took 3 scoops a day for 3 days to see if that would possibly impact anything and it did not. You wold be fine with a protein high in Leucine or a straight 8.1.1 BCAA ratio if you're looking for a speedy recover after a heavy brutal squat/deadlift/pwrclean/bench day.

In conclusion, I would not reccomend this product over BCAAs. That's just my personal opinion though, I hope you guys found this helpful!!
  • Good Flavor
  • Tastes Good
  • Not Effective
  • Too Expensive
  • Not Outstanding
Rep: +19
Trust: 38%
  June 22, 2012

one word worthless....

i did not see anything from this product other than the fact that it tasted great. i have used many amino acid supplements and with this new rage of SAA i figured what the hell why not. in all honestly i did not notice a single thing. no recovery, no strength gains etc...

like the reviews before me the science behind this is there in mice but the levels of dosaging is completely impractical with the cost.

i definitely wouldnt go with this product nor recommend it to any one. not to mention muscles are made of amino acids that have been around forever just as humans have. im sure silk aminos have too but why allof the sudden infuse them into human bodies? we know bcaa and other aminos work stick with it.

i suggest this product of you want and expensive kool-aid or something to break the monotony of water other than that look for amino x, modern bcaa, dymatize recoup etc....
  • Good Flavor
  • Not Effective
  • Too Expensive
  • Not Outstanding
  • No Science Or Proof
Rep: +3,299
Trust: 100%
  April 19, 2012

Alright, this is going to be my personal unbiased review on the new product BLOX by BPI Sports. This product is touted as the next generation of intra-workout because supposedly silk amino acids are better than regular amino acids. I chose to personally buy, try, and review this product because of the marketing hype, exorbitant prices, and inconsistent reviews on this product thusfar.


30 Servings 5g/serving

SAA Sequenced Proteins 3,960mg
(Alanine, Glycine, Serine, Valine, Threonine)

Other Ingredients (Citric Acid, Taurine, Silica, Flavors, Sucralose, ect)


A recent animal study, found that when exercising mice were given three different doses of silk amino acids for 44 days, the mice experienced: Improved exercise performance.

SAA fed mice exercised more than twice as long as mice not fed SAAs (28 minutes vs 13 minutes)

In terms of absolute improvement in exercise performance, SAAs produced improvements that were six times greater than that seen with just exercise (18 minute increase compared to 3 minute increase).

Eliminated the increase in blood lactate levels (which were significantly increased with just exercise)

Eliminated the increase in muscle oxidation (which was also significantly increased with just exercise)

Maintained blood glucose levels (vs being significantly lowered in exercising mice)
Increased muscle glycogen and liver glycogen (compared to exercise alone)

Increased testosterone levels (64% increase vs 36% reduction in exercise group; in absolute terms, blood testosterone levels that were 2.6 times higher in SAAs group compared to exercise group)

Reduced cortisol (140% increase in cortisol in exercising group while no significant increase was seen when SAAs were given)

Increased anabolic ratio (4-fold higher anabolic ratio; ie, the testosterone to cortisol ratio compared to mice not receiving any)

Increased muscle size (16% increase with high-dose)

All these claimes were gleaned from wikipedia, there was a workes cited to the actual study. The three doses that they gave the mice were 50, 160, and 500mg/kg. That would translate between 5-50 GRAMS for someone my size (approx 100kg). So, according to the study, if we reacted proportionatly with mice, we would need approx 12-15 scoops of BLOX per day for results mimicking the upper level dosages in mice.You can claim all you want, but if I'm really going to have to take 50 grams for proportionate results I want to know that ahead of time.

Now for my ratings:


In order to gauge comparable effectiveness, I took a similar amount of BLOX as I would any other amino acid intra, which is approx 3 scoops (15 grams) per workout. Ok, so not quite accurate as 3,960mg/scoop makes 3 scoops what? 11.8grams? Anyway, I dosed it that way after switching off of my normal intra amino. During the entire time I took this, I did not notice any increase in recovery whatsoever. I was, in fact, a lot more sore, but I also switched my routine to a more demanding set toward the end and I added more in to make up for the recovery gap.

Overall, my summary for effectiveness is that it didn't stand out to me as the "next generation in recovery". Did it work? Yes, as opposed to nothing it worked, but I don't think it worked any better than your run-of-the-mill intraworkout.


I tried out the watermelon flavor and it was pretty good. It was not overly sweet or an overpowering flavor, it was a good flavor to drink as an intra, when in my opinion, you would rather feel like you are drinking water than a soda or something thick tasting.


First off, dosing. There are 30 scoops per tub, but needing at minimum 3 scoops per workout, the tub will only last 10 workouts. The price of this product has come down a little bit, but even now, its about 30 bucks a tub. That makes each necessary dose cost $3 bucks a day which is very steep. Amino acid powder is very cheap, Modern BCAA sells 35 actual servings (10g BCAA's) for 29.99. That's less than $1 a serving!


I think I am very generous giving this product an overall 5 rating. Why? First off, their own research on silk amino's put the effective dose at between 5-50 grams per day. I did not go through the actual paper to find out which claims went with which doses, but I think it's safe to assume that the bigger claims went hand in hand with the huge doses. Do you want to take a tub and a half of BLOX a day for results?

Ok, but it works ok right? Yeah sure, in comparison to the same amount of BCAA's its fine, but it also costs THREE TIMES AS MUCH. Not only three times as much as and BCAA product, but three times as much as USP's Modern BCAA, which is one of the highest rated BCAA products available.

Overall, this is not an outstanding product at all, and it is not worth the exorbatant price that they offer it for. Not only did I not notice commendable results, but their own research data does not back up their claims.
  • Tastes Good
  • Too Expensive
  • Not Outstanding
Rep: +25
Trust: 52%
  April 18, 2012

Hey ya'll, have'nt been here in a while. Buddy suggested this stuff to me said it worked for him, I said might as well. I was doing heavy lifting with this. Three sets of 4-3-3 on most lifts, except for auxs.

Taste 10/10: I had the blue raspberry I believe, and snap. This stuff tasted really good! Kinda like those blue raspberry dum-dum suckers. Never got sick of it.

Mixability 10/10: Mixed really easy into my blender bottle, and the small serving size was nice too. I took it everyday, even on off days.

Effectiveness 2/10: This is where I got upset (well the cost too) I was just as sore on this product and when I was off. I always took it about 15 mins after my lifting on days that I lifted, and on off days would take it upon waking. I gave it a two because there were maybe 5 out of the 29 days i had i felt slightly better.

Overall 4/10: I feel like this stuff should be getting a better review but for some reason I just cant do so, maybe it was just me that it didnt work for. I dont know, but i am surely going back to my Xtend instead of this stuff.
  • Good Flavor
  • Easy Mix
  • Not Effective
Rep: +2,978
Trust: 100%
  April 3, 2012

Alright I got this as a free gift from BPI. They gave me a full tub of the flavor I wanted to try (watermelon), along with a few other samples. While I am thankful for that, I am giving an honest review here.

Taste- 10/10, honestly, this is the best thing I have ever tasted in my life. I heard great things about the taste and was very curious. I already love anything with watermelon flavor so it was great that my free tub happened to be just that! I have an absolute hatred for any taste in fruit punch, in fact, I even got a free tub of N0 Extreme from work, and even though I love the energy I got from it, I still gave it to my friend because I hate fruit punch. Why am I telling you this? Because I actually liked the fruit punch flavor I got with this, which is VERY impressive to me. The lemonade flavor was the best in my opinion.

Effectiveness- 2/10, even giving this a 2 is generous to be really honest. I stopped taking Modern BCAA for BLOX, which I have always been a fan of. I took this during and after my workout, and on off days I would take it in the morning. I never knew how effective Modern BCAA really was until I switched to BLOX. I was getting REALLY sore. My diet is in check as well so I know it wasn't a lack of nutrients or water. If the product claims a speedy recovery, I expect a speedy recovery ! This product was not effective for recovery.

Value-1/10, I believe this is around $50 at GNC. Even with my discount I wouldn't buy this. The only value I get from this would be the taste, and that is not why I take this product.

Overall- 3-10, I gave this a 3 being generous because BPI NAILED IT with the taste. I would like to try the other flavors because I am sure they taste amazing as well, but I am not going to fork over the money for expensive kool-aid. I would not recommend this product, unless you don't mind spending lots of money for great taste!

Sorry for the long review but these are my thoughts. I enjoy criticism !
  • Good Flavor
  • Not Effective
  • Too Expensive

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