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B4 Reviews

By: BPI Sports

B4 is a Thermogenic Weight Loss Product manufactured by BPI Sports. It increases the body's temperature and raises metabolism, helping to burn more calories and assist with fat loss.

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  June 5, 2015

    • Not Effective
    • One Moment Of Jitterness


    Hello, my names Anthony, my friends call me Tone for short, I work in retail and got in real bad shape after i fell off the wagon of proper diet, daily workout regime. I used to be an avid gym rat and trained in mma for about 7 years, Right now i want to get in best shape in my life and lose about 60 lbs, have abs. I tried this product with a stack of cla, fish oil and some protein powder. truth be told this product did not work for me. I discovered SR when i was researching pro oxy elite on internet, i actually love this site, a lot of informed members, with the intent of helping people achieve their goals. This is actually my second attempt and have noticed that (and rightfully so, now that i look back) that people found my review not helpful. So I'm going to do my best in informing you with my experience using this product, but also include the circumstances when i took this product along with my honest journal of using this product. I have been taking supplements a long time, however, i do not think i am at all an expert or even someone very knowledgeable, but I plan to be, which is why I am eager to be a part of this community, as to receive, also give good information and advice on how to achieve our goals. I am passionate about this because I never had the proper guidance on supplement nutrition and hope to help deter those from taking the same fruitless roads that i had. I will now give a detailed assessment on my experience using BPI B4.

    Over the last 3 years I had a series of surgeries to repair injuries that I had incurred, which to say the least killed my able to go to the gym, and greatly hindered my nutrition, long story short I got fat, gained over 60 lbs. I started doing a bunch of research and got nowhere, so I decided to go to a health store and let the sales person give me his input on products that he would recommend and took his word for it. I went with BPIs B4 some CLA and green tea extact.

    Ingredient Profile

    I can read the ingredients on the label of this product but im not at all knowledgeable if they are any good or not, so i did research on all of the main ingredients

    *Niacin (30g) : Niacin is a B complex vitamin and its important to get enough niacin if you are trying to lose weight, however, it is water soluble, which means that your body does not store it which also means you would need continuous supply through your diet. Which may also tell me why this product did not work for me, but we will get into that later.

    these next ingredients are a proprietary blend and does not tell me the amount of how much are in the pills it just says that its all 680 mg

    *Caffeine (as caffeine anhydrous) : Caffeine anhydrous is a form of caffeine but with no water, which tends to mean that it is a strong form of caffeine.

    *Dendrobium nobile (stem)(as DendroMAX™ Extract, concentrated for total Alkaloids content): Dendrobium is in the orchid plant family, it is used to improve physical and athletic performances and also is claimed as the next hot stimulant supplement, however there is a concern that the plant is spiked with synthetic stimulant drug when its used in supplements because the plant does not not naturally have these stimulants.

    *Canavalia glandiata (seed) : also known as sword beans which are not clinically proven to offer any health or weight loss benefit

    *Psoralea corylifolia (seed) : Psoralea corylifolia is a plant which is used as a stimulant, however, no studies are to be found to justify its use as stimulant or diuretic

    *Sophora japonica (leaf) (Quercetin) : Sophora japonica are used as a medicinal herb in China, Japan and Korea to treat
    bleeding hemorrhoids and hematemesis

    *Red wine concentrate : Supposedly the thought here is the acids in the grapes can help defer and moderate the advancement of fat cells, however very little research has been done to verify this claim.

    Pausinystalia yohimbe (bark) : Yohimbe is the name of an evergreen tree that is found in Zaire, Cameroon, and Gabon. The bark of yohimbe contains a chemical called yohimbine, which is used to make medicine. Yohimbe is claimed at first to raise testosterone levels, but ultimately was found as a failure in that dept.


    this product comes in the form of a pill so taste, mixability is not a factor but took one pill a day in morning as told by the the salesperson and as said on label, but i should have done research before following that because the niacin being a water soluble and thus not stored in my system tells me i should have replenished throughout the day. That being said I would not take more than one pill a day in the morning because the company says does not instruct us to, which leaves me to believe that it may be too harmful. With this product only being taken once a day and with Niacin (a water soluble) being one of its main active ingredients, they sort of dropped the ball on the dosage.


    I didnt lose any fat while on this product, granted my diet could have been better, but i was working out regularly. Im not sure if its because this product just didn't work for me, or if my diet was not on par with what should have been while taking B4, but i did not eat worse, actually i ate healthier, just not healthy to the point of me saying that i am eating healthy and should see results on my diet alone. I did not get that slight edge in results I was looking for.


    i gave it a 5, because i did not find it that pricey, it did not hurt or help me

    Side Effects

    during the cycle i did have one moment of jitterness, but that was the only thing i can say. I did not sweat or feel any nausea or anything in that nature. I actually, would have welcomed something to tell me that this product is doing something.


    This is about the millionth fat burner that i have tried, i can say that i have had better, i liked lypodrene, hydroxycut, and ripped fuel a lot more. I would not reccomend this product. I just think that there are a lot of products or stacks that do not include B4 to help you get the cuts or fat loss you are looking for. Its a shame because I went out on a limb and trusted someone who either had something to gain to steer me to B4 or didn't know what he was talking about.

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