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Beta Alanine Reviews

By: Platinum Series

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Beta Alanine is a Beta-Alanine Product manufactured by Platinum Series. It helps increase carnosine levels, which helps buffer lactic acid and increase muscle endurance by decreasing the 'burn' during exercise. This increse in endurance can translate to increased muscle mass and strength.

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  September 28, 2015

  • Easily Dosed
  • Buffers Acid Buildup
  • Clinically Dosed
  • Open Profile
  • Good Value
    Changed up my workout program recently, doing 4-5 workouts a week in a higher rep range than usual(ex. 8,10,15 per set). My diet changed as well, usually I did the intermittent fasting and ate my meals between 1pm and 9pm, however I changed it by adding a protein shake after my workouts which is around 9am, a meal at 12, 3pm, & 6pm on workouts days, Non workout days I eat two meals one at 3pm and another at 8pm. Just experimenting with my diet structure to see how it works out for. I am used to a low rep 5x5 workout for the most part, so changing to a higher rep has been a struggle. Adding some extra beta alanine to my pre workout seemed like a good idea.

    -Ingredient Profile-(10/10)
    Oh wow! 10 out of 10, really? Yes really. Because it is clinically dosed at 3.2 grams per scoop in an open profile with nothing else added to it. Just plain and simple beta alanine. If you're not familar with beta alanine, I would highly suggest doing some research on it and seeing if it is right for you. Beta alanine is one of my favorite supplements out there next to caffeine, creatine and whey protein.

    No added flavor, and I have not tried it on its own so I cannot comment on the taste except that my preworkout covers any taste it might have. Mixes easily with nothing left over for the most part. Dosing is simple, 1 serving equals 1 scoop which is 3.2 grams of pure beta alanine and there are 75 servings in this container.

    Higher reps mean more lactic acid build up, beta alanine works by buffering the lactic acid keeping that burn to a minimum. Going from 5 reps per set to 10 does not seem like a lot, however it was shock to me. My legs never burned so much on squats before, adding this made a noticeable difference in how many reps I could put out and the recovery between sets. Usually I was burned out by the 2nd set of squats and struggled to get past 6 or 7 reps on the 3rd set and into the 4th set I was lucky to get 5 reps up. With the added beta alanine I not only pushed through the four sets, I was able to go a little heavier and still hit 10 reps per set. This is not a wonder supplement by any means, however it is one of the more effective supplements I have ever taken. Depending on the preworkout you use they might have 3.2 grams dosed already, I was using Defcon1 2nd Strike and it is dosed at 2 grams per serving, I would add 2 more grams to it giving me a total of 4 grams and about 15 minutes after taking it I got those tingles and knew it was working.

    75 servings of 3.2 grams for $18 is a pretty good deal. Works out to 24 cents a serving if dosed fully. Most brands of this serving sizes stay around $20 so the price is pretty good.

    -Side Effects-
    Unless you do not like the tingles you get from beta alanine, there are no sides to this

    This was a short maybe pointless review, however since seeing the benefits from adding beta alanine to my pre workout I thought a review was due. Beta alanine is nothing but effective, if you are not using it I highly recommend you give it a try.

    COMMENTS (2)

    • ron
      Rep: +5,387
      September 30, 2015

      What a pointless review.
      Nice job!

    • horsty
      Rep: +1,135
      September 30, 2015

      Haha thanks Ron!

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