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350 Octane - Fruit Punch Reviews

By: Body Shop Nutrition

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350 Octane - Fruit Punch is a Pre-Workout manufactured by Body Shop Nutrition. It is designed to help provide a pre-training advantage by increasing mental focus, muscle performance, endurance and blood flow. This creates an environment optimal for increasing muscle mass and losing body fat.
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Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Body Shop Nutrition for sending it out!
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  March 6, 2016

  • Good Pumps
  • Properly Dosed Ingredients
  • Good Taste
  • No Crash
  • Increased Endurance
  • Increased Vascularity
  • Increased Energy
  • Too Expensive
  • Cottonmouth
  • Makes You Poop


Whats up SR! Thank you for this TROOP Program and Body shop for giving me this opportunity to try this great preworkout. I train the big three and accessory movements to make my big three lifts stronger. I also work in a very physical manual labor job for 60 hours during the week. I am also a self proclaimed stim junkie. I have since stopped taking over 500 mgs of caffeine per day but I realized only two hundred didn't do much for me other than make sure I didn't get any headaches. When I saw this was at 350 mgs of caffeine I decided to jump on it!

Ingredient Profile

The ingredient profile is fully disclosed with no prop blends which is always respectable. Along with the caffeine they added the usual pump ingredients but, get this, at effective doses!!!! What a concept! The caffeine, citrulline, and agmatine are all at doses that are hoped for when buying a two in one stim/pump mix. The only problem which is what I'll explain below is that other than the caffeine, there's no combination of purines, dimethyl purines, theobromine compounds, or other similar ones etc. THIS IS NOT HUGE! THIS IS EXTREMELY MINOR! "Why do you even feel the need to mention it that Patrick?!" For one simple reason, I'm not going to be jumping hand over fist with my money in my hand to get this. While the caffeine did provide the energy I am really into a pre that helps me reach my laser focus. Minor again but I still felt the need to say it. If they added some of those ingredients or any other ones I believe this would be ranked in the top ten on here.


At first when I got the fruit punch flavor and saw that there was clumpiness happening, my first thought was great another one of these. Hold on, the fruit punch actually tasted great! I would take one scoop before my workout and I would be off to the races in about ten minutes lifting heavy. One scoop definitely sufficed and I didn't feel a crash. Sometimes I would mix with a carb powder when I knew I needed a lot more fuel than just a stimulant and I was running late so I couldn't make a meal.


The was great! Again the only problem or complaint I have is I didn't get the laser like focus I look forward to when taking a pre. This one I felt was a more cracked out type stimulant pre and not a more amphetamine-like stimulant. Do you know what I am trying to say? If you don't you probably have lived a different type of life than me bahhaha. I would take this and I would crush my workouts! Also I felt more of a pump from drinking this preworkout compared to my last actual pump product I tried :x! Seriously some leg days I honestly felt like I had concrete boots on and I could barely walk to the drinking fountain at my gym. When I would come home I could see the muscles I trained to be more vascular than usual. Also here's a cool part, I would take this workout and than pull an eleven hour shift picking up and holding steel beams all night. This provided energy that lasted with NO CRASH. This is key for me. Last thing I want in a preworkout is for it to work in a short window and than make me feel like #### less than twenty minutes after lifting and than try to work thru that makes for a very bad day. In all fairness besides that minor point that I made above and a few I'm about to make I can honestly say I was super happy with this preworkout. Way more pros than cons.
The value on this isn't the best. $40 for 30 servings = $1.33. Usually I like to spend $30 and below. Is this a horrible deal and not worth it for the product? Absolutely not. I'll wait for a deal or until mine runs out bahhaha

Side Effects

Ok so this has to be said. The side effects for me was a horrible cottonmouth. No big deal. But what was a huge deal to me was the involuntary cleansing or detoxification of my body after drinking this. I would drink this, than wait ten minutes be on the toilet for another five to ten than be on my way to the gym. Some days I thought "O wow my body is finally used to it!" Than after a heavy sq. uat or bench I realized something very bad will happen if I don't sprint to the restroom right away. Is this typical for all? Most likely not. It was for me though so I am going to mention it regardless.


Overall I can honestly say that this preworkout was awesome. It wasn't the best, but very far and not even close to being in the same category as the worst. While its not my favorite I'll put this in my top ten on its way to the top five. Thanks again SR and Body Shop for giving me this opportunity to try this awesome product! POPS OUT

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Body Shop Nutrition for sending it out!
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  March 2, 2016

  • Good Pumps
  • Increased Energy
  • Too Sweet
  • Too Expensive
First I have to admit, I told myself I wouldn't review any more Preworkout supplements. Not that I don't take them, or any bad experiences with them. But I feel (in my own personal case) it's been way overdone, and I don't want to be "that guy" that keeps clicking on a pre then posting a review because I have to. But I took a look at the ingredient profile of this one, and I couldn't resist the temptation! I've always been a Stim-Junkie, and have favored the concentrated Stim Preworkout over the more "fully dosed" ones. Big thanks to Body Shop Nutrition for making these available through the Trooper program. Let's get right into this!

I've always been intrigued by the "kitchen sink" Preworkout like Pre Jym, Outrage, etc., but I never actually used any for a length of time. Matter of fact, the last "big scoop" pre I remember taking was MP Assault, years ago. So this label caught my attention with both its dosing, and simplicity.
Beta-Alanine is a respectable 2.5 grams. The next ingredient Ornithine OKG was an unfamiliar compound, so I did the google on it. I learned Orthinine OKG is touted to increase protein synthesis, speed muscle recovery, and alter blood concentrations of insulin and Growth Hormone. Sounds good, right? The jury is still out if it does any of these things, but it is very effective when given to burn victims to aid recovery. Anyhoo, it's in there, and dosed at 1.5 grams (studies are dosed between 10-20 grams). I really like the fact that Citruline Malate 2:1 is dosed at an impressive 6 grams! Taurine is 1g, Betapower Betaine is 2.5g, and Agmatine Sulfate is 1g. Finally, we got our old friend Caffeine Anhydrous at 350mg, a real nice amount (on paper at least, more on that in a bit).

I received the Fruit Punch flavor, at least that's what the label says, and OOOHH WHEEEE it was sweet and tart!!! My first time, I dumped a scoop into about 6oz of water (like I do with all my pre's). It reminded me of my childhood, thawing and drinking those frozen juice cans (the ones we mix in a gallon of water!). In 20oz of water this was a great tasting product, and it tasted more like a missile pop or sherbet ice cream. I don't like chugging that much fluid before working out, so I dealt with it in about 10oz of water. What I really liked is that it mixed perfectly, into an opaque white color (zero dyes!). I've been doing lots more cardio before lifting, about 20-30 minutes worth. So I would sip on this in the last few minutes, and wait for the desire to go lift things.

This one hit fast (minutes) upon ingesting, but not hard. I'm talking the whole package, like the face tingles, the awakening, and the desire to lift heavy, all within minutes. But it wasn't a "kill them all" mindset, just a nice elevated steady rise in energy. For me, it reminded me of a "Jr" Mr Hyde, and it was a small step below the 5% "Kill It". I got some real nice pumps but not painful; 6 grams of Citrulline should hurt! Muscle endurance was also improved. The Beta Alanine tingles lasted for over an hour! What was disappointing was the actual energy from 350mg of caffeine. It wasn't bad at all, it just felt more like 200-250mg. The caffeine high would level off at around the 45 minute mark, and this is where the addition of a Nootropic, or extended release caffeine, or even good old DMAA would pick up the slack (I doubt we'll ever see the latter in it). it kinda fell flat, not a huge crash but not the energy I expected from the label. Instead I would find myself sitting on a bench, thinking about my next set instead of just doing it. This may be just me being nit-picky, but I've had a lot more time to spend in the gym so I'm yearning for a longer lasting preworkout. Dialed-in focus was also lacking, this is why I place Kill It ahead. It did remain consistent from the first scoop to the last.

Surprisingly, I didn't experience any negative side effects from this. No stomach discomfort, no tolerance build up, nothing. it was a larger sized scoop, and the product did clump up towards the end of the can.

I found it on Amazon for 39.99, and nowhere else! It's a little over my "dollar per scoop" price range ($1.33), but you have to keep in mind that most other Full Dose pre's like the ones I mentioned, are only 20 serving cans (putting them at $2 per serving). Still, at that price, i think i expected a little more "oomph".

Ill go ahead and say that this was a solid preworkout, and it did perform. But it never really set itself apart in a crowded field. My negative critiques shouldn't be taken as a turnoff, but just something to consider if you are that guy that wants endless energy and razor focus. Like my title says, this was good at all things, just not great at any one thing. I would still recommend this over, say, MP Assault, C-4, or NO Xplode, but with so many options it wouldn't be my go-to choice.

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