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Trutein Reviews

By: Body Nutrition

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Body Nutrition for sending it out!
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  November 18, 2018

  • Taste
  • Price
  • Diverse Sources Of Protein
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Digests Almost Too Fast

Update 11/20/2018:
Yeah for as effective and delicious this is, the price is almost a steal! Definitely going to try out other flavors in the future!!

Update 11/20/2018:
Thanks bud. Yeah for as good as it was I was surprised at the price. Definitely a go to protein in the future when I need more!!

Update 11/20/2018:
Thanks bud. Yeah for as good as it was I was real surprised at the price. Could be a go too protein in the future!!

Quick Summary

A blended protein powder with some added extras to aid your digestion. Very well priced and tastes great. This is very effective for what you require from a protein powder.


39 years old and I lift 5 days a week, currently doing GZCL UHF 9 week. I like to keep a blended protein in my daily stack to take post workout, as it gives me my protein needs as well as keeps me from being too hungry until I eat breakfast. I have not tried anything from Body Nutrition before, so after researching some of their flavors and past reviews, I decided to give this a shot when it became available. Big thank you to SR and Body Nutrition for making this review possible.

Ingredient Profile

Each 34g scoop nets you 120 Calories, 1g Fat, 20mg Cholesterol, 5g Carbs, 24g Protein, 105mg Sodium, and 100mg Digestive enzymes. I appreciate the sodium being at a low level as I have to watch my daily sodium intake and most blended proteins tend to have quite a bit.

The protein breaks down to 45% (10.8g) Whey, 45% (10.8g) Micellar Casein, and 10% (2.4g) Egg Whites. The protein is a blend of Pure Undenatured & Nonthermally Processed Milk Protein Isolate, Cross-Flow Nanofiltered Whey Protein Isolate, Ultrafiltered Whey Protein Concentrate, and Egg Albumen.

Besides the digestive enzymes you also get 2.5g Fiber here as well to help you with your daily fiber needs.

I think this is a pretty good profile for a blended protein, with the big points being the digestive enzymes, and the low sodium content. This can easily fit into your daily macros no matter what your goal is.


Taste: I recieved the CinnaBun flavor, and man it was delicious!! It tasted very close to an actual cinnabun, but a much healthier option. This was a treat and something I looked forward to driving home from the gym each day.

Mixability: This mixed very easily with water and milk. Just a couple of shakes in the shaker and you were off and drinking. This did not leave any weird residue or anything like that either.

Dosing: Its a protein so you take this as needed. I took one scoop post workout on training days and when I woke up on rest days.


The best way for me to judge a Protein's effectiveness is how it digested and if it kept me from being too hungry prior to me eating breakfast. The added digestive enzymes really go a long way in aiding digestion here. I had no issues in this department and this was one of the easiest digesting protein blends I have ever used. Most protein blends for me tend to sit in my stomach a bit and digests slowly, but this one digested as fast as a pure Isolate would for me. i am becoming a big fan of added enzymes for protein powders.

This did not keep me as full as other blended proteins, which I chalk up mainly to the digestive properties. I have about an hour gap between taking this post workout and eating breakfast, so this did its job in this aspect. However, some days I would get pretty hungry about a half hour in, but not starving.

Overall, digestion and taste wise this product is one of the best I have ever had in a blended protein, but keeping me full wise was about average. I was very happy with this run and it did everything that I needed it to.


The best price I could find this is at DPS Nutrition via Priceplow for $44.98 for 4lb (53 servings). That comes out to 85 cents a serving which is a pretty great price for what you are getting here. I believe this really has some quality ingredients, and with a price like that it is tough too beat.

Side Effects

None at all.


For a blended protein powder this truly does have a pretty great macro breakdown with low sodium. The added extras such as digestive enzymes and fiber really help this product to stand out in a flooded market. You can find this for a great price and it tastes amazing, so if you are in the market for a blended protein you should definitely give Trutein a shot. I highly recommend this product, and I will be trying the other flavors in the future.
  • CinnaBun: 10/10


  • MarsheS
    Rep: +1,532
    November 20, 2018

    Nice review, that's a good price

  • DaSlaya
    Rep: +2,967
    November 20, 2018

    Well I intended to respond via comments, and realized I was hitting add update. Now I cannot seem to edit the review to remove the updates...FML!!!

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