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Super Whey Protein Shot Reviews

By: Body Fortress


Only 5 Reviews - Waiting for more trustworthy reviews

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Protein > Whey Protein

Super Whey Protein Shot is a Whey Protein Powder manufactured by Body Fortress. It is a dairy based protein that supports lean muscle gain by suppling additional protein to recovering muscles, which can also improve fat loss.

See all 108 products in:
Protein > Whey Protein


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The supplement industry is notorious for misleading marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +11
Trust: 16%
  January 16, 2012

Picked this up at wallmart for $10 a 6pk. 26g of protien makes it a good additive for those chetter meals or when you dont have time for anything else.
Tastes like crap, but you can get it down in one quick swallow. Would be nice to know how many BCAA's are in them.
To me it dosen't seem to expensive. Being as I buy gnc's amplified mass xxx @ $40 a 6lb tub; that only lasts me a week @ 2 shakes a day. If I replace my mornig shake with one of these I would actually be saving some money.
Over all you are getting what you pay for with this Body Fortress product. 26g of protien in one quick (nasty) shot.
  • Easy To Use
  • Good Source Of Quick Protien.
  • Funky Taste
  • Non-impressive Ingredient Profile
Rep: +1,186
Trust: 100%
  December 1, 2011

my experience with this product is fairly short only lasting 6 days. i'm always willing to give something a try before i write it off as a not so good product. soon after purchasing this i then realized how much this would cost me to take for one month and i opted not to go that route.

Ingredients per vial: 120 calories, 95mg sodium, 0g fat, 0g carbs, 0g sugar and 26g protein.

nothing fancy here, although i thought they could've at least added a few carbs, maybe even 5-8g or so. protein sources include Hydrolyzed Collagenic Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Isolate, Casein Protein Isolate. i also didn't like that they don't list the BCAA amount.

Effectiveness: took one post workout and one upon waking on rest days, it's okay if you need a quick source of protein and want to opt for something other than a shake/bar. i feel as though a few carbs would've make it a little better choice to take post-workout. i was off of all supplements for two weeks and when taking this i didn't notice any enhanced recovery. didn't make me nauseous, sat fairly easy on the stomach as well. maybe i could've had better results if i would've taken it longer? who knows.

Taste/Texture: fruit punch flavor is what i had. while the taste isn't horrible but tolerable, it was pretty tart with a funky after taste. the texture wasn't really thin or thick, for some reason it reminded me of liquid jell-o if that makes any sense? easy to slam down within a few seconds, no sipping or chugging necessary.

Value: i got 6 vials at Walmart for $10 which is actually a little cheaper than but if you want to run this for a month you're looking to spend $50 and at that price for what you're getting it's not worth it.

Overall: i don't want to write this off completely as a bad product because i could've taken it longer to see if the results were better, but as i stated before i opted not to due to the price. ingredient profile isn't anything special, but if you're willing to drop $50 on this for a month go ahead and give it a shot. maybe you'll like it, i wasn't impressed..
  • Easy To Use
  • Too Expensive
  • Funky Taste
  • Odd Texture
  • Non-impressive Ingredient Profile
Rep: +11
Trust: 0%
  July 27, 2011

I picked up the six pack of these for about $10 at walmart. They taste pretty good but even if you're not a fan of the taste its two gulps and done. The taste does not linger either. What I like most about these is that I don't feel bloated or full at all after taking one or even two. Its a quick way to get 26 grams of protein in a 2.9 oz tube thing. Also, with alot of proteins, I have to eat something with the shake to help it go down but with these shots I can take them without a meal. If these shots were cheaper or could be purchased in bulk at a discount, I would take them daily. But $10 is a bit pricey for six servings of protein. I plan on keeping a box in the cabinet for situations where I don't have time to mix up a protein shake but will continue to use whey powder as my main source of protein. As far as powders go, I buy the chocolate whey powder by care one at stop and shop. It tastes like tootsie rolls. They do two for ones usually twice a month and I stock up (like $11 for 2 1 lb tubs. not too bad). I would definitely recommend these for those grab and go situations but it would put a hurt on the wallet if this was your go to.
  • Taste Great
  • Easy To Use
  • Too Expensive
Rep: +315
Trust: 100%
  April 13, 2011

My fridge at work is stocked with Muscle Pharm Musclegel Shots and these Super Whey Protein shots. Both are right around 100 calories and offer around 25 grams of protein.

Convenience: This is convenient because it prevents me from getting powders and shake mixes all over my tiny office. It is single use, single serving, and a whole package takes up as much space as a sandwich in the fridge.

Value: You pay for the individual serving size in a very suspicious looking "test tube" container that is apparently reusable for "your favorite supplements". I guess you could keep pills in it, but honestly, you're just going to throw it away. It takes 15 seconds to slurp this stuff down, but you're really paying for the convenience of not making a mess or having to mix powders.

Effectiveness: I really just use this during the days that I haven't been able to intake as much protein as I'd like throughout the day. I don't drink these on a daily basis, as it would cost too much and I'd get tired of the taste. It does what it needs to, provides a single serving of around 20-25 grams of protein.

Taste: This tastes like baby cough know, the kind without the alcohol in it? It doesn't make you gag, but I would never drink this as a snack unless I needed the protein.

Overall this is a good product, albeit in a weird container, that fulfills a basic need for quick and easy protein supplementation throughout the day. I bought mine bulk through an online discount, and that's probably the way to go with these.
  • Easy To Use
  • Convenient
  • Too Expensive
Rep: +57
Trust: 94%
  June 25, 2010

Flat out man I don't see a single problem with this supplement. I was initially gonna buy the Nitro Peak shots from Inner Armour for $26 for a 12 pack because I wanted to add a more protein to my diet. I found these at Walmart for $9 a six pack and I gotta say I'm completely satisfied. I take one shot before each workout and I feel stronger and with my Super Pump 250 my pumps are great. Yea the taste is kinda crappy but who the hell cares it's a 2 oz shot i'd drink goat's *** in a 2oz shot if it had 30g of protein and compared to all the other protein shots out there the price is great. Great products I'm very pleased.
  • Increased Energy
  • Good Price
  • Easy To Use

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