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These side effects normal?

July 29, 2010

I just got on this and Universals animals pak, i started them on sunday the 20th, woke up monday morning and had a spot on my neck right under my jaw where my gland was suppose to be, it was a lump about the size of a golf ball then on my other side of my neck i couldn't find my gland (and im not to fat to find it). then wednesday morning i woke up at about 730 and right in the middle of my chest and maybe a little to the left(towards my heart which scares me) it felt like someone was pushing a 2 by 4 into my chest as hard as they could, the pain wouldn't go away for about an hour then i slowly died down and i fell back to sleep( my neck is still inflamed). then agian wednesday night it came back to me except it was night not morning and i went to bed about 1130 and am positive i looked at a clock at 230am before passing out the morning i was fine, today(thurday) no chest pain yet but my neck has gone down but still inflammed pretty bad. please help ive never felt that kinda of pain b4 i almost called 911 it was bad, has anyone had anything like thatfrom either of this products? and i have discontinuied both of them on wednesday after the first chest pain


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Posted July 29, 2010

that sounds like an allergic reaction of some sort.

You should definitely go see a doctor.

No one on here is qualified enough to tell you what's going on, and the fact that a gland is inflamed means it's a pretty serious reaction to something.

It could be an infection that's totally unrelated, but you should definitely go to the doctor to figure it out, as it's not normal.
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