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Super NOS Pump is a Pump Product manufactured by Body Fortress. It is meant to increase blood flow, muscle pumps and increase vascularity. It can be stacked with a stimulant based pre-workout for an added stimulant effect. This promotes an environment for increased muscle mass and fat loss.

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The supplement industry is notorious for agressive marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +9
Trust: 0%
  March 19, 2015

This pre-workout pump enhancer came highly reviewed and I love a good pump so I thought this product would be a great choice to try. It was very disappointing. I don't doubt it works for some other people but it sure didn't do much for me. I did not notice any increase in pumps at the gym while on Nos and if there was an increase, it was so faint that I couldn't even tell. I took the recommended dosage over a 60 day period. The potency and effects did not increase with time.

Other than the lack of effectiveness, the side effects were horrible for me. After roughly 15 days of use I began to notice bumps and rashes on my skin, popping up periodically in various places all over my body. The skin irritation got worse and worse as I continued the use of Nos. I had to make sure that Nos was causing the problem, so I cut the use of every other supplement and still the problem persisted. At first it was just slightly annoying but at around the 50-60th day of Nos use, my skin irritation was becoming severe. I cut the use of Nos and within 48hrs the side effects began to fade. Within a week I was perfectly fine. Nos was definitely the cause of my problem!

Like I said, this product has some stellar reviews from other respected users, but for ME this was nothing but a waste of money and provided many nights of itchy skin. Will NOT buy this again.
  • It's Inexpensive
  • Lack Of Potency
  • Horrible Side-Effects
Rep: +66
Trust: 95%
  December 1, 2012

Got this because of the reviews on this site and others. Bought it from when I bundled it with another order...saving shipping. I paid 9.95 for it and didn't expect much for that price.

It seems as if its only available online because I've searched all of Charlotte's Walmarts and no one had it in stock. I have seen Body Fortress products at Walgreens, but not this N.O. product...only their web site.

Dosing 8/10
I took this with Craze about 45 mins before my workout. The pills are large white and have hard edges. Taking them individually helps. I decided not to take the 3 pills after my workout because when I tried it, there was not a hugely noticeable difference in its effects.

Efficacy 9/10
I could feel the pump in my forearms on the way to the gym. It was as if there was warmth spreading all over my body. I believe this indicated the blood flow. At the gym, the pump was great. Usually about ½ hour into the workout my muscles, even my quads on leg days, were full and pumped. It's a wet pump, but the feeling is tremendous. I didn't notice increased vascularity, but I attribute that to the IF I've been doing and working out in the morning. Craze was awesome alone, but mixed with Super NOS Pump, workouts were what I wanted them to be. I also noticed the more I ate and drank during my "feeding times" determined the length of time I felt pumped.

Value 10/10
You can't beat the price and all over the body pump. I've tried a supplement recently that my body got used to after the first week whereas this one affects me every time I use it.

I know I don't have any real new news, opinions or thoughts about this product because there are plenty of reviews already here on this supplement. I did want to add my support for it though, especially if it saves one person the extra money they may be spending on expensive N.O. products that just aren't as effective.
  • Great Pumps
  • Awsome Price
  • Bit Of A Pain To Take But You Get Used To It.
Rep: +68
Trust: 96%
  May 18, 2011

super nos pump from Body Fortress is one of the best bang for your buck supps on the market, assuming that getting that huge pump is important to you. i enjoyed this product and ordered it like most from can't believe i baught this effective supp from there.

Pills: the size of these pills are i would say medium. not to big and can take them pretty easy.

Dosage: the reccomendation calls for 3 pills 45 minutes preworkout and 3 right after workout. didn't bother with the 2nd dose but took them when i head out the door to the gym.

Ingriedents: L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate is not a ground breaking ingriedent but it works great. arginine is in a majority of nitric oxide's and it delivers more oxygen to the blood stream allowing your blood vessels to expand giving you that pump.

Use: i used this with Muscle Marinade and it was a phenominal stack. Muscle Marinade does not contain any arginine or citrate malate, so with all the energy you get, supplementing nos pump makes this an effective stack.

Pump: the pump i got from this was a 9. the only reason i wouldn't give it a 10 is because at times the pump was so extreme that i had to drop the weight i was lifting to finish my workout. this happened a few times. i don't know if that is a good thing or bad thing. overall i had a hard time getting my headphones out of my ear because of the pump.

Value: this gets a 10 here. $9.97 a bottle which if you just take it pre-workout you get 30 workouts. shipping price is either free or something like $0.97 cents on overall you can't beat the value.

Overall: overall i would give this product a 10. if your looking for a solid pump for 30 workouts for $10 bucks then you have to try this. i only purchased one bottle of this but im sure ill buy another at some point, although im taking Nitrox II right now and this sh*t is so good i dont think ill switch ever. nos pump is effective and i would defienitly reccomend.
  • Good Value
  • Great Pumps
  • Nutrient Delivery
  • Awsome Price
    Rep: +393
    Trust: 100%
      February 3, 2011

    First off, let me mention, that I, like most, almost always refuse to purchase any type of supplement from a store like Wal-Mart, Meijer, etc. However, after finding an extensive amount of positive feedback online (mostly this site)I decided it would be something I would consider trying. So, when I stumbled upon it at my local Meijer, I snatched up two bottles of it for 22 bucks.

    Effectiveness: I am relatively new to the "pump" supplement scene, as I've always liked to keep it simple. Yet I was pleasantly surprised in my first workout with Super NOS Pump. I'm already a decently vascular person, but this stuff makes my forearm veins POP and gives me the "spider-web" effect on my shoulders. While these results aren't out of this world, I rated it an 8 because it does exactly what it's supposed to.

    Value: At my local Meijer I found Super NOS Pump for $11.35 a bottle, which is down right dirt-cheap. Obviously, for a basic "pump" pill this is to be expected. I only use one serving pre-workout, as I don't feel the need for the post-workout dose. This way each bottle lasts 30 workouts, which comes out to around $0.38 per serving. I left this rating at a 9, because, well there's almost always room for improvement.

    Negatives: There isn't much to complain about, but beware, if you have trouble with large pills this may not be the supplement for you. I have no issues with larger pills, but this may be a problem for some.

    Overall: In my opinion, if you're looking for a solid, effective, and cost-effective "pump" supplement that is relatively easy to come by, this would be a nice option. You get good "bang for your buck" and decent results to boot. Don't expect mind-blowing results, but instead a good addition to your pre-workout stack. Highly recommended.
    Rep: +176
    Trust: 100%
      January 27, 2011

    About 2 years ago, I heard about this product after buying a different Body Fortress product. I became interested after I found out that it would help with pump and vascularity. I could not find it at any of my local Walmart's, so I looked online and they had it for $9.97 and bought it.

    Now onto my experience with Nos pump. First of all, when I first took this, it was by itself. I had just finished with NO-Xplode and I was in the market for a new kind of prew.o. supp. During my 1st workout on nos pump, I immediately noticed a "pumped" up feeling quicker than usual. At the end of the workout, I felt very pumped up and vascular. I took this by itself for a week straight, the I invested in Jack3d. I took Jacked for a week by itself, just to see how it would do, by itself, then I began nos pump again with the Jacked. I took nos pump(3 caps) 20 min before Jacked, then waited 15 min after that to hit the weights. I felt like nos pump improved the effects of Jacked. Once I was done my workout, I felt HUGE. The blood was definitely flowing through my veins.

    After about 3 years of taking this, I still use it today before my workout(in coherence with my pre-workout supp). Super NOS Pump isn't anything "special", its just AAKG(L-arginine alpha ketoglutarate), which is supposed to support blood flow and increase nutrient delivery to the muscles. Despite it not being something "special", I would recommend it to anyone looking for cheap L-arginine. By itself, this stuff is pretty decent, but stacked with a pre-workout supplement, its amazing.

    One more thing to add, I just bought some more this week and they now have free shipping on for this product. Its fedex ground but only takes about 4-5 days, which is not bad at all for free shipping.

    Good luck to everyone and hope this helps.

    • Good Value
    • Noticeable Pump
    • Vascualrity
    • Affordable
    • Effective With Pre Workout Supps
      Rep: +103
      Trust: 100%
        October 1, 2010

      Well I decided to try this product from the good reviews and with a price tag of $10 it didn't matter if it worked or not. I was expecting some crazy pump from this product but unfortunately I felt nothing. Not even a little tingle, there was no sign of a pump. When I first got it I dosed it 3 pills before my workout instead of both before and after my workout. Because I did not want it to finish in 15 days. After I wasn't feeling anything I decide to take it before and after and still did not feel anything.

      The bottle was sitting in my house for a most 3 months until I finish it. I forgot about the getting pump and just was taking it for the L-Arginine. If you are looking for some extra L-Arginine to stack with another supplement then this is the product for you, but if you are looking for amazing pump I don't think you are going to get it from this product. But I could definitely say that I got my $10 worth; so I wasn't all thorn up on the inside because the price was right. I think I will try to stack it with jack like a couple other people did and see if it increases the pump that I got from jack the last time I tried it.
      • Awsome Price
      • No Energy
      Rep: +1
      Trust: 0%
        July 25, 2010

      so i got this after reading all these reviews, and i must say, i was skeptical at first...i mean ca' im currently deployed in afghanistan right now and the PX (shopping store) sells Body Fortress supps, now idk but it kinda looks shady compared to other brands. so the only BF product i bought was the shaker, then this came along and i had to give it a try. i got it on my least fav day to work out (LEGS ughhhhh!) so i popped 3 pills 30 min prior and took 3 scoops jack3d 15 min prior....and OHHHHHHH MAN!!!!!! it felt like a beast!!!!!! the pumps are ridiculous. thats the kinda supps i love!!!! the ones you feel that are working. i cannot see myself not buying more bottles in the future, and i recommend this product to everyone to try out at least once. great product at a ridiculously great price. hooooorahhhhh...
      • Good Value
      • Great Pumps
      • Awsome Price
        Rep: +195
        Trust: 100%
          July 23, 2010

        I'm not even sure where to begin with this product. Well It actually took me awhile to get this because i could not find it at any walmart stores so i eventually had to order it from (great shipping price too by the way) Well i decided to try this after reading great reviews about it and i am very glad i did. I took 3 pills 45 minutes before my workout and then i took 2-2 1/2 scoops of Jacked 15 minutes before my workout. I thought my pumps were good with just jack3d (and they were) but Super NOS Pump gives you a ridiculous pump. My first day trying jack3d and Super NOS Pump together was on a back/bicep day and i swear that halfway through my workout i tried to take my headphones out and couldn't because my arms were so pumped up. My friends thought that that was hilarious but it just shows that this product does what it is designed to do. I'd definitely check into this product if you're looking for a good, cheap aakg product or if you are a big fan of the pump I'd definitely check into this. This will definitely be one of the supplements that i stick with for awhile. Also, i didn't take 3 pills recommend post-workout because i didn't feel like i needed to but i was just using it for the pumps and vascularity.
        • Good Value
        • Great Pumps
        • Increased Vascularity
          Rep: +4,007
          Trust: 100%

            July 3, 2010

          Body Fortress...Sold by Wall Mart.. Did i really purchase and use a supplement from Wall Mart? Well yes i did and i was very skeptical about it until i read some of the info on it from my fellow friends and members here at TSR.

          I swore i'd never buy another Body Fortress product after trying their protein at age 16. But sure enough, i took some advice and pulled out the debit card and ordered. It was 11 dollars so i figured i didnt have much to lose.
          The only problem, like many others have stated, was that this product was hard to find. I remembered seeing it at both of the wall marts here in town before and when i went to both of them, they no longer carried it. So i went online and got it from the Wall Mart site for 11 bucks with shipping. It is a pretty basic form of AAKG but arginine is getting more and more expensive these days it seems.

          So with all that being said, i dosed this product 3 pills- 45 minutes before my workout and i took Jack3d 15 minutes after that, making the Jack3d dose a half hour before my workout. I didn't feel the need to take the extra 3 post workout (recommended on the label) as i was only taking this for added pumps during my workouts. And that is exactly what it did. I had a noticeable difference when stacking this with Jack3d than with Jack3d alone and that's not saying that Jack3d needs this to be good because it is still amazing by itself. I just like some added pumps and vascularity. Of course it's cool to see veins popping out of your arms and biceps like a garden hose, aren't we all guilty of that? haha.

          But you get a basic and solid supplement at a low price and it lasts pretty long if you dose it the way it did. Sometimes on a bicep day, i would throw in a 4th pill just for fun. I love true N.O. Pill supps like Plasma Jet but lets face it, those get expensive after a while. Of course i will take those still but i will say that Super NOS Pump will be in there more than the others just because of the price and the results it delivers. I'm cycling off preworkout stims and caffeine for the next month; my second bottle arrived and i am using it with Dymatize Recoup and having awesome workouts still.
          You can afford it so give it a whirl if you havnt already.
          • Nutrient Delivery
          • Great Value
          • Good Pumps
          • Increased Vascularity
          • Prolonged Workouts
          • It's Getting Harder To Find This Product These Days
          Rep: +2,022
          Trust: 100%
            May 10, 2010

          Pretty simple concept here since this supplement is just arginine akg. That's not a bad thing considering some preworkouts just don't give a strong enough pump compared to others and this is a great way to get some extra AAKG in the mix. You can find it at Wal-Mart for only 12 bucks a bottle which makes it an excellent value. The only bad thing about this product is that for some reason it is becoming harder and harder to find. You can always find it at walmarts website, but to actually find it in stores is becoming pretty difficult. I personally love the feeling of a strong pump and this product delivers in that aspect for a very good price. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a little extra pump from their workout.
          • Good Value
          • Great Pumps
          • Awsome Price

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