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Super Advanced Whey Protein Questions

By: Body Fortress

(2 lb) - [$8.49/lb]


(2 lb) - [$12.50/lb]

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Too young to use this?

December 13, 2011

I bought this for my 14 year old son, is he too young to take this? Is there any information I should know on how he should take it, or any other advice??
Thank you


Rep: +1,185
Posted December 13, 2011

Protein if perfectly fine for a 14 year old,however it does contain creatine in it FYI,not sure if you want him to consume this right now.Other proteins are cheaper and more effective that are available that don't contain creatine
Rep: +4,014
Posted December 13, 2011

Agreed. Altho it is small amounts, i don't agree with giving a 14 year old creatine monohydrate. If you want to aide your son, I recommend somthing along the lines of Dymatize- Elite whey isolate or Optium Nutrition- Gold standard. Depending on your sons size, he should be consuming about 30-40g of a whey protein powder immediately following a workout. It is also optional to throw in with breakfast, but make sure his diet is based upon whole foods for the most part.
Rep: +739
Posted December 13, 2011

If look for a cheap whey protein take a look at Pure protein you can get it at target for 17.99. And This has no Creatine.
Rep: +3,124
Posted December 14, 2011

Yes, this is one of the few things that is truly safe for a 14 year old to take supplement wise. In my opinion, its more unhealthy for him not to consume a whey protein after a workout.
Brooklyn and Manimal are right though on the creatine, in general I would avoid for a few years, if you've already bought this, the amount is rather small, so its probably OK for him to finish a tub of it.
All that said, I would look toward Optimum's 100% Gold Whey or Gaspari's Myofusion as both gave me better recoveries and have better amino acid profiles.
Rep: +48
Posted December 14, 2011

Ms Hunter, I wouldn't reccomend that your son take tbis particular supplement (Super Advanced Whey Protein) as it contains some creatine monohyrdrate and it's not the best idea for a 14 year old boy to be taking creatine at such a young age. I would reccomend something like EAS Whey Protein, a cheap protein to get him started, as at this age he should just be consuming alot of calories from the foods he eats, and not from artifical sources like a protein shake. Don't get me wrong, I started using protein shakes when I was 15. They're perfectly fine for a boy looking to add a little bit of muscle on his frame. Just save the creatine for later, if you can return it try and maybe purchase something like Muscle Milk, Complete Whey Protein, (Both brands by cytosport) or Dymatize- Elite whey isolate or Optium Nutrition- Gold standard whey protein (as Manimal stated) Don't look at protein in a bad way! Just make a good habit of reading the nutritional information on the back and seeing what ingredients could possibly harm your son's body. Or you could do what my parents made me do, and go get the supplement checked out by a doctor, and have liver values run etc (which is a bit extreme I thought) but anyway hope this helps and tell your son to work hard at it and he'll see results in no time!
Posted December 14, 2011

man I would not feed that brand of protein to my neighbors pet dog.(and I hate that dog!) It is awful and will probably give your young son the sh@#!.

spend a bit more money and get him some Isopure. he will thank you for it!
Rep: +11
Posted December 14, 2011

OMG ...fanboy...LOL
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