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This product has been reported as discontinued and replaced with DUST v2

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Pre-Workout > Stimulant

Angel Dust is a Pre-Workout manufactured by Blackstone Labs. It is designed to help provide a pre-training advantage by increasing mental focus, muscle performance, endurance and blood flow. This creates an environment optimal for increasing muscle mass and losing body fat.

This product has been reported as discontinued and replaced with DUST v2

See all 240 products in:
Pre-Workout > Stimulant


Rep: +34
Trust: 36%
  May 17, 2015

This is my first review guys so give me some great feedback on what I did well, what I could add and what I should cutout! I will be doing a lot from here on out!

Let me first off start by saying I am not a big pre workout guy! I never really feel any added benefit from adding a pre workout used to have to take 3 or so scoops of C4 to get any kick out of it at all so I have a very high tolerance! I've been training for the last 2 1/2 years and work at GNC as well as have my personal training certification. Let me say this product is the REAL DEAL! Never before taking this product would I take a pre workout consistently and I found my god given savior of pump/energy!

"Angel Dust" is by far one the most potent PW's I've ever tried. It contains all of the usual ingredients; Creatine Monohydrate, Beta-Alanine, Agmatine, Taurine ect. But what it has differently in it to set it apart from others is; Mucana Purines, Green tea, Methyl-tyramine, D-Aspartic acid and the most noticeable different ingredient is something they call "Amperall" (4 amino-2methyl pentane citrate) which is a similar ingredient to a little thing we like to call DMAA (what made the old Jack3d so coveted). So any guy that has been in the industry a while I can almost guarantee you don't need to read claims on how effective DMAA was and how effective this well be!

Now the taste… I don't really care about taste because if it works it works suck it up. I had blue ice, red ice and watermelon and they all had a decent taste when drinking it down. It's nothing like C4 taste not even close but the effectiveness is 500x better. The after taste was a little rough for sure but the after taste gets out of your mouth in about 5 mins or so… But again who cares about taste come on guys and girls we all know the best stuff usually doesn't taste the best! Also when it kicks in and you're an hour into your workout and still lifting like you just started are you gonna be upset about the bad after taste it left in your mouth an hour ago???

Effectiveness? I think my statements above makes this speak for itself… Like I said I've never taken a pre workout that I deemed worthy of taking over and over again until I found this!!! Everyone that has taken mainstream supplements knows that Assault is pretty highly potent with Beta Alanine but I'm telling you this stuff knocked me on my ass in just 1/2 a scoop wayyy harder than assault! Everyday I took this no matter what muscle group I was in the gym for 1 1/2-2 hours every time and didn't want to leave because I felt almost no fatigue at all because this ingredient profile is so damn good! The pumps were amazing… I did take it while sipping on "Hype" an N.O. booster from blackstone labs but the first 3 days I took Angel Dust without that and still got incredible pumps from it just wanted to add a little more! Let me tell you if you want the ultimate combo and don't care about spending money get Angel Dust and sip on Hype during your workout you'll never look back!

The value I found was great! They recommend you take 1/2 servings to assess tolerance and like I said 1/2 scoop did it for me when I used to take 3 scoops of C4. So you could honestly get 45-60 servings out of 1 bottle depending how you dose it for just $35! Usually all the big companies sell their 30 serving pre workout for around the same price. 30 servings of C4 on will cost you $30, 30 servings of assault will run you $25-$30, 30 servings of N.O. Xplode will cost you $30-$35, hell even 20 servings of Pre Jym costs you $35 for 20 servings and all these are not 1/2 scoop products! So for how much better this product is than all of those pretty much combined and you to spend $5 more to possibly get more servings out of it IT'S A NO BRAINER!

Side effects on it were wonderful for me! This product on it's bottle says you will have laser focus and let me tell you that is the truth! Every lift in the gym I am so focused on hitting the weight hard! I was prescribed adderall for my ADD and even this stuff helps me focus very well even when I get home from the gym. In noway am I saying it is and adderall substitute but I am just making a comparison please note that down because it is different for everyone! I got tingly and itchy but I mean that's the Beta-Alanine in there and I am very sensitive to that ingredient so I get those feelings out of it very fast! My most loved component of it was NO CRASH OR JITTERS. All those trash caffeine based pre workouts out there make you crash, feel fuzzy headed, shaky/jittery, etc. this does not do that at all you get a steady energy out of it and it weans off throughout the day! Overall great strength, great pumps, good aggression, increased body temp, everything you want from a good pre workout!

This stuff is extremely impressive for sure. Competitively priced and packed with serious ingredients. For all you stim junkies, pre workout vets, or guys looking to get a little more energy than these mainstream companies give you grab a bottle of this and fulfill your desires when it comes to pre workout heaven. Grab a bottle on blackstone labs website or more hardcore sites like my personal favorite
  • Def A 1 Scooper
  • Increased Energy
  • Laser Focus
  • No Crash
  • Potent
  • Great Workouts
  • Effective
  • Builds Muscle
  • Too Strong For Some
  • Other Than That I Got Nothing
Rep: +151
Trust: 100%
  April 22, 2015

Been awhile since I've reviewed but been trying several things and will review them all.

Starting with everyone's fav. category: Pre-workouts!
This one may be familiar to you guys and there are a couple reviews but I'll just throw my two cents in as well.

Let me begin by saying "holy crap!" This is a serious product and it's name is appropriate.
I'm sure you all know Blackstone Labs makes hardcore stuff and this is no exception.

"Angel Dust" is by far one the most potent PW's I've ever tried. It contains all the usual suspects, Creatine Monohydrate, Beta-Alanine, Agmatine, Taurine ect. But it has some other interesting things like: Mucana Purines, Green tea, Methyl-tyramine, D-Aspartic acid and most notable:
"Amperall" (4 amino-2methyl pentane citrate) Apparently this is similar to DMAA.
You guys likely know that whole story and how strong that stuff is?

I got lemonade flav. which is not very good, it tastes like cardboardy black tea with a touch of lemon and a pinch of sugar.
But, in about 10-20 min. you won't even give a damn!

This stuff kick in like POW! You've just been backhanded by an Angry Angel.
Beta-tingles, heart pounding, a little anxiety, a good amount of aggression, increased body temp. and it's "one-hell-of a-workout time!"

It's recommended to begin with 1/2 scoop and assess from there. Do yourself a favor and follow the directions with this one!
Let me add this! I am not a physician or an expert and don't usually throw around warnings, but in the interest giving good advice I will this time.
If you are under 21, if you have high blood pressure, a heart condition or don't do well with stimz, "PLEASE....STAY AWAY From This!"

Also, if you are tested by sports agency or for work, you might wanna skip this too, just to be safe.
**Amperall, DMAA and those type of stimz, are purported to be similar in structure to amphetamines, keep that in mind.**

For all you stim junkies, PW veterans, dudes over 180lbs. and those that were part of the "Craze" craze, may like this alot.
Many PW claim fat burning along with pump and strength, I've not experienced many that actually do that, but this one did.
So, if you want test boost, gh boost, and fat burning with your order of pumps, you will likely find it here. Be careful though, I would recommend you don't use any other thermos or strong caffeinated for the rest of the day. And certainly not with it!

As for me, I worked my way up to one full level scoop and did early morning full body workouts and had enough energy to do sprints after.
Pretty rediculous! Strength, intensity, focus, pumps, endurance and slight fat reduction is what I got, with out reducing calories.

Lastly, drink a ton of water with this! I was very, very, thirsty each time I used this. I chuckle when I see smaller dudes in the gym, schlepping around gallon jugs, that weigh more than them. Yeah, well...I filled my bottle up 5 or more times and wished I had a cooler strapped to my back throughout my workouts. LOL!

Good stuff this, to be sure. Reasonably priced and packed with serious ingredients.
Available on the harder-core sites, Strong Supplement Shop.Com & Get Supps.Com.

Well, it's time for me to reserve my spot at the Betty Ford Rehab clinic!

'till next time!
  • Def A 1 Scooper
  • Potent
  • Effective
  • Great Workouts
  • Too Strong For Some
  • Gray Area Ingredients
  • Potential For Abuse
Rep: +2,858
Trust: 100%
  May 6, 2014

This stuff was crack. Now I was unknowingly sent this so I have to send a big shout out to Blackstone Labs. Before I get started I know everyone is like another pre workout so what? Well this certainly is not for the faint of heart, it packed a punch and through the whole tub it hit hard every time. Also I would like to add that the new formula has been updated to not include 1,3dimeth, which is a bummer, as I love that stuff. Anyway on to dat der review.

Taste- I had the Watermelon flavor and it was pretty good. Tasted more along the lines of a jolly rancher type. Now I wouldn't want to sip on this everyday but it was not bad at all.


Damn this was a strong pre workout and I have had the run of the mill when it comes to pre workouts. The 1,3 Dimeth just effects me differently than any other ingredients in todays preworkouts. This brought back old memories of the first time I tried Jack3d. Though it is dosed in a prop blend it felt like there was a good dose of everything listed in Angel Dust. For one thing there is agamtine included and every time I took this I blew up, even after a warm up set I was pumped to the max. I also had slight beta-alanine tingles every time I took this. For those 5am workouts this woke me up right away lol. I stuck with 1 scoop for the entirety of the product so I can only imagine the amount of energy you would get with a full 2 scoops.


You can get this on Amazon for around $30-$40, which is a decent price. Like I said I would only stick to 1 scoop every time so the value was pretty good for me. Blackstone Labs does tend to run sales so Im sure you can find this on sale if you search around.


One of my favorite pre workouts I have ever tried. The best part is that it worked every time, without ever having to double or triple scoop. In the new Angel Dust they replaced the 1,3 dimeth with amp citrate because I guess that is the new ingredient that everyone will be using in future pre workouts. Overall I have to say that Angel Dust is a good pre-workout that I thoroughly enjoyed.
  • Mental Focus
  • Enhanced Mood
  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Def A 1 Scooper
  • Slightly Expensive
Rep: +8
Trust: 0%
  October 29, 2013

I've tried a few different pre-workouts and Angel Dust has become my new favorite. I started with Jack3d in the newer generation of pre workouts which I loved. This has similar ingredients to the old formula Jack3d but I feel the effects with only one scoop, rather than needing 2 to 3 scoops. My last few tubs of Jack3d actually seemed less effective than when I 1st started, even with almost 1yr off of pre-workouts. Im not one that abuses stim formulas even tho I like to use them. I reported using Presurge and feeling nothing with 2 scoops and feeling like near death with 3 scoops. The lesser the better for me, as long as I can feel effects.

Within 10 mins of taking Angel Dust, I feel the effects. I get the tingle/itch that many others know about from these supps. You're supposed to take it within 30 mins of working out but sometimes Im lazy to leave the house so early (5am workouts), but Im definitely awake.

I usually get there within 30-60 mins of taking it. Even if I get there 60 mins later I feel alert and get into a zone when training. I do feel the boost in mental focus and the energy is clean. I usually am able to push through my 5x5 much easier when using this. Squatting 3x a week can be rough and this has helped tremendously. The normal bodybuilding type workouts seem much easier in comparison at times. I can usually work at a faster pace and I'm sweating like a beast. I usually have enough energy left to do 30-45 mins of cardio and stretching. I don't notice any real crash later in the afternoon from it.

I can say I've been extremely pleased with this supplement. It's been easy to take the lemon flavor that I have and it doesn't need a ton of water like Presurge(which I hated). The only issue would be the price which may deter some, If you factor in that you may need 3 scoops of some other products then it evens out or may actually save you money. If you use lesser servings of other products then it may not be as cost effective for the average consumer.

I still would say its worth a try. For someone on a 5x5 it will last a long time (2.5 months) with one bottle, using the recommended 1 scoop serving. Its a top notch product to me based on my cost/use scenario but I took into account how it may play out for other people, especially a stim junkie who may exercise on PWOs 5-6 days a week.
  • Mental Focus
  • Enhanced Mood
  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • May Not Be Cost Effective Based On Your Usage Even With One Scoop Scenario
  • Too Expensive

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