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WORKHORSE Intra-workout Compound Reviews

By: Black Sheep Supplements

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Black Sheep Supplements for sending it out!
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  February 13, 2019

  • Increased Stamina
  • Good Pumps
  • Good Carb Energy Source
  • Natural Flavoring
  • Little Pricey

Quick Summary

Workhorse is a good intra workout that will give the extra kick in the butt halfway through a workout. An array of pump ingredients will make sure you are covered in that department while other ingredients cover endurance and joint health!


I chose to get Workhorse from the vault because i had never used an intra workout before and wanted to see the effectiveness. Thank you to Black Sheep Supplements and supplement reviews for the opportunity to review this product. The quality of the product and company seem to be high. This particular product is supposed to deliver on stamina, blood flow, pump, and joint tissue support.

Ingredient Profile

Macros: Cal 75, Carbs 18g

Dextrose(20g): Dextrose is added in as a fast absorbing carbohydrate. This has an impact on energy especially if you train in the morning and dont eat a large breakfast. During high intensity training the body likes to break down simple, fast-burning sugars so this is the perfect fuel for a hard workout. The dosage is relative to the individual and can differ depending on insulin sensitivity, etc.

L-Citrulline(5g): L-Citrulline is an amino acid that is used to increase blood flow. This happens through the formation of l-arginine. Even though citrulline helps in the formation of arginine in the kidneys, it is a better NO booster than actual arginine. This is because the bio availability of arginine is in question when taken orally while citrulline has good bio availability. L citrulline also works in the urea cycle which regulates the production of ammonia in the body and helps to get rid of the "waste" produced during exercise. The dose here is good due to it being pure citrulline. The dose is usually found between 3-6g so this is a good median.

Raspberry Ketone Powder 99%(2.75g): This is a novel fat burning compound. SOme studies have been donw on mice and they have lost weight but none have been done on humans because to use the weight ratio used in the rat studies it would take a lot of raspberry ketones. Rate studies show an effect between 100-300mg/kg. I weigh around 220lbs so that would mean i would need between 10-30g to meet these standards. It is my guess though that these were put in as a form of natural flavoring on top of the possible positive effects on weight loss. I enjoy this and dont mind them in here since they dont have any possible negative effects.

L-Glutamine(2g): L-Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid within muscle. It is supplimented in hopes to improves muscle mass and endurance. This does not seem to be the case when used by healthy people. Most significant improvements are seen in trauma victims, elderly, or otherwise deficient people. When used in this population they lose less muscle mass than if they didn't take the glutamine. This is another ingredient that has many theories behind it but still has yet to clinically prove its effects for exercise. One proven benefit though is that it improves gasterointestinal health. Dosages can be seen from 5-20g/day.

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)(1.5g): MSM is a sulfur molecule that has potential antioxidant and anti inflammatory effects. Due to this it is often seen in joint formulas. Studies have been done and pain did seem to be mildly relieved in arthritis patients when given 3g. This dose is 1.5g so it is half of that but it is still a good ingredient to have in the product. This could be seen as like a safety net or a preventive. If you want even more joint support than get a joint formula but this will offer some day to day insurance on joint health.

L-Arginine Monohydrochloride(1g): Arginine, as mentioned with the citrulline, is a nitric oxide booster. The theory behind this ingredient is good but the reality is that the body cannot acutely use most of the arginine when supplemented orally so it wont be as good as with other pump ingredients. This product is not relying on this solely though since it has many other pump ingredients in here. The HCl is used to neutralize the pH in hopes it will make it taste better and that more will possibly be absorbed.

Agmatine Sulfate(1g): Agamatine sulfate is a common pump ingredient used for vasodilation. It does this through stimulation of the alpha 2 adrenergic receptors and the turning off of the sympathetic nervous systme. This in turn dialates the blood vessels and allows better blood flow. Agmatine has a few more tricks up its sleeve though that not many people talk about. It is also a mood elevator and it can even increase the speed and strength that your nerve impulses travel. This may allow for a better "mind-muscle" connection in theory. The dosage for agmatine is spot on here at 1g. The dosage is usually between 750 mg and 1.5g.

Beta-Alanine(1g): Beta Alanine is an amino acid used in the synthesis of carnosine. Beta alanine is the limiting reagent which means the more beta alaine you can ingest the higher your carnosine levels will be. This is a compound that should be taken daily and most studies show effects around the 3.2g/day dose. While this dose is low beta alanine is found in many pre and post workouts so this is another gram to add to that. Due to carnosines ability to buffer lactic acid beta alanine helps within the stamina and muscle building side. Effects will be more pronounced when lifting in higher repetitions, which is where more lactic acid production occurs.

Beet Powder(500mg): Beet root powder is used for their source of nitrates usually. Ingestion of nitrates can help blood flow by your body converting the nitrates into nitric oxide. This them directly offers vasodilation. The problem with beet root is that to provide a significant amount of nitrates it must be dosed very high. Some studies show into the 500g area. We have 500 mg here so it may not be effective here unless it is standardized to a higher rate. I do believe though that this may have been added in as not only an extra NO booster but also to help flavor it since it is Raspberry Beetdown. This i love because its taking an ingredients with possible benefits and using it as a flavoring component too.

Caffeine Anhydrous (100mg): Caffeine is the stimulent of choice for many supplements and people in general. Caffeine does this by inhibiting the adenosine receptors in the brain. These receptors cause a state of sleepiness and relaxation. By caffeine blocking these it inherently wakes you up and gives you that jolt that we all know and love. Not only is it a stimulant but some studies have actually shown at high dosages that ti causes a direct increase in muscle power. Caffeine dosage is relative to the person because you can build up a tolerance to it and you can also be hypersensitive to it. I believe 100mg to be a good dosage for an intra workout. Some people will take caffeine pre workout and this will help to lengthen the effects or for somebody who dosnt take it pre workout it will offer a pick-me-up during the workout.


Taste: The taste of this product was surprisingly good. I say this because the flavor is Raspberry Beetdown. This is a very unique flavor. It does not have any artificial flavors, sweeteners, or colors so this is a plus. The flavor could be described as a bitter raspberry flavor initially. The after taste can be a little much with a strong beet and earthy taste. I do enjoy the fact that it is natural though and understand it is difficult to get a natural supplement to taste as good as one artificially flavored.

Mixability: The mixability of Workhorse is good. There were a couple times that i would shake it and get a clump or two. Another good shake or two though would fix this. It did have a decent amount of foaming to it but this would go down if it sat for a couple minutes.

Dosing: The dosing protocol i followed was the one on the container. I drank 2 scoops with around 20 oz of water during my warm up. This did seem to be effective. Workhorse is instructed to only be used on workout days.


Stamina: This product gave a consistent stamina boost that was perfect. The extra 100mg of caffeine provides some mid workout energy that may be lost depending on the dosage in your preworkout. For me this was a good feeling where it wasn't too much when combined with a preworkout but it also was still noticeable when taken without one. The beta alanine in theory should offer a stamina boost also due to its ability to buffer lactic acid but i already take beta alanine separate, due to it being a supplement you take daily. The extra 1g is a nice addition though, especially to people who may only get 1 or 2 grams in their pre.

Blood Flow/ Pump: Even though these are listed as separate claims i am going to combine them because they work hand in hand. There are a lot of pump ingredients in this product including Arginine, Agmatine sulfate, L-Citrulline, and beet powder. The doses on these, as covered above, are pretty solid too. This leads to increased blood flow and a definite improved pump. Every workout i did notice an increased pump feeling but to truly test this out i did a couple high volume days while trying this. The one day i remember in particular I chased a pump for arms and it was one of the best ive ever had.

Joint Tissue Support: This claim is a hard one to prove because it is a long term affect. I already take a joint supplement and this extra 1.5g of MSM felt like good insurance. I do try to keep up my health in my joints so i will never turn down a goodie thrown in like this. I cannot say i noticed a difference in my joints but like i said i already take a fish oil and a joint supplement.


Workhorse can be found on for 49.99. This includes 30 servings if used at the full 2 scoops which equals out to around 1.67 per serving. This value may seem steep but for the quality of the supplement i do believe it is competitive especially if you could get away with 1 scoop.

Side Effects

No side effects were seen. Individuals that have never taken beta alanine, or are sensitive to it, may get a tingling called paresthesia. At 1 gram though this shouldn't be a problem.


In conclusion, i believe this is a solid intra workout and i did enjoy using it. It gave a pick-me-up boost of energy and offered some blood flow ingredients to give good pumps. The flavoring is decent but i always appreciate a natural product so i can deal with the earthy aftertaste just for that. I recommend this to people with the extra cash looking to boost their workouts, especially if you workout for extended periods of time.
  • Raspberry Beetdown: 7/10


  • dmf8625
    Rep: +2,021
    February 13, 2019

    Did you use a pre-workout in conjunction with this product? If so, were there any overlapping ingredients?

  • Stevenz
    Rep: +155
    February 17, 2019

    Sorry for the late reply! I actually buy some workout ingredients separate at the time and take them preworkout: I take creatine, beta alanine, and betaine. Due to that beta alanine is overlapping

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