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Viron Reviews

By: Black Lion Research

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Viron is a Natural Testosterone Booster manufactured by Black Lion Research. It helps optimize your natural testosterone levels, which helps encourage muscle growth and fat loss.
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  August 13, 2018

  • Disclosed Profile
  • Effective Dosages
  • Aphrodisiac Effects
  • Simple Profile Easily Replicated For Cheaper
  • Too Expensive

Quick Summary

An overly simple, but effective, test booster that either needs an additional ingredient or a cheaper price point.


In the midst of a very beneficial and positive run of VMI's Arimidrol, I started shopping around for a natural test booster that I could start taking immediately after finishing the AI. I wanted to experiment with leveraging a low-estrogen environment in my body with a test booster to see if I could maintain the same type of effects and progress I was receiving directly from the AI.

Ingredient Profile

I ultimately decided to pick up Black Lion's Viron for this cycle as it was a super basic booster. I didn't want a "kitchen sink" product with a variety of untested, unproven extracts and ingredients. Viron has one core ingredient - Eurycoma Longifolia Extract AKA Longjack AKA Tongkat Ali. This is an extremely common supplement with a host of research supporting its aphrodisiac, anti-estrogen, and testosterone boosting qualities. Yes, some of this research is questionable and lacks proper citations, but the popularity of Longjack in natural test boosting supplements is testament to how it is regarded in the supplementation community.

Viron's one other ingredient is 20mg of Boron Citrate which is another needs-more-research ingredient purported to have a positive effect on test production. Again, very common and found in many other test boosters.

The standard dosage of Eurycoma Longifolia is 200-300mg of a 100:1 extract taken in 1-2 doses daily. Viron hits you with a solid 500mg dose daily, with each bottle containing enough pills for a 30 day cycle.


Per the instructions, I split my two pill dose and took one in the AM on an empty stomach and the other in the PM, usually with a meal. Very easy to swallow caps with no aftertaste, indigestion, or other side effects.


It's worth noting that I've historically responded well to boosters with Longjack at their core, thus I had a pretty good sense of what to expect from Viron. Unfortunately I think my experiment might have backfired in the sense I had already reached my natural peak with respect to body composition and hormonal state. If you read my Arimidrol review, you'll note I experienced a marked uptick in libido and sex drive, as well as a leaner, harder physique.

Once I transitioned to Viron, I did not continue to experience the aforementioned effects to the same degree. As usually happens when I come off an AI my libido dropped slightly and I felt like I was retaining more water. Nothing dramatic of course - I don't have any issues with low test or anything along those lines, however my hopes of maintaining that optimal physical/hormonal state through my run of Viron were unfounded.

This is not to say Viron is a bad product - not at all - only that I may not have given this product an optimal opportunity to showcase its effectiveness. For most of the bottle I didn't notice any of the traditional effects that I normally get from a test-booster. Not until towards the end of week three and into week four that is, when I did start to feel more aggressive, had a heightened sex drive, and could tell the aphrodisiac qualities of the Longjack were starting to hit me. In the end the product came through, but this is probably better either stacked directly with an AI and/or other products and not run after the fact.


Test boosters run a wide cost range. The more robust products like Animal Stak, TEST1FY, and Rise run between $35-$50 for a month's supply. Supplementing straight Longjack extract can be done for cheaper, with Amazon having a number of products available for under $25 for a month supply at the same dose as Viron.

Most of Black Lion's products are not widely available. The best I could find Viron was $40 for a month's supply on This isn't a terrible pricepoint, but it's not particularly competitive. You could effectively build your own version of Viron with NOW's product line and save around $10 for a month run (at a dose of 600mg of Longjack daily). If you had some other ingredients included in Viron e.g. DAA or Fenugreek, then I'd be OK with the value here. Same if the overall cost was dropped to $30 a month which is on par with most AI's and other, simpler test boosters.

Side Effects



While I appreciate the disclosure and simplicity of Viron, I feel it needs at least one or two more proven ingredients to be considered a top-tier natural test booster. As it stands now this is a two-ingredient product with a high price point. If you respond well to Longjack and can somehow find this on sale, go for it, but I think there are too many other quality options for Viron to be a true contender right now.


  • Rep for this Brand
    August 20, 2018

    Hey Cray
    Thanks for your review. I do want to mention that our Tongkat extract is not the same as you will get from Now or most brands and this is not a realistic comparison. There is a reason theirs is Less expensive. Ours is 200:1 meaning it takes 200kilos of raw plant material to get 1kg of our extract. Theirs is likely 10:1 meaning ours is at least a dozen + times stronger. Its not at all a direct comparison from 1 product to the next as extraction processes, strength and standardization all play a part. And of course stronger extracts cost more.

  • Cray
    Rep: +4,183
    August 21, 2018

    Interesting. OK. That's good context. I did check to see if there was some differences in potency but I don't believe that's provided anywhere on the label or description, correct?

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