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P3aking Reviews

By: BioPrime Nutrition

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P3aking is a Creatine Blend manufactured by BioPrime Nutrition. It features multiple forms of creatines to take advantage of the various features of the different creatines. It can increase muscle power, translating to strength gains and increased muscle mass.
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  April 25, 2018

  • Muscular Endurance
  • Pumps
  • Quality
  • Builds Muscle
  • Pricey
  • Mixability

Quick Summary

P3aking is a creatine supplement with an added elements of hydromax and Peak O2 for pumps. Made with Creapure for increase of strength, raw power, muscular endurance and size.


I've been going to the gym consistently for over a year now consistently. P3AKING, one of the best supplements I have used. I was not sure how I felt about creatine. I had not read too much into it but I had heard some bad things. But I had also heard it works, so I looked deeper into the bad side of creatine. Creatine is the most researched supplement on the market, it has been around for a long time and due to scrutiny, it has been the focus of much research. My findings from the research specifically scholarly research articles written in the past 3 years is that creatine is actually not bad for you, and it does increase strength output and can add size to your muscles. However, there are higher qualities of creatine and that is something that must be considered. My personal experience with creatine was bad at first because I tried my friends C4, and the creatine in it would really mess with my stomach if I did not drink enough water (and by enough I mean a lot of water). P3aking was suggested to me at a local nutrition store, and I was intrigued. They, explained to me some of the differences in the type and quality of creatine and how P3aking contains some of the best creatine on the market. I researched it and they are right. So I went for it. My strength started to go up about a weak after using it, my muscle endurance went up, and it did not mess with my stomach at all. But the greatest thing about using this supplement, especially stacked with a preworkout is the Hydromax. Throughout the course of using P3aking I stacked it with Pre Jym, a well known pre workout. For me Jym is a heavy hitter and while I was using this stack I was finishing up my bulk and trying to hit the gym as hard and as strong as I could possibly be. This stack helped me achieve that, Jym has creatine in it already so these two together made sure my muscles were getting as much as they could absorb. Now onto the Hydromax, this gave me the best pumps I have gotten. Therefore with this supplement, you get top tier creatine, for an increase in size, power, and endurance(attributed to creatine and Peak02), and a great pump matrix.

Ingredient Profile

5,000 mg of creapure which is some of the best and purest creatine there is, so it's almost guaranteed it will have an effect and a lessened chance of it messing with your stomach. Then there's the 2,000 mg of Hydromax which for me was something I wasn't sure I needed until I experienced the pumps with p3aking.... best pump I've gotten and I've used products that's are specifically just for pumps. Every workout I would end already feeling bigger so a heavy positive. Then finally is the 2,000 mg of Peak O2, for me this was hard to see the effectiveness because I've never used just creatine, because like creatine this is used to boost muscular endurance which for sure as a whole my muscular endurance went up while using P3aking. So to my best knowledge it does as it is supposed to.


Taste- is not good alone but mixed with a preworkout or bcaas even its unnoticeable.
Mixability- the slogan for P3aking is if it doesn't clump it doesn't pump therefore the mixability is not perfect but still not awful. After some slightly hard shaking I never encountered any clumps that were too uncomfortable to swallow.
Dosing- I used one scoop in my pre workout before working out every day as it instructed and it seemed to be a proper dose.


Like I said before one of the best supplements I've used and just as it said it would do it increased my strength right at about a weeks use and continued to increase it and I kept the strength after I stopped using it. Muscular endurance went up however I didn't keep as much of that after I stopped using it. On top of that my pumps were insane. For about 3 of the times I took P3aking I was using a pump enhancing supplement, so in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the Hydromax, I stopped using my pump enhancing supplement. The pumps continued and there was barely any difference, however stacking it with the pump supplement the three times did just make the pumps even greater if that is what's desired, between using it with and without the extra pump supplement. So P3aking for me was effective in all the ways it should have been.


Good value in my books, not a great value because it can be somewhat pricey. The price is about 50 dollars from most places, however my nutrition store has discounts so I was able to get it for more around 40. Comes only at 30 servings which is sort of unfortunate, making the cost about $1.67 per serving. However you get three great things from it; power, endurance and pumps, so in my book that counts for somethign and makes it worth a slightly higher price point since it is not just creatine.

Side Effects

I experienced no side effects, did not mess with my stomach at all which is a huge thing considering I've had bad experiences with creatine in the past.


All in all P3aking is still one of the best supplements I have used. I think the major con of its price point is outweighed by what all it offers you and the quality of creatine you are recieving. It increases your strength and your raw power output and you are able to keep that even after you stop using it. For me this is a definite thing I would by again.


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