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HCG Activator is an Alternative Weight Loss Product manufactured by BioGenetics. It can help assist in the loss of body fat, working in different pathways that traditional thermogenics.

See all 25 products in:
Weight Loss > Other Weight Loss


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The supplement industry is notorious for misleading marketing and misinformation.
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  April 11, 2011

This product did well if you want a sorta "quick fix" to lose some weight. A friend told me to take this because we run a good bit for distance, but still had the insane love handles and little around lower abs to lose. I did really like this product because I was able to lose a few extra stubborn pounds from those areas was where I noticed the most weight coming off from. It's not something to keep doing over and over. I would use it once. Also, I lift 6 days a week and run about 3-10miles 3-4x a week. It wants you to eat a 500 cal A DAY diet!!! Obviously this is insane, and NOT good for anyone in my opinion especially someone like me who is trying to lift and run. I ate about a 1,500-2,000cal/day diet, that was very clean(eggs, chicken breast, veggies fruits low carbs VERY high protein, no sugar etc) that plus my workout was getting my net cal around 1,000-1,300 anyway. So, I was still able to lose weight. I really did like it did not increase my heart rate like some other supplements. I love OEP but now that I am running and training for my marathons and 5/10Ks coming up, the OEP would increase my heart rate at least 50bpm(beats per min). However, with the HCG Activator I was able to lose weight, get trimmed, and cut more; without any increase in heart rate or anything like that but still helping to lose. Bottom line: Give it a try for a month should help with those last few stubborn pounds.
  • Weight Loss
  • No Increased Heart Rate
  • Increased Energy
  • Too Expensive


  • wakegirl124
    Rep: 0
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    September 16, 2015

    what was your weight loss maintaining the 1500 cal diet. Did you follow the diet provided or just watch what you ate?

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