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Ripped Juice Extreme has been reported as discontinued.

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Ripped Juice Extreme Reviews

By: Betancourt

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Ripped Juice Extreme is an Alternative Weight Loss Product manufactured by Betancourt. It can help assist in the loss of body fat, working in different pathways that traditional thermogenics.

Ripped Juice Extreme has been reported as discontinued.

Check out the top-ranked products in Weight Loss > Other Weight Loss


Only 1 Review - Waiting for more trustworthy reviews


  December 8, 2012

  • Increased Energy
  • Focus
  • Improved Moods
  • Contains Hardcore Ingredients
  • Very Powerful
  • Slight Crash
  • Expensive
Well... First off hello all its Fridge... whose been back on the road to hypertrophy... Well before I hit the iron I had a three week gap, for cardiovascular activities cause i had been out of any action for a good month! And was looking like dough-boy(soft and pudgy). So to stop my onset of depression and anger of being out for so long I decided Ripped Juice was the perfect weapon to help burn some fat and improve my mood! Long story short-Hell YEAH!
Ripped Juiceâ„¢ Concentrated Stimulytic Formula 1657 mg: A highly purified blend of 20 pharmanutrients and botanical extracts that scientific studies suggest may increase or enhance:

"¢ Energy, mood and motivation: When your energy, mood and motivation are high, it is easier to lose body fat and prevent it from coming back.
"¢ Lipolysis: Lipolysis refers to the breakdown of body fat. Without lipolysis, fat loss cannot occur.
Endurance: The greater your endurance, the more calories you can burn during your workouts.
"¢ Vasodilation and blood flow: When blood flow to muscle increases, your muscles appear fuller, shapelier and more defined. Performance can also increase.
"¢ Whole-body thermogenesis: Thermogenesis refers to the conversion of calories into heat. Once converted into heat, calories can no longer be stored as body fat.
"¢ Metabolic rate: The higher your metabolic rate, the more calories you are burning per unit of time. This reduces the risk of gaining body fat.
"¢ Control of appetite
"¢ Cognitive performance

Fat Balance and Fat Loss

Fat is stored on the body in a type of connective tissue known as adipose tissue. The total amount of adipose tissue referred to as the 'fat mass', as opposed to the 'fat-free mass', or 'lean mass', which includes skeletal muscle tissue.

In order to reduce your body fat you must achieve what scientists refer to as a 'negative fat balance'. This occurs when your body burns, or oxidizes, more fat than it stores. If a sufficiently large negative fat balance is sustained, then the result will be a decrease in fat mass and the appearance of harder and/or more defined muscles. Any intervention that increases the burning of fat can therefore be said to promote a negative fat balance, reductions in body fat and increases in muscle harness and definition. Examples include exercise, a reduction in food intake, and the use of a dietary supplement like Ripped Juiceâ„¢ Concentrated.

Ripped Juiceâ„¢ Concentrated is considered a 'stimulytic' agent because it contains ingredients that stimulate lipolysis and other processes that are required to reduce body fat. Below we discuss the scientific rationale behind each ingredient found in the Ripped Juiceâ„¢ Concentrated Stimulytic formula.

Beta-Alanine: This ingredient is used to increase fat-burning endurance during exercise.

Caffeine Anhydrous: Caffeine has been well documented to increase metabolic rate, perceived energy levels, strength and endurance, in addition to enhancing cognitive performance.

L-Carnitine: Studies suggest that supplementation with L-carnitine can increase muscle mass, reduce body fat, increase blood flow, oxygen delivery and ATP resynthesis, and support nerve and muscle tissue from damage during exercise.

L-Taurine: L-Taurine has been added to Ripped Juiceâ„¢ Concentrated to improve fat-burning endurance during exercise.

Guarana Extract (22% caffeine)(paullinia cupana)(seed): Guarana has been included in the formula as an additional source of caffeine.

L-Valine Nitrate, L-Leucine Nitrate, L-Isoleucine Nitrate: L-valine, L-leucine and L-isoleucine together comprise the branched-chain amino acids (BCAA). Nitrated BCAAs have been included in the formula to increase nitric oxide levels and muscle protein synthesis.

L-Arginine Nitrate: Nitrated arginine has been added to support nitric oxide levels. In addition, studies suggest that l-arginine can increase nitrogen balance and reduce sodium and water retention.

MCT (medium chain triglycerides): MCT have been added to increase energy levels. They are rapidly burned by the liver and other tissues, yielding ATP. ATP is the ultimate source of energy for most cells in the body, including those of muscle. Green

Tea Extract (std. to 20% caffeine)(camellia sinensis)(leaf): Green tea has been suggested to increase metabolic rate and reduce body fat.

Hoodia Gordonii 20:1 (herb): Hoodia displays properties that may be of value in the control of appetite.

L-Tyrosine AKG, L-Tyrosine: Tyrosine is an amino acid precursor to neurotransmitters including dopamine and norepinephrine, both of which affect mood and cognitive function.

Kola Nut Extract (std. to 3% caffeine)(cola acuminata)(seed): Kola nut has been included in the formula as an additional source of caffeine.

Evodia Extract (std. to 10% evodiamine)(evodia rutaecarpa)(fruit): Studies suggest that Evodia reduces body fat by increasing thermogenesis.

Citrus Aurantium Extract 50:1 (std. to 30% synephrine)(fruit): Citrus Aurantium contains adrenergic amines including hordenine, octopamine and synephrine. Synephrine stimulates lipolysis and increases the burning of fat.

Chocamine® (theobroma cacau)(seed): Chocamine® has been included to provide additional caffeine and other methylxanthines.

Bioperine® (black pepper extract) (std. to 95% piperine) (piper nigrum) (fruit)

L-5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP): 5-HTP is a precursor to serotonin, a neurotransmitter involved in the regulation of mood.

Yohimbe Extract (std. to 8% total alkaloids) (pausinystalia yohimbe) (bark): Yohimbine has been added to stimulate lipolysis.

White Willow Extract 4:1 (salix alba) (bark): White Willow has been added to enhance the effects of caffeine.

Vinpocetine: Vinpocetine has been added to increase blood flow to the brain.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 5 ML
Servings Per Container: 30

Amount Per Serving

Niacin (As Vitamin B3 & Niacinamide) - 20mg

Ripped Juiceâ„¢ Concentrated Stimulytic Formula - 1757mg
Beta-Alanine, Caffeine Anhydrous, L-Carnitine, L-Taurine, Guarana Extract (22& Caffeine)(Paulinia Cupana)(Seed), L-Valine Nitrate, L-Leucine Nitrate, L-Isoleucine Nitrate, L-Arginine Nitrate, MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides), Green Tea Extract (Std. To 20% Caffeine)(Camellia Sinensis)(Leaf), Hoodia Gordonii 20:1 (Herb), L-Tyrosine AKG, L-Tyrosine, Kola Nut Extract (Std. To 3% Caffeine)(Cola Alcuminata)(Seed), Evodia Extract (Std. To 10% Evodiamine)(Evodia Rutaecarpa)(Fruit), Citrus Aurantium Extract 50:1 (Std. To 30% Synephrine)(Fruit), Chocamine® (Theobroma Cacau)(Seed), Bioperine® (Black Pepper Extract)(Std. To 95% Piperine)(Piper Nigrum)(Fruit), (5-HTP) L-5 Hydroxytryptophan, Yohimbe Extract (Std. To 8% Total Alkaloids)(Pausinystalia Yohimbe)(Bark), White Willow Extract 4:1 (Salix Alba)(Bark) And Vinpocetine.

Other Ingredients:
Purified Water, Glycerine, Xanthan Gum, Natural And Artificial Lemon Flavor, EDTA, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Sucralose, FD&C Red #40

*Honestly a complete fatburner, and with added BCAA nitrates, deserves a 10/10
I will break it down into 3 categories(Fat burning, Thermo effect and energy)

*Fat burning (7/10)
This is kind of a hard one to define after just one bottle, But I did lose some fat, most notably the love handles that have grown. But nonetheless it was still much needed. I have had better fat burning results with pure fatburners like OEP and TIGHT! But found my muscles still looked the same size, which can be due to the anti-catabolic effects of BCAA nitrates!

Thermo effect (9/10)
WOW this is where the product really shines, after just 5 minutes of taking this I felt an increase of core temperature, I sweated like a mofo. It was more profound in this product than any other fatburner I have ever use. Thats why im rewarding it an incredible 9/10.

*Energy (8/10)
I felt this was another great aspect of the product, I was more energized, focused and alert. But It was by no way overwhelming, it got me through my aches and tiredness after weeks out and thats good enough, have had better energy on other products but its a fatburner with extra goodies inside, I loved the tingles and improved endurance but the 1,3 DMAA caused a slight crash.

*Overall i was mightily impressed with this product and its ingredients worked, I felt the added BCAA nitrates helped preserve muscle mass and the beta-alanine improved my endurance. But i also feel the added ingredients also kinda degraded its fat burner effects IMO, but still extremely pleased.
SIDE EFFECTS (3/10) (0 being harmless)
Well the only thing i could complain about is the increase in heart rate... Well i will explain, After my first double dosage(5ml x2 daily) I had a monster like 3 or 4 hours after my last dose. And snap... i felt like i was gonna have a heart attack, It shows just how powerful this fooing stuff is, im not stim sensitive but i was after using ripped juice... So be careful with extra stims.
VALUE (6/10)
_____________________________________________Well this fatburner is real expensive, 1 bottle only contains 30 servings so 2 servings daily and this will last more or less two weeks, which isnt great, it costs $25 but here in S.A its jacked up to about $80... I know it sucks... yeah I know... So you cant blame me for giving it a 6, i would still buy it if it were on special or the end of my prep (BCAA nitrates and Beta-alanine, anti-catabolic) but theres still other fatburners I need to try.
DOSAGE (10/10
It doesnt get better than this, skae the bottle insert the plastic syringe and suck up 5mls... do it twice daily once you built up your tolerance. take your second serving about 6 hours after your first.
TASTE (7/10)
Fruit punch was real strong and sweet, im not the biggest fan of fruit punch but I kinda liked the taste, almost medicine like... which im fond to alot better than some of the preworkout formulas out there.
_____________________________________________Again full marks, there was no clumps, flakes, froth or anything, pure liquid bless!
Very convenient, just a vigorous shake will do, no mess no fuss.
_____________________________________________OVERALL (8/10)
_____________________________________________Overall I'm very impressed with Betancourt and its liquid fatburner. It gave me energy and results and they tweaked up the ingredients to make it a very unique fatburner with anti-fatigue and anti-catabolic ingredients ideal for prep and recomp, and it decreases your appetite which is useful especially when dieting.And due to all the bans on DMAA i think its worth a try! Just becareful with mixing it with other stims.



  • WarMachine
    Rep: +8,113
    December 8, 2012

    Minus twenty points for making have to read through such a long review LOLLOLOL

    Just kidding bro, excellent review, and keep up the good work!!!

  • inyamaboi
    Rep: +321
    December 8, 2012

    LOLS i know bro i should ;) Thanks man! keep swell War

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