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Lean Juice Reviews

By: Betancourt

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Betancourt for sending it out!
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  March 11, 2018

  • Fully Disclosed Label
  • No Side Effects
  • Not Effective


Thank you to BETANCOURT for sending out their stimulant free fat burner, Lean Juice. I decided to take a break from stims so this was a product I supplemented into my diet to continue in the fat loss process. This is my first product from this company, so I was not sure what to expect.

Ingredient Profile

First off, their ingredient profile is fully disclosed. This is stimulant free, so it won't' be loaded with your caffeine anhydrous or yohimbe.

Garcinia cambogia 500ng - aids in reduction of fat storing enzymes
Rhodiola Rosea 500mg - reduces fatigue/increase mood
Coleus forskohlii 250mg - boosts metabolism
Dandellion leaf powder 250mg - aids digestion
Olive extract 200mg - supports healthy metabolism
Pierostilbene 10mg - supports metabolic health
(These are all claims)


Taste: Pill form, so no taste. No excessive burping either.

Mixability: No digestive issues while on this. Seemed to mix well with water, no problems.

Dosing: The bottle calls for 3 pills once per day on an empty stomach. Upon waking up, I took 3 pills with a tall glass of water.


Overall, I'm still trying to figure out how much of an effect this product truly had on me. While taking Lean Juice, I did not experience anything different throughout the day, or during a typical workout. On previous stim free fat burners, I've sweated like a pig. With Lean Juice, there was no increased perspiration, which was a bit of a downer. That, in my opinion, is how you can really tell if it's working or not. When it comes to fat loss or leaning up, there was arguably no difference form start to finish of this bottle. My waist was the same, which is where most of my stubborn fat is. No leaner attributes in my chest, arms, legs, etc. Nor did I feel any curb in my appetite. Upon finishing this, I cam down with the flu. I lost more wait in 2 days from the flu than I did on this for a month...


You can pick this up for $27 on Amazon for 30 servings.

Side Effects

No side effects to note.


So my first product from Betancourt was a miss. I understand it was stimulant free, but I still should have seen some sort of positive effect from it, which I did not. They claim to help physique enhancement without excessive stimulation, but that was not the case for me. I look somewhere else for a product in this department. Maybe beneficial for a beginner, not for me.


  • kaka
    Rep: +919
    March 11, 2018

    "Meh" recommendation is not proportional to what you said about it.

  • Chuntz
    Rep: +770
    March 11, 2018 - Last Edited: 2018-03-11 11:09:18

    That's how I felt about it. As I said, maybe it's better for a beginner. It didn't have negative side effects or leave a sour taste in my mouth as a whole, therefore it didn't deserve an "angry face" in my opinion. Go read the other reviews for it and try to rip on someone else bud, because your comment makes it seem that you're just trying to get your comments up.

  • kaka
    Rep: +919
    March 11, 2018 - Last Edited: 2018-03-11 11:56:46

    Just because you didn't had any side effects with it, it doesn't worth an non recommendation? "When it comes to fat loss or leaning up, there was arguably no difference form start to finish of this bottle."? Yes i am trying to rip you man just because i told you about the recommendation, i am such a horrible person.

    Yes i am trying to get my comments up to increase my level so i can claim more staff while i am currently living in Europe. I really need those free staff for my stack. I can't spend any money to buy my own supplements. The staggering amount of 5 claimed products out of 37 reviews prove it.

    That claim coming from a guy that in the last 20 months hasn't bought even one supplement out of his pocket, it's at least hypocritical. If you actually bought some and you haven't reviewed even one of them while claiming 50 products, that means you aren't particularly grateful about the community. You don't handle criticism very well.

  • bctuthill
    Rep: +2,134
    March 11, 2018

    This review seems rushed and doesn't meet the standard you set in your past reviews. I don't think this would be voted helpful if it was a rookie's review, so i'm going to need to give it a thumbs down.

    I think there could be a lot more detail in the ingredients and effectiveness sections. What might've been missing in this product that was present in similar products that worked better for you?

    You lose a ton of water weight when you are sick, so I would hesitate to knock the product over that but do understand the rationale in the context. I think that might've been more just to drive the point of ineffectiveness home, but not sure.

  • Chuntz
    Rep: +770
    March 11, 2018

    Kaka. If you don't like it, thumb it down. Simple as that man. Enjoy the rest of your day lol

  • dmf8625
    Rep: +2,021
    March 11, 2018

    Did the company reference any research studies with this product during your research of the ingredients and intended effectiveness?

    Also, how do you believe this product may be beneficial for a beginner but not an intermediate or advanced lifter? Thank you

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