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Force Thermogenic has been reported as discontinued.

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Force Thermogenic Reviews

By: BELDT Labs

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Force Thermogenic is a Thermogenic Weight Loss Product manufactured by BELDT Labs. It increases the body's temperature and raises metabolism, helping to burn more calories and assist with fat loss.

Force Thermogenic has been reported as discontinued.

Check out the top-ranked products in Weight Loss > Thermogenics


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  August 20, 2014

  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • None
I started BELDT on the heels of a very serious gain cycle where I put on about 16 pounds over the course of 3 months. Most of the gains were muscle, but there was also plenty of fat and water covering up all the hard work, which I couldn't stand looking at in the mirror. Body fat at the time was 15%. My cousin was already using BELDT for his cutting cycle and liked it, so I tried some of his. The first dose was enough to make me get my own full supply. Six weeks later I'm still not disappointed.

The energy, focus and mood elevation remind me a lot of Cellucor Super HD, in that they're all very smooth a long-lasting, with a slight feeling of euphoria, a lot like ephedra (probably from the synephrine) although I think BELDT has a slight edge over Super HD with the potency. I also love that I don't get jittery or crash, and no heart palps. Which is incredible considering the ample energy. My girlfriend can only take half a dose or else she's pinging off the walls for hours.

Effectiveness: 9/10

This is considering everything, from energy to focus to appetite suppression to fat loss to diuretic qualities, all of which I needed. As mentioned above, there is no lack of energy and focus here, and the quality of each are very good. No jitters or general nervousness, everything is clean and smooth. And no gastric discomfort, which I tend to get with a lot of other supps that boast hunger control, especially Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite, which makes my stomach feel (and sound) like it's eating itself and sends me to the bathroom within 10 minutes of each dose.

As for fat loss, my cut cycle lasted 6 weeks (putting me through a bottle and a half of BELDT). Starting at 208, my goal was to drop from 15% body fat to 12% by week four. I had already reached this by a little over three weeks, so yeah, I was happy. After that, the goal was another 2% (down to 10% total bf) by week 6, but no more than that. It did eventually come off, although it did take a bit longer than in the beginning. Could have been from building a tolerance and going through a fitness plateau, in general.

I will say that I got very thirsty when using this, so I had to make sure I stayed well hydrated throughout. The upside is I was flushing a lot of retained fluids also, so the mild chore of having to pee and replenish my water jug a bit more often wasn't exactly the biggest headache.

Dosage: 10/10

Not much to talk about here. Each single dose of BELDT is about the same as almost every other thermo out there, BUT it doesn't suggest upping the dose as you go on, or repeating dosage throughout the day. Fine by me. The less I'm taking, the better, especially if I'm still getting the results.

Side Effects: 9/10

Aside from more frequent hydration (and urination) I really didn't experience any side effects. While I did crash a few times over the course of six weeks, it's really only because I was working out much more intensely.

If I could offer a caveat, those sensitive to stimulants are better off starting with half a dose. I have a high tolerance, and it still gets me going strong.

Value: 9/10

When I first bought it, the price was about $25. Then when I went back for my next bottle the price was around $35. Kind of aggravating, but in all fairness, it was on Amazon where the price of everything jumps around worse than the NASDAQ. And even at $35, I feel I get my money's worth, because it really is a great product. And one bottle of BELDT is a true month supply, whereas other brands might contain 60 or so pills, but the dosing is so crazy that you run out before week 3. I can't stand that.

I should also mention that the BELDT Labs customer service is top of the line. Every question I asked was answered very thoroughly, and within a only few hours. On a weekend, no less. This only adds to the value.

Overall: 9/10

Great supp. Period. It's got everything you look for in a solid thermo, with almost none of the stuff you don't want. Delivers as advertised. While I typically bounce around from product to product after each cycle, this one's going to be a mainstay for quite some time.


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