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Super Test is a Natural Testosterone Booster manufactured by Beast Sports Nutrition. It helps optimize your natural testosterone levels, which helps encourage muscle growth and fat loss.


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The supplement industry is notorious for misleading marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +1,465
Trust: 100%
  March 3, 2012

Hey guys, I'm glad that I'm finally getting around to reviewing this Super Test that I ended up getting for free. If anyone remembers from back in November there was a huge gaff with Pharma Pro (sister company of Beast Sports Nutrition) regarding samples and shipping. Long story short Beast decided they'd hook me up with Super Test, Beast Mode (preworkout) and a Shaker Cup for free. Just want to thank Beast for being very cordial and understanding about the whole Pharma Pro ordeal, I have nothing but good things to say about their PR dept. Now on to the goods.

Background/Label Claims

Super Test is a pretty novel Test Boosting/Estrogen Inhibiting complex that also includes NO support and Liver/Kidney Detox support. This leads me to believe that Beast made this product with intentions for it to be taken as part of a PCT, but I took it as a stand alone and it definitely held its own. I can't exactly comment on what many of the ingredients are intended to do because they are crazy scientific extracts lol. For instance: 25-d-spirosta-3,5-diene, 5 alpha furost-20(22)-en-12-one-3 beta, 26-diol, 5-alpha furostan-12-one-3-beta, 22, 26-triol, Protodioscin???? Yeah... can't exactly rattle off background info on this like I can for something like Aminos or Beta Alanine. What I CAN tell you about is what I experienced, which you'll read shortly.

The few ingredients I recognize: fenugreek, arginine, citrulline, milk thistle, and cranberry extract. By including these in the complexes I can see that this sup is intended to boost testosterone, "boost" NO (but the complex is severely under dosed), and improve liver function.

The label claims to "maximize test", "enhance libido", "inhibit estrogen", "detox liver and kidney", and "increase mass/strength". I can't speak much on the actual test increase/estro decrease without bloodwork, but I definitely experienced the "alpha male" feeling common with many test boosters and similar to the feeling I had with D-Pol. I also did noticed that my strength and endurance experienced nice jumps, but not mass. I actually lost weight while cycling this. Check out my log for further info:

Profile: 7.5

Like I said, many of these complexes are WAY over my head, so I can't praise or knock this for that. I like the inclusion of the fenugreek because that has gotten some positive responses on this site. But I CAN knock this for including arginine as an NO booster (HATE THIS) and only making the NO support complex 500 mg. Seriously, what is that supposed to do?! Anyways, here's the truncated version of the label because if I put the whole thing it would take forever lol:

Per 4 pills:
5 mg Vitamin B6, 22.5 mg Magnesium, 13.5 mg Zinc, 1000 mg Anabolic Testosterone Support Complex, 184 mg Cynaotis Vaga Extract, 500 mg NO Support Complex, 200 mg Estrogen Control Factors, 150 mg DHT Control Factors, 190 mg Liver/Kidney Detoxification Support.

(whole label:

Value: 7

Again, got this for free, so my value is a 10. But actual value is not all that great, the lowest price I've found this at is $40/bottle and it's usually around $50 in most places. This means $1.67/day. FWIW DAA is a fraction of that price, and many test boosters can be had for less in the majority of places (Animal Stak, Isa-Test GF, hell even Prime is cheaper usually).

Usage: 9

Can't find too much wrong here. I took 3 pills twice a day so it would last me the full 30 days instead of 4 pills 2x a day, which would only last ~22 days. Very simple directions: take 3-4 caps before morning and evening meals. I would follow this on off days and on workout days I'd just take the morning dose with my preworkout drink (Beast Mode).

Taste/Mixability: N/A

Again, pills. No problems. No weird burps, smells or tastes of the caps.

Effectiveness: 8

Okay, here's where I can better explain to you what this product did for me instead of trying to sift through what it's SUPPOSED to do by checking the ingredients. While I took this, I experienced that whole "alpha male" thing for pretty much the entire bottle, probably even more so than when I took D-Pol. I also noticed that my facial hair was growing back EXTREMELY fast, acne was up slightly (the whole time), and aggression was also up more so than when on D-Pol. All of these together lead me to believe that it does what it says in terms of test boosting. Also, I don't think it's humanly possible for a 19 yr old college kid's libido to "increase", but I'll take it as a win that it didn't decrease at all lol.

The ironic part is that I did see improved vascularity from this product at all times when dosing this. However, I don't credit much of this to the weak ass NO complex, I credit this more as a side effect of increased test and the drying effect of decreased estro. Along with the vascularity, my muscles actually felt fuller a lot of the time, but they didn't look "bloated" or watery, they looked more solid.

I actually LOST weight while taking this product. I went from 179 to 173. But, like I said in my RecoverPro review, I credit this to the changes in my split. Just because I didn't gain mass doesn't mean that this product is bunk. I gained strength while leaning out a bit, and I believe a lot of that came from the test boost coming from Super Test.

Overall: 8

I enjoyed my whole experience with Super Test. All of the tangential signs of increased test (facial hair, acne, aggression, etc.) where there in full force, so even though I'm 19 I'm confident this was not just a placebo affect that led to all my strength gains. HOWEVER, value strikes once again. I can't honestly recommend this unless you're willing to drop upwards of $50 on a novel test booster (and I say "novel" because I have to do more research on the ingredients before I can state if they're effective or not). I CAN recommend this to someone who has cash to blow and is looking for a test booster, but that demographic is a very, very small one.

I am impressed with both the product and the way the company handled my situation, but I'm disappointed in the price tag. It pains me to say it, but this is a thumbs sideways for me...
  • Muscle Endurance
  • Increased Vascularity
  • Some Fat Loss
  • Increased Aggression
  • Increased Strength
  • Price
Rep: +1,106
Trust: 100%
  May 4, 2011

hey everyone doing another test review. I started taking this for 3 days when i was told by my doc to stop taking t-boosters for now. but i got the ok and finished the bottle the other day.

price=7 i got this for 50bucks on sale. its pricey but not the most expensive one out there

strength=6 i didnt really see any boost here. outside of any normal gains i was disappointed.

fullness=10 i felt so ripped while on this. everthing just looked bigger on me

sideeffects=9 nothing weird here. a few extra pimples. but no extra libido or anyhting else

profile=8 an ok amount of zinc, a list way to large to type but they have protein synthisis compond, dht control, estogen control factors, there annabolic test complex which didnt have any tribulus which supprised me. plus magnisium and some b-6. one good thing here is that they did put in some Milk Thistle and cranberry extact for some liver support

well i would recommend this again only if its on sale. you do feel like a champ while on this, every muscle is just a little larger. its pricey and i wish this gave me some extra strength but its a decent product
  • Builds Muscle
  • Increase Well Being
  • Price
Rep: +3,278
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 67
  February 4, 2011

Just finished a bottle yesterday. Look for deals online, its pretty expensive for a product that lasts only 20 days. I bought this on a site that was running a one day special a few months ago and got it for low $30's.

-Weight before 220
-Working out 5 days a week with 2 rest days
-7 min cardio before workout and 7 min after
-Reps have always been 5-10 range for all exercises
-Diet has been about 250-275 grams of protein per day with medium carb intake

Products I have been taking for months prior to this and during completion of the bottle:

Dymatize Whey Elite
Opti-Men Multi
Sci-Fit-Kre-Alkalyn 1500

Initially was taking 4 pills 2X per day with meals. One with breakfast/One with dinner.

1st week-slight increase in aggression/agitated/easily annoyed and a lot of headaches which I rarely get and attributed them to the product so I lowered the dosage to 3 pills 2X a day and the headaches went away

2nd week-began to feel a great sense of well being, for example my gf would freak out over something and instead of arguing back I would just talk normally to resolve the issue and definitely noticed an increase in vascular appearance of muscles. Downside, my libido decreased significantly which I was expecting the opposite (if anyone knows why, please provide some insight) bc I was not happy about this at all

3rd Week and after-sense of well being increased, muscles were looking a lot more vascular, and had a more energy, did not have that dragging to the gym feeling but libido was still wrecked on this, no desire at all

My final weight after one month was 225 a gain of 5 pounds that definitely was not fat weight, all muscle. I could also see my abs slightly peeking through (mid section is flat but not tone).

I only gave this product a 6 because it crushed my libido altogether. But I would definitely try it (maybe u will not have the same reaction, because the end results were quite positive.
  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Increase Well Being
  • Increased Vascularity
  • Increase In Muscle Weight
  • Some Fat Loss
  • Cost Depends On Where You Buy It
  • Libido Decreased A Lot

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