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CREATure is a Creatine Chelate Product manufactured by Beast Sports Nutrition. It contains creatine chelate which is proposed to be a more absorbant and bloat free format of the traditional version. It can increase muscle power, translating to strength gains and increased muscle mass.

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The supplement industry is notorious for agressive marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +599
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 5
  June 27, 2015


What' up SR family. Onder18 here with another review. This time I'm going to review a popular creatine product, Beast Creature. I first heard about this product watching the Hodgetwins on youtube. I also heard about this reading the forums where it is pretty popular. I ended up buying 2 containers of this one day from the Vitamin Shoppe.

----Ingredient Profile----

60 Servings Beast Punch
Serving Size: 5 g (1 Scoop)
Servings Per Container60
Amount Per Serving %DV **
Calories 5
Total Carbohydrates 2 g 1%
Calcium 24 mg 2%

Creature Advanced Creatine Matrix 3,025mg **
Creapure Brand Creatine Monohydrate, CreaTrona (Buffered Creatine), Creatine MagnaPower (Creatine Magnesium Chelate), Creatine Alpha-Ketoglutarate 2:1, Creatine Anhydrous, Cinnulin PF (Cinnamomum burmannii Bark Extract), Containing TypeA Polymers, AstraGin (Panax notoginseng and Astragalus membranaceus (Root) Extracts).

Not a bad looking blend. This is the reformulated version. The previous version had a 4 creatine blend and vandium citrate. I heard that version was better. Unfortunately I never had a chance to try it.


I had the citrus flavor and the pink lemonade flavor and they were both pretty good. The mixability was decent. I didn't expect it to be great because it is creatine. I dosed one scoop pre workout and one scoop post workout. On off days I did one scoop in the morning and one scoop in the evening.


This creatine was decent. I made maybe slightly better gains on this than I did mono but really not by that much. My best improvements came in my bodyweight excercises and slightly higher rep range excercises. The endurance on this was decent and the muscle fullness was decent. Honestly I prefer kre alkalyn to this. It isn't a bad blend but in my opinion there are better options out there.


Usually between $27-30 dollars for 60 servings. At two servings a day that comes out to about a dollar a day. Not the best value for creatine but not too bad as far as blends go.

----Side Effects----

I actually did experience some bloating with this. Not much but it was there.


Not a bad blend and I might give it another run in the future but I feel there are better options out there.

On a separate note: In my CGP creatine review I said that CGP and creatine nitrate were my two favorite creatines. Well I may be changing my opinion. I still feel the same way about CGP but looking back at my workout logs I seemed to make better gains in my lifts with the kre alkalyn than with the creatine nitrate.

Anyway, I hope you found my review helpful and as always any constructive criticism is welcome.
  • Easy Swallowing
  • Good Taste
  • Increased Energy
  • Needs To Dissolve Better
  • Slight Bloating
Rep: +6
Trust: 0%
  May 12, 2013

Quick Overview:

Overall- 9
Effectiveness- 10
Value- 8
Profile- 8.5

After going through 1 full product, the 180 capsules that is, the results I have gained are great strength gains, increased endurance, more muscle mass, and increased performance.

I took 4 caps post workout along with my protein, and 3 on my non training days first thing in the morning along with my multi, fish, and joint supplements.

Background and Training:
I have used regular creatine monohydrate in the past. I bought the 2 pound bulk one and got through about 3/5 before I stopped after not seeing results. A year later I decided to try again, and a few days into it I noticed the expiration date was a few months ago... Not going to take a chance I went out to find a good creatine, looking to try something other than regular mono. My diet is a good 650-1000 calorie surplus with 40% protein, 40% carbs, and 20% fats (rough estimates). My training schedule consisted of 4 lifting days for power and mass, along with sprinting and agility sport training and almost daily basketball sessions. Yoga every Sunday but that's beside the point.

Side Effects:
None! I really did not notice any. I had some bloating problems with the mono, but none here.

It is a proprietary blend... that means the company is not confident enough to tell us what is in the product. Lucky for them, this product works, rather well in fact. The mono that is in it is Creapure, so it is of high quality. Creatine Magna-Power is creatine bonded to a magnesium molecule, which is suppsoe to increase absorption and prevent bloating. Creatine AKG, Alpha Ketoglutarate (AKG) combines with ammonia to create glutamine, which we all know is an abundant amino acid found in our muscles. Creatine Anhydrous is creatine without the water molecule, and provides a more pure form of creatine.

Take creatine, get bigger and stronger. That seems to be the goal for people taking creatine. It is the most researched and backed supplement out there. Beast Sports did good on delivering a potent blend of creatines that boosts absorption without the bloating and water retention. All my lifts went up about 10-25% and my sprint time dropped .17 seconds during my training cycle, and I put on a solid 13 pounds. (Cycle lasted 1 1/2 months)

I plan on buying this again, and again, and maybe again. It worked wonders for me, so if mono isn't doing the job for you, I recommend Creature. You get a good 60 servings for about 28 dollars so the value is somewhat there. The caps are easy to swallow and really convenient too if you don't want the powder. This is now my staple creatine, I highly recommend giving it a try.
  • Easy Swallowing
  • Increased Energy
  • No Bloating/water Retention
  • Strenght Gain
    Rep: +466
    Trust: 100%
      November 24, 2012

    Creatine Creatine Creatine.. Oh how you've become a staple in almost every supplement junkies stack.. Today I'll be reviewing Beast Sports' Creature Powder. (Yes this is the one that has been labeled the best creatine of all time by Twin Muscle Workout.)

    Taste: 9/10

    No complaints here. 5g scoop mixes effortlessly in 8 oz. of water. The taste was Citrus which resembled Lemon-Lime Gatorade for me. Dosing very simple as well, 30 mins prior and post workout. Only downfall is mixability. Again, no matter how much i shake this up, I'll have a little residue in the bottom of my shaker, and I'll end up chewing creatine.. Yum.....

    Effectiveness: 9/10

    Wow. Not only does this taste amazing it worked very well for me as well. I had little water retention and my strength seemed to increase on a weekly- bi-weekly basis. Every lift went up at least 5lbs. Squats, deadlifts, etc. Went up almost 10-15lbs. Very very impressed with the effectiveness. and the creatine blend they use isn't uncommon. (Creapure, Creatine Magna Power, Creatine aplha- ketoglurate, and Creatine Angydrous)


    Value: 6/10

    Downfall in price. If you run this 100% to directions like myself. This lasted me exactly 30 days. They recommend 2 scoops everyday. So for 30 full servings, It's about $26 on average with shipping. Kinda expensive for Creatine IMO.

    Overall: 8/10

    Well deserved 8 here for Beast Sports. I enjoyed my run with this, and I do recommend this. However, based on price. I would pay $17-20 a month total for this including shipping. No way is $30 a month almost a good value for creatine.

    Till next time all, DanTheManski out.

    Thanks for your time as always.
    • Easy Swallowing
    • Good Taste
    • No Bloating/water Retention
    • Strenght Gain
    • Too Expensive
    • Needs To Dissolve Better
    Rep: +2,283
    Trust: 100%
      June 12, 2012

    If anyone has ever been bored and browsed Youtube im sure you have stumbled across a hodgetwin video and its no secret those guys support this product having talked about it often. Due to that and the popularity of them I was intrigued to try this and I noticed the reviews for this product increased as well.

    Profile: 9/10

    Creature features an andvanced creatine mix or matrix as they call it which features 2250mg of Creapure Brand Creatine Monohydrate, Creatine Magna-Power Brand Of Creatine Magnesium Chelate, Creatine Alpha-Ketoglutarate, Creatine Anhydrous, & Vanadium Citrate - per 3caps.

    Effectiveness 9/10

    Theres no need to talk about taste or texture as the pills imo had no taste to them. You take 3pre and post but since my PWO had creatine in it I took 2pre and 2post. This product claims to fuel
    muscle growth, increase strength,and accelerate recovery. Being off creatine for a while, I did notice increase strength and recovery. I would attribute my gains/ muscle growth more-so to my diet and overall stack, but that could be said about my increased strength/recovery as well. Nevertheless I was happy with this product. I noticed no bloat and minus no pump (which this does not claim like C-bol does) this stacks up well against C-bol, the only other blend I have tried and is MUCH cheaper

    Value 8.5/10

    This product contains 180caps and you are supposed to take 6 a day. But I only took 6 for the 1st week then dropped down to 4 due to my PWO as I said earlier. I also only took 3 on my off day. This product lasted me longer than 30 days and for $25 thats pretty good. Im tempted to give it a 9 but there are cheaper creatines out there which last longer (w/o tampering w dose)

    Overall 8.5/10

    I chose this over Green Mag because I figured If I tried GM I wouldn't want to try anything else :-D. I was not disappointed with this. Consistant strength gains and results. Beast Sports and Creature get a thumbs up in my least for this product.
    • Easy Swallowing
    • No Bloating/water Retention
    • Strenght Gain
      Rep: +2,618
      Trust: 100%
        January 27, 2012

      So this is a review that I have been meaning to do for a long time. I will be reviewing Beast Sports Nutrition Creature. This wasn't my first creatine supplement; I have tried monohydrate, pyvurate, kre alk, creapure, Ethyl Ester, HCL etc... Needless to say I am a big fan of creatine.

      Content – 9/10

      The content here is nice and simple just creatine, creatine and more creatine. It's a 2250mg blend of several creatines which include: Creapure, Creatine Magnesium Chelate, Creatine Alpha-Ketoglutarate, and Creatine Anahydrous. The only thing non creatine in here would be Vanadium Citrate which Beast Sports Nutrition claims "assures the maximum uptake directly to the muscle cells."

      Taste/Smell/Dosing – 9/10

      There is a weird fruity taste with the pills. It's nothing to fret over, just not sure if I liked the taste or not. Either way it's nothing really of concern. There is no smell with the pills. Dosing really isn't that complicated, it's the typical creatine dosing schedule. On workout days your supposed to take 3 caps 30 minutes prior and 3 caps immediately after workouts. They tell you on non workout days to take 3 caps in the morning and 3 caps in the evening. Now I don't think 6 caps are necessary on non workout days, I just took 3 on my off days.

      Effectiveness – 9/10

      I thought this product was very effective. At the time that I took this product I had never tried a creatine blend before but had high hopes, Creature definitely didn't disappoint. I saw strength gains – nothing PH worthy of course but decent gains none the less. I did see an increase in endurance and felt less worn out during my workouts which was a big plus. I noticed the increase in endurance the most during cardio sessions.
      For cardio at the time I was doing 20 minutes 3 times a week at a brisk pace post workout. Those 20 minutes of cardio still sucked it just seemed a little easier. There was no boated feeling or any water retention that I noticed. I have never really felt bloated from taking creatine, I have felt boated by drinking too much water at one point taking the creatine but nothing from the creatine itself.

      Value – 8/10

      So the value isn't that bad for this product. On you can find a 180cap bottle (which is 30 servings) for about 24 bucks but you can find it cheaper if you look around.

      Overall – 8/10

      Overall I thought this was a great product. It was effective, no side effects and really not that expensive. I would recommend this product to someone looking to add a solid creatine blend to their stack.
      • Easy Swallowing
      • No Bloating/water Retention
      • Strenght Gain
        Rep: +65
        Trust: 96%
          January 4, 2011

        I was looking for some creatine in pill form while i was at Vitamin Shoppe and decided to give this a try. will break it down as i go.

        Surprisingly these pills have a bit of a fruity taste nothing to strong, but the taste is there.

        None what so ever so its a plus from monohydrate.

        i paid about 25 bucks, not too expensive but i have seen cheaper.

        Honestly i did not notice anything that makes this product stand out. i made gains but nothing out of the ordinary.

        over all to me this product is decent, i would say monohydrate minus the bloat is what it seemed like to me, if you are looking for decent priced creating in pill forms this would be an ok product but im sure there are better
        • Easy Swallowing
        • Good Taste
        • No Bloating/water Retention
          Rep: +4,289
          Trust: 100%
            August 26, 2010

          Just finished my first bottle yesterday, and I am pretty pleased with the results. I was taking it in combination with MP Assault, so I only was taking 3pills postworkout, due to the fact that there is KreAlkalyn in Assault already. CREATure is very convenient to take and pills taste kinda fruity(strange). It absorbs nicely and I did not notice any bloating or water retention like I had experienced previously with monohydrate I was taking. Overall, it is a nice product, good value and produces decent results.
          • Easy Swallowing
          • No Bloating/water Retention

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