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P90X Results and Recovery Formula Reviews

By: BeachBody


Only 4 Reviews - Waiting for more trustworthy reviews

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Protein > Post-Workout Recovery Formulas

P90X Results and Recovery Formula is a Post-Workout Protein Supplement manufactured by BeachBody. It is designed to feed the muscles with protein, carbs and amino acids immedaitely following a workout to assist in muscle recovery and growth.

See all 22 products in:
Protein > Post-Workout Recovery Formulas


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The supplement industry is notorious for agressive marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +9
Trust: 0%
  February 24, 2012

My first review so go easy on me.

Post workout the most optimal thing for your body is 4 grams of simple carbs for every 1 gram of protein (4:1 recovery ratio). Check out this article

There's only two competetors out there to this stuff, Accelerade and Endurox. The ingredients and taste in this make this the best choice by far, but the price is a bit higher. I used Accelerade until my budget allowed me to afford this stuff every month now I'll never go back...

Mixability 10/10 - Toss it in a shaker cup and 10 seconds later it's smooth no chunks. When I mixed with a spoon occasionally there would be just a few chunks left but no big deal.

Taste 10/10 - Post workout is the one time of day it's ok to drink some tasty sugary carbs and have it be beneficial to your body. This stuff is like the ultimate reward after a workout, and exactly what you need to stay anabolic. I look forward to drinking it every resistance / HIIT training day. It refuels your sugar levels quickly and balances your body right back out again, I get no post workout downer feeling or headaches after I started this stuff.

Price 7/10 - You get what you pay for, but it is a bit pricier. Beachbody is known for bar none top of the line stuff, but the price is always something to consider. I used Accelerade until my budget increased to allow me this stuff. If you can't afford it, get Accelerade, tastes just as good as well.

Timing note: Best taken immediately after a workout, but no later than 30 minutes after to avoid going catabolic. Once you take your appropriate amount (which you can find out in the article I posted above) you'll want to wait 60 minutes to allow it to digest before eating anything else, otherwise you'll mess with the 4:1 ratio.

Overall: A staple in successful nutrition timing and a very tasty treat after exercise. The recovery formula is still somewhat recent in the athletic community but I have no doubt it'll grow over time. Until then people who drink these types of drinks will see much better results than those who drink straight protein after workouts.
  • Tastes Amazing
  • Refreshing After Hard Workouts
  • Optimal Post Workout Supplement
  • Reduces Soreness
  • Price
Rep: +3
Trust: 0%
  April 27, 2011

This drink is hands down amazing, it taste like an orange Julius and I could drink it for days. Its very refreshing after a hard workout, especially cardio ones such as Plyo for all P90xer's. That being said a Krispy Kreme Doughnut is also hands down amazing and I could eat dozens of them. P90X drink is very tasty but I don't feel like I recover extremely fast from drinking it. It does have some Creatine, L-Arginine and L-Glutamine, but not nearly enough. Its got 36 grams of sugar and only 10 grams of protein. Typically BeachBody makes wonderful products, just don't go with their supplements.
  • Tastes Amazing
  • Cremesicle
  • Refreshing After Hard Workouts
  • Not Effective
  • Too Much Sugar
Rep: +74
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 5
  January 6, 2011

Don't get me wrong. I love P90X, I love Insanity. I think they are great programs. I'm even a BeachBody Coach. BUT... I DO NOT recommend their products!!! They are jam packed with sugar!! It has 36 g of sugar, 220 calories, and only 10 grams of protein. UGH - You're better off just eating a chobani greek yogurt... that has 18 g of protein, 100 cals, and no fat. (Although I'm not a huge fan of anything dairy post workout!!)

It claims it has a good carb to protein ratio, but like I said, there is better stuff out there. And yes, it does have vitamins and minerals, but if you're taking your multi, that's no big deal.

It does taste good, but I just think there is better and more affordable stuff on the market. I liked Accelerade, but even that has too much sugar for me. I think my husband likes Xtend for post workout stuff, but I could be wrong.

Either way, before buying this product, do your research about what you are looking for in a post workout recovery drink. It was not for me.
  • Tastes Amazing
  • Refreshing After Hard Workouts
  • Too Much Sugar
  • Not Effective
Rep: +25
Trust: 40%
  January 29, 2010

i bought this when p90x was first coming out so it was a few years ago this is when i got into working outand i knew nothing about supps.. it was on an infomercial on at like 3 in the morning.. the workout plan is amazing btw, but i was upsold on a bunch of other stuff when i called (thanks alot JD) and this was one of them.. it sounded like a good idea at the time but it turns out that this supp is horrible.. i just remember being barely able to move i was so sore after workouts this did nothing to help recovery, ive had better recoveries from MT halo if that gives you an idea of how bad it is.. the tub lasted for a month and i was just sore day after day not that being sore is bad but this failed to do its job.. i cant remember how much it was but whatever the price is its not worth it and thats the only reason it got a 5 in that category i want to end on a positive note and that is it tastes great.. orange cream..
  • Tastes Amazing
  • Not Effective

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