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Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to AZÖTH for sending it out!
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  April 13, 2017

  • Increased Energy
  • Increased Focus
  • Long Lasting
  • As Needed
  • Lower Anxiety Levels
  • Feeling Of Wellbening


    I just recently put together my own home gym and started working out twice a day. Strength stuff in the morning and hypertrophy work on my lunch hour. I started using Azoth about 1 week before doing this split and could tell it was going to be good. It definitely helped a lot at work when I started waking up early to get the morning workout in. Thanks to Azoth for participating in the TROOPs program.

    Ingredient Profile

    This is the most comprehensive ingredient profile I have seen for a nootropic so far. And it is fully disclosed to boot! The few ingredients I noticed in here that made me want to try it were the DMHA and noopept. Of all the individual ingredient nootropics, I have found noopept to be the most effective for me so anything that has that I'm almost always game to try. For a comprehensive breakdown of all the ingredients, check out bctuthill's, htevans' review of Azoth, the Price Plow blog write up or Azoth's website.


    1-3 pills every 1 to 2 days taken with a light meal containing healthy fats.
    I started with 2 pills my first go then used 3 every other day for the remainder of the pack. I used these Monday, Wednesday and Friday with the weekends off. I took these when I got to work and ate my breakfast which is usually around 7:30 -8:00 a.m.


    WOW! What can I say? I found this to be an excellent product from the start. From the first day to the last, Azoth never let me down. After about an hour of taking it, my mental fog would start to lift and I would be more focused. That is when I eventually started working. HA! Being an accountant I do a lot of repetitive, tedious work so I procrastinate at times when I don't really want to do something. Azoth did not help with the procrastination but once I started working on something I would stay focused on it and finish it. The focus and clarity was definitely stronger than the energy effect in here. I still found myself drinking a cup of coffee or two with Azoth to help get some pep in my step. This has probably been the closest thing to Amp-C for me since that got banned. I was also in a better mood when taking this. Overall a more positive feeling of well-being and happiness.

    I never did use this as a PWO but I always felt a little more jazzed up when I took a PWO or took my Skald on the same day that I took Azoth. Azoth states that this can be combined with other supplements to enhance the effects and boy does it. I always felt more energized and focused when combined with one of the two products I mentioned. Sometimes, I would feel overly energized and amped up and ready to go run around the office instead of sitting at my desk so be careful as to how much you take if combining it with other stimulant type supplements.

    This might be placebo, but I also felt like there was some carry over effect for a day. Nothing like the day you took it but I still felt positive and happy. I wasn't nearly as focused but still had a mental clarity that seemed to stay with me. After not taking this for the last week, I definitely miss it.


    Currently, I could only locate this through Azoth's website for $44.95. Not a great price but in no way a deal breaker for me as you are getting pharmaceutical grade ingredients at appropriate dosages. And it works! Sure, if you take the maximum amount, it only looks like a 10 day supply but directions state to take every 1-2 days so even taking the maximum 3 pills a day still gets you a 20-30 day supply. Azoth also provides deals (40% off / BOGO) every now and again on SR and there are some listed on Price Plow (although I'm not sure if they are still good or not). These deals definitely drop this down into a must buy for me. I would keep this on my must buy list once/or if the price ever comes down to around the $30 range.

    Side Effects

    Withdrawals. Lol! Azoth, how I miss thee so.


    My only suggestion would be to also make a version with 100-150 mg of caffeine but am also not opposed to drink 1-2 cups of coffee with it on the side.
    Otherwise, this is one of the most effective nootropics I have taken since the sad day when Amp-C was banned. I see this as my go to nootropic from now on when in need of a good mental boost.

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