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Supreme Series EVOLVEPLUS™ has been reported as discontinued.

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Supreme Series EVOLVEPLUS™ Reviews

By: Athletics Planet

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  August 17, 2016

  • Competitive Price
  • Not Effective For Me
  • Some Ingredients Under-Dosed
Wanted to apologize to Athletics Planet for the delay in posting this review.

The company makes the following claims about their natural test growth enhancement product.

Increases Muscle Growth*
Increases Testosterone levels*
Increases Muscle blood flow*
Improves Stamina & Recovery*
From their website. So lets delve right into what makes this tick and why I found it a miss for me, but maybe it will be a hit for you, who knows.

Ingredients: 7/10 - Okay so the ingredients are those that you might find in other test boosting products, however, I feel that they are severely underdosed. T

Magnesium is very important for the normal functioning of cells, nerves, muscles, bones, and the heart. At 200mg it might be fairly dosed, but thats probably the only thing thats fairly dosed.

Trib at 750mg, although its a high amount, for me Trib is a miss at a Test Booster. Its more of a placebo type of effects than anything substantial you might get from it.

Chrysin: It sensitizes the testicles to produce more testosterone and inhibits the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Now this does sound great, but studies have shown that dosages should be around 500mg, but here its only 75mg, badly underdosed. I understand that this company is trying to mix a bunch of well known test boosting herbs and I guess it boasts on that together they will work as good as these herbs work on their own. However, I feel that is a big misconception. Nevertheless, lets keep going.

Horny Goat Weed: Best if around 500mg, here its only 50mg. Plus I am betting its not even the purest of extract, so probably even less than that.
Long Jack: anywhere from 200mg to 300mg is the sweet spot, yet again 50mg here

I will not go into every single ingredient but you can see how based on the standard numbers this product is underdosed.

Dosing Protocol: 8/10 - Very straight forward. You take 3 capsules before bed. I have a hard time falling asleep, so I would take this about 1hr before bed, and that was the sweet spot for me. I did not have any crazy dreams or anything else like while taking this product. When I took it anywhere from 20-30 minutes before bed, I found myself sometimes not being able to completely go to bed. So for me it was the 1hr window.

Effectiveness: 5.5/10 - Okay so did it really work for me, was it a placebo effect, did it do nothing ? Its really hard to gage. While taking this product I was not taking any other workout supplements, except from Fish Oil, Vitamins and Whey. I wanted to see how this would work directly with my muscle increase growth, strength, stamina and everything else it claimed to do.

Increase Test Levels: 3/10 - Now this is really hard to cage since I did not go to the doctor before or after. However, I have taken other Test boosting products with DAA, Fenugreek and other extracts, and I could tell that my levels were a lot higher, because I would get a well good feeling, more sex drive, more energy and just overall strength gains, however on this product, I did not feel any of that. I am not sure if its because of the lack of proper ingredients or because they are underdosed, but I am going to go with the later.

Improved Recovery: 7/10 - The recovery was def a little bit better after workouts esp with the Doms. I pretty much attribute this to the Cissus Quad, again even though severely underdosed. The magnesium and Zinc helped me get much more deeper sleep , which increased my muscle soreness and recovery time. It was nothing too significant but it was descent.

Increased Muscle Flow: 2/10 - Uhm what ? I can see that this marketing label is trying to say you get better pumps ? I guess sure, you can say that. However, since I have cut back on PWO and pump products by just naturally drinking a cup of coffee and eating some watermelon before, I can attest that it slightly if anything provided much in this area.

Value: 6.5/10 - So the only place I was able to find this product was on their website for almost $39. Now, in the Test Market game I feel thats a safe price for a 30 day supply of products. However, the valuation would have been a lot higher if the product actually worked for me.

Overall: 6.0/10 - For me it did pretty much not very much. For you it might work. Hell its pretty affordable, I say if you have extra money to throwaway, give it a shot, otherwise move on.

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