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Grass-Fed Whey Protein Reviews

By: Athletic Greens

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Grass-Fed Whey Protein is a Whey Protein Powder manufactured by Athletic Greens. It is a dairy based protein that supports lean muscle gain by suppling additional protein to recovering muscles, which can also improve fat loss.

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Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
(SR paid for product; Athletic Greens did not participate)
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  April 18, 2016

  • Natural Protein Source
  • Poor Mixability
  • Gas
  • Not Effective
  • Too Expensive


A special thanks to SR for providing Athletic Green Grass-Fed Whey protein to the SR/TROOPS program. Athletic Greens is a relatively new company that is built in providing health promoting supplements that are completely natural and are of the highest quality and purity. Their whey protein is derived purely from cows that have been grass fed and raised without the use of hormones or growth inducing agents. When supps are derived from more natural sources, it can be an enticing opportunity to try them out.

But does they always deliver?

Ingredient Profile

Aside of a small amount of carbs, potassium, and calcium, each serving provides a 112 calories serving of 20g of grass-fed whey protein concentrate. This seems fair enough.

In addition, the product contains 800mg of immunoglobulins, 2550mg of lactalbumin, 9100 lactoglobulin, and 300mg of serum albumin. These ingredients are intended to provide a support complex for immunity. Though the dosage range of these is questionable because the serum albumin is definitely under-dosed and I'm not familiar with the dosage adequacy range of the other ingredients.


I received the natural chocolate flavor and I actually had a tough time really tasting the product primarily because it would not mix well at all. In fact, the mixability of the product is actually one of the worst I've seen in a protein supplements. There was no method or liquid I could use that would result in a complete and thorough mixing. Each time I would get these undissolved globs and clumps that would leave you thinking you were eating cereal rather than drinking a shake because you'd want a spoon to scoop out the chucks and just eat them. However, this presented a new problem in its own right because the residue would stick relentlessly to your teeth. The chocolate flavor that I was eventually able to taste was decent though.

I used this primarily in the mornings. One scoop usually with milk in my blender since that was the only method that would result in the fewest chunks. Very rarely did I ever take more than one scoop since I had another more preferable supplement for further needs. Plus, I wanted to try to make the bag last as much as I can to prevent a premature review.


Now as we know, protein can be tough to judge effectiveness wise because we don't really "feel" protein working. For me, I score protein based on how I believe it helped meet my supplementation requirements and whether it aided in any way with muscular recovery.

In the case of this product, it fell short in both areas. Due to its poor mixability and lack of servings, I did not consider this protein supplement very useful in meeting my macro needs. Even on the rare occasions I used more than one scoop, the inconvenience of the mixability and lack of taste most often just left me wanting something else or just plain old food if available.

In terms of muscular benefits, again, the product fell short. Even with multiple servings, my recovery and DOMS were not affected. I did not feel that reduction ins DOMS and my recovery was the same in the sense that it was not increased or decreased.

As for immunity benefits, I can't really judge on that considering my diet already has its own immunity enhancing benefits with plenty of anti-oxidants etc. I never got ill while on this, so maybe it did have a benefit here?


After searching, the product's retail price is 49.95 for a 583 gram bag. Each bag comes with 22 servings. I could not find any lower price or bigger size. Doing the math out that is roughly 2.27 per serving. For the lack luster benefits I got form this product, low amount of servings in comparison to other protein products, and poor mixability, this value is not something I would consider worth investing in again.

Side Effects

A significant side effect I got while using this product was gas. I found myself with a case of the protein farts quite often while I used this product and needless to say, it was not at all pleasant.


When all is said and done, a natural protein product sounds nice, but natural in this case comes at too high a price tag for what you get. The poor mixability and gas alone would have you looking somewhere else, and the general lack of influential factors would just have you turning your back to this product. If these drawbacks could in fact be ironed out, the product has potential, but until then, stick with the more well-known brands. Safe your "natural" needs for your food shopping.
  • Chocolate : 7/10

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