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Athletic Greens Superfood Reviews

By: Athletic Greens

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In: Health & Wellbeing > Anti-Oxidants

Athletic Greens Superfood is an Anti-Oxidant manufactured by Athletic Greens. It helps prevent the harmful 'free-radicals' that can cause cell damage in the body.

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  May 3, 2016

  • Solid Ingredients
  • Organic Ingredients
  • Individual Packets
  • Easy To Use
  • Increased Energy
  • Subscription Service
  • Too Expensive
- Introduction/Ingredient Profile -
As a fan of greens supplements, I was quite interested when I saw this pop up on SR TROOPs. I had taken greens before such as Green Vibrance, Amazing Grass(Original), and a few others. The reason for taking a product like this is because getting enough veggies or 'greens' in a days time is hard, and if you're like me you for the easier route. Enter Athletic Greens, this product was created not only to bridge the gap of your greens consumption, but also to go above and beyond what common vegetables and fruit could do for you with added prebiotics and probiotics, added antioxidants, and a blend of raw super-foods meant to supercharge your immune system and fill any vitamin deficiencies you might have. There are 4 blends of in this, each with a specific job to do. I will not be going into too much detail as to a lot of what individual ingredients do, or this review with turn into a dissertation. Rather I will break down each of the four blends in this, and offer my opinion on them.

First, the Alkaline, Nutrient Dense, Raw Superfood Complex at 8453mg total.
This covers a lot of the basics you will see in most green supplements, as well as a few that do not normally show up in greens supplements. Overall what this first blend is suppose to accomplish is to supply your body with nutrients in order for it to be at peak performance. This has some of the common ingredients such as spirulina, which is essentially spinach on steroids. If you want to know more about it, I encourage you to do some research on it and the possible benefits it brings. There is also wheat grass in this blend, some beet root powder, and one thing to note is that the majority of the ingredients or organic which is always a plus.

Second, Nutrient Dense Natural Extracts, Herbs & Antioxidants at 3569mg total.
In this blend there are some herbs and other ingredients that help aid in detoxing the body, while providing a steady stream of nutrients as well. One them I sure a few of you are familiar with is the milk thistle seed extract, as well as rhodiola. Milk thistle has been shown to benefits with detoxing the liver, and rhodiola has been shown to help with excess stress physically and mentally. Again, this blend has everything and more you want to see in a greens supplement. Athletic Greens goes above and beyond to pack as much as they can into each serving.

Third, Digestive Enzyme & Super Mushroom Complex at 233mg total.
Never knew mushrooms could be super(or maybe I did). This blend differs from the other two be being focused on gut health, and helping keep it functioning. The added enzymes are meant to help aid in digestion, thus your body is adsorbing more of the nutrients in turn helping you towards the goal of becoming a healthier version of yourself.

Then finally, Dairy Free Probiotics.
Finishing the blend off is some probiotics, which are meant to replenish the bacteria in your gut that have been widdled down by an unhealthy diet, excessive use of artificial colors, sweeteners and other things that should not end up in your gut. Having a healthy gut is quite important, and studies have shown that a healthy gut helps to aid in weight loss, and overall well being. Think of it as your base to build off of, if it is not functioning properly, the rest of you suffers.

Overall Athletic Greens covered all its bases and some. The blend dosages versus other blends I have seen before is larger, however has more ingredients as well. This could mean that some of the staples you normally see in a greens product are dosed lower in order to fit other ingredients in to it. I think they did a great job at putting this blend together, now lets see how it tastes.

- Taste/Mixing -
If you have never tried a greens powder before, then I will warn you. Do not drink this by itself, unless you can somehow stand the taste. I liked it to blending u some grass, cocoa and a few weeds you found out back and chugging it. The best way I found is to mix this into a smoothie. A cup of blueberries, spinach, ice and a lil suger free fruit juice and you will not notice the taste.

Now compared to other brands, this taste pretty good on its own but that is not saying much. The few times I chugged this by itself, I noticed it had a somewhat sweet taste to it, but not in a good way. Would definitely recommend blending this with something else.

For a greens supplement it mixes rather well, though you will be adding water after you have drank this to ensure you're getting everything. In a smoothie mixing is no problem though.

- Dosing -
My absolute favorite part, I got 30 individual packets of Athletic greens which is a 15 or 30 day supply depending on how you dose it. The packets make getting your greens quite easy, and for a lazy guy like myself I loved it. All I did in the morning was grab a packet or two, and I was off. This is so much easier than having to get the container out, scoop it into a smaller container to take it with me. The packets make this ultra portable. Now as for dosing, they recommend for a guy of my weight to take two packets daily, cutting the supply in half. I supplemented this both ways. 10 days on one packet and 10 days on two packets which I will get into next.

- Effectiveness -
Now as you might imagine, something like a greens supplement will affect you more subtle than say a preworkout. The claims made by Athletic Greens are simply: Energy from all the nutrients begin absorbed. Health because of the vast amount of superfoods, probiotics and enzymes. Immunity by loading you up with vitamins and superfoods meant to keep sickness at bay. Finally, Happiness from all the other claims coming together to create a more energetic, healthy and happy individual. Did I experience any of this? Well sort of. First when I comes to the claim of more energy, I was not expecting much, nor did I notice much. Whether it be one of two packets, my energy seemed to get a slight bump but nothing I would say made me a more productive person. Throughout my supplementation of Athletic Greens I think the most noticeable of all of the effects was the health side of things. In the 20 days of taking this, I noticed that I did feel better. As in my stomach seemed to be working more efficiently, my body was recovering from workouts faster, and I had an overall feeling of well being. Another added benefit of taking a product such as this, is that it reminds you to eat healthy every day. For some it might cause them to slack off on their nutrition, however for me it enhanced it. Whenever I got those packets out it was like a motivator to make sure I eat healthy whole foods, rather than processed junk. In the 20 days I supplemented this, I lost 6lbs getting closer to my goal of 185lbs. I partially credit Athletic Greens for that, since it made me feel better and help keep me focused on my overall goal. Am I saying that Athletic Greens is the only greens that will do this? No, I experienced this before with Green Vibrance and other brands out there. When comparing Athletic Greens to them, I would say the effects are more noticeable, but they come at a steep and rather tricky price.

- Value -
If you found it rather hard to find Athletic Greens on your normal supplement website, that is because Athletic Greens is almost solely available directly from them. In order to rather the value, I emailed them on the monthly cost for a 200lb male. At one serving(one packet) per day monthly subscription, it is $97. For a two serving per day monthly subscription it is a whopping $177 for one month! I would never pay that much for a green supplement, regardless of what is in it. By comparison, you can purchase Green Vibrance 15 packets for $32 on, so $64 for 30 packets. And that is on the high side. Amazing Grass Original is available for roughly $20 for a month supply, and $40 if you'd want to double it up. Overall I rate the quite poorly due to the price, and subscription way of receiving your product. It just sounds shady, even though I have heard the service is solid for the most part.

No side effects.

- Conclusion -
I went into this really excited to experience the hype I heard so much of when it came to Athletic greens, however I came out wondering who would pay that much? I would not recommend this to anyone due to the cost vs other greens on the market. You could try to argue the subscription service makes it easier, however most sites have that feature already for all their products. If you are in the market for a greens supplement, I would safe your money and look elsewhere.

Special shout out to for acquiring this for review!


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